hawaii floral scenery: Growth, Success, Determination and... Pikake Flowers - 07/16/12 03:45 PM
I have been NOT known to have a ‘Green Thumb’.  All my orchids (except for ONE) has died. My husband grows the vegetables and we have had nice salads with our Manoa and Spring Lettuce as well as making our OWN chili pepper (variety of Thai, Super Chili, Hawaiian peppers) for Chili Pepper Water (for sprinkling on Kahlua Pork) or for drying out and having a MEAN hot seasoning.
For the past three years I was bound and determined to nurture, nurse, talk to and baby the Pikake Flower plant my mom had rooted an planted for me. I didn’t … (13 comments)

hawaii floral scenery: A Sight for Sore Eyes with a Gift That Will Keep on Giving - 09/06/11 07:22 PM
My mom has a green thumb. She can just put a dying rose plant from my patio ...in a pot...to her sidewalk and it grows like never before. She can trim a branch from a bush and it roots every time.  My mom just has a way with plants.
She says plants don't talk back and they listen.
Two days ago, she gave me a newly potted gardenia from a nice branch she rooted from her 40 year old bush in her yard. It came with a bud that was about to bloom and I couldn't be happier as I remembered every time … (13 comments)

hawaii floral scenery: A Courtyard on Schofield Barracks - 01/26/11 04:39 PM

A gorgeous courtyard picture and amongst the beauty of a well manicured landscape I paused. You know, we can stop dead in our tracks when we view something that catches our eye and immediate thoughts begin to arise. A story to tell from a still picture captured with those first impressions that were implanted in our memory bank to store for later when viewing the picture shot at that moments notice.
I could see a garden tea party with women wearing long frilly dresses and bonnets with a parasol to protect them from the morning sun. A couple sitting on the bench beneath … (9 comments)

hawaii floral scenery: My First Bloom - 09/02/10 05:56 AM
Months ago my mom gave me a small plant she had rooted just for me. She knows I love Pikake flowers and I've always loved to have a fragrant Pikake lei for occasions. 
The other day I looked and there was a small bud starting and yesterday it was in full bloom.
My first bloom!

Now...if you think anything like I do, you start to think about all the things you've gone through in life that were your 'firsts'.  A new bloom can represent many things...new in the business, new life, marriage etc.
Have a wonderful day....and an even better … (15 comments)

hawaii floral scenery: Baby Roses - 02/28/10 07:27 AM
A quick shot of my baby roses that just bloomed. That's all. :)


hawaii floral scenery: Time to Reflect and a Moment to Catch Your Breath... - 09/24/09 05:03 PM
There are things that each individual will connect with for inner strength. Those awesome niche's in ones inner being that tell them that they are 'all right'.  The stillness to catch my breath in ever moving time and the objects that just may give me a reason to believe.
I find those wonderous things in a crashing wave and a rustling wind about my face. I find these things in the beauty of a bloom. Take time to reflect, to catch your breath and regroup if need be......and gain that strength to just move on. 
Take a moment.....................

hawaii floral scenery: A Sunday Picture - In the Midst of.... - 06/14/09 10:12 AM

In the midst of Waimea Valley on the North Shore of Oahu......but what should we find?

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hawaii floral scenery: The Wonder of ...... - 04/19/09 08:41 AM

Yesterday, I went outside in my little fenced in courtyard to water my plants and tend to my little garden. LO AND BEHOLD! One of my orchids bloomed and had been obscure from sight...hiding behind another for who knows...possibly a day or two? I immediately scooped it up and rushed it inside the house to show Gary...and Shadow (lol...she really is interested in all we do) and snap the shot of a once a year bloom.
With soft form and shape
Bloom colors spoke in volumes
A whisper ... lest be late
The wonder of floral hue

Have a wonderful … (22 comments)

hawaii floral scenery: Imagine the Possibilities - 02/14/09 03:54 PM
There are just too many words for a stunningly creative pose of an orchid. I continued my quest for orchid blooms and once again found myself at the Kam Swap Meet across from Pearlridge Shopping Center this past Wednesday. Scoping out the isles of wares I frantically eyed each vendor quickly until I found my favorite orchid man.
With a large white truck he unloads hundreds of blooming orchids with colors galore!  

Gazing at this blooming orchid (above) I was immediately entranced by the swirls and curls as if each bloom were waving hello to me. That meant I had to buy it. lol.

I wanted a … (21 comments)

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