hawaii home buyer: Logic in Current Market Appraisals? - 06/24/14 03:00 AM
Needless to say, the market is always determined first by neighborhoods and even specific complexes in order to get an accurate report or appraisal. Then why are our Hawaii Appraisals and Hawaii Homes Market Reports all over the place?
I have NOT ever OVERPRICED A LISTING.....on purpose.  I have done the math, the area comparable properties by year, sq/ft interior, sq/ft land, # bedrooms, baths, location, rim or inside lot and anything and everything regarding upgrades, condition and so forth. All of these points have to be taken into consideration in order to give a price range for my sellers to list their property for.

hawaii home buyer: Exercise Your Contingency Rights to Ensure the Home Buyer is WELL Qualified - 06/10/14 09:42 AM
There are MANY loan officers” I’ve worked with for home buyers” or “on the other side of with home sellers” over the years. In doing so, I’ve ‘learned’ which loan officers and lenders are some of the seasoned best, so that a client will get some of the best referred loan officers to work with to purchase their new home.
A specific contingency in our Purchase Contract states:  Buyer authorizes Seller and Seller’s Brokerage Firm to contact Buyer’s Lender and Escrow regarding the status of Buyer’s Mortgage Loan, including commitment letter and satisfaction of conditions.
As a seller’s agent, I … (6 comments)

hawaii home buyer: Why Would You Talk the Buyer OUT of a Property They Really Love??? - 04/25/14 03:34 AM
Yes, I love many Professional Home Inspectors here on Oahu.  They will do their job inspecting the home and give their sound professional advise through the walk through with the buyers.
There are some inspectors who go as far as to say, “This window screen clip is a minor repair and it’s not a deal breaker, but it’s something to keep in mind”.  There are others who don’t say a word and let the buyers think they shouldn’t be buying a piece of crap.
Yes, I love to work on the other side of a seasoned real estate agent. But you … (12 comments)

hawaii home buyer: Are the Eyes of Home Buyers and Sellers Wide Open? - 11/22/13 10:03 AM

As a Mililani/Central Oahu Real Estate Agent, I want to give my Home Sellers and Home Buyers SOUND advice. This means that I give my expert opinions and service in residential real estate transactions. It also means that I will protect your personal history and information that in no way pertain to the transaction.  
Below are a few things that my clients need to know:  
I  do NOT tell you what you want to hear.  Instead, I give my expert opinion on the real estate market, real estate contracts and laws. I also know my area of expertise and will … (7 comments)

hawaii home buyer: A Little Act of Kindness….With No Strings Attached (ALOHA) - 10/17/13 11:02 AM
More often than not, I will extend a helping hand for someone who is in need. It doesn’t take a lot to show someone you care and the rewards can be quite exhilarating when you receive a thank you and a show of appreciation.
 I will do a kind deed with Aloha. This means that when I do a little something for someone from the heart… I do not expect anything in return.   It’s easier to feel no regrets or hold anything against someone. Give with ALOHA 
Otherwise, say NO.
Early in my career, I helped an elderly gentleman (home … (57 comments)

hawaii home buyer: A Dialogue For Every Client - 08/14/13 02:03 AM
The majority of my buyers start with emailing me from either ActiveRain (yes, I still get calls from my blogs from 2007 to present!) or my website (which by the way, is just like my blog here).  My writing is what has brought me leads. Who would have known?
If they are relocating to Hawaii and we are ‘working long distance’ via calls and emails I have already a set dialogue that is going on before they even hit Oahu, Hawaii land.  We are comparing notes and within a few month’s time, I KNOW what they are looking for. Granted, those … (5 comments)

hawaii home buyer: Did I REALLY Turn Away a HOT Buyer??? - 05/29/13 03:02 PM
A young woman came into the office and she said she was looking for a one bedroom townhouse.  She knew exactly what she wanted and wanted to put in an offer right away!
I asked how she found the property and she said online. She was very hesitant to let me know the details so I went on our MLS and found the property she was talking about. She said she had to jump on it right away because she KNOWS that it will go quick and she goes on to say, “I know, because I’ve lost out on 3 properties … (81 comments)

hawaii home buyer: Hawaii Home Buyer or Seller? Short Sale or Not....Let's Talk! - 05/15/13 09:13 AM
After working diligently with Hawaii Home Sellers, I KNOW what it is like to battle the banks for my sellers who are under water and getting them into contract to closing.   I also know what it’s like to battle for my Hawaii Home Buyers to get into a normal transaction; let alone a short sale transaction. Why?
Short Sales are no easy picnic for the home seller or home buyer. The process is lengthy and in many cases multiple offers are being submitted for homes, condos and townhouses because for 1) Inventory is LOW LOW … (12 comments)

hawaii home buyer: IMPROPER INFORMATION= AN UNACCEPTED CONTRACT - 11/03/12 05:08 AM
It is without a doubt that it is becoming a seller’s market in many areas in Honolulu County (Oahu), Hawaii.  The first sign is that there is a very low inventory of homes available for purchase and viewing. When this happens, then there will undoubtedly be multiple offers on any one property for sale.
Low Inventory = Multiple Offers.
Guiding home buyers about the local housing market is a must!  Without proper guidance they will be negotiating in the dark and lose the home that they really love.  If you are a ‘newer’ real estate agent PLEASE ask your broker or … (36 comments)

hawaii home buyer: Killer Negotiating in a SELLER’S Market????? - 08/13/12 02:09 AM
A thought to all home buyers:
Okay, so now the inventory of homes are at an all time low, and we’re looking at a 4 month inventory of homes ..possibly 3. And this is the time that you want to offer a lowball price on a property that you KNOW will have multiple offers.  WRONG!
The BELOW than “normal” interest rates to date have made history. THAT IS A FACT.  Lower prices and lower interest rates meant lower monthly mortgage payments.  Those that do not have all cash down have to rely on making ends meet with a … (23 comments)

hawaii home buyer: In Real Estate.....Something is Better Than NOTHING - 12/28/11 10:06 AM
After working on a couple of transactions through Relocation Companies who refer clients to me, I have no qualms regarding the ‘fees’ they charge.  WHY?  Our commission is always negotiable.  For another, I’ve gotten referrals from other brokerages that desire the same % for their referral fees anyway.
And bottom line….something is better than nothing.
Many of you will not agree although if you’re in a market where the agent to household ratio is one agent to every ten households (okay, a little exaggerated but it sure seems that way sometimes lol) you're happy when a referral comes in.  In any … (79 comments)

hawaii home buyer: Your Hawaii VA Home Loan Process | HAWAII Military Relocations - 12/17/11 08:40 AM
Active Duty or Veterans of the Armed Forces have their VA Home Loan benefits for a little or no money down loan program to purchase a Hawaii home . (provided they are within lender guidelines).
The Veteran’s Administration is not a loan company and you will still have to get preapproved for a loan from a local lender. VA guarantees the Local Lender that they will reimburse the lender a percentage should the veteran default on their loan. (not that you will right?)

The following steps are what this Real Estate Professional helps you with in order to make your Relocation to … (14 comments)

hawaii home buyer: That First Impression That Sets Us Apart from Others - 11/26/11 03:05 AM
Sometimes, we just get ONE chance to ‘prove ourselves’ during that initial meeting on the phone or in person. It could be a call from a Military Family Relocating to Hawaii and inquiring about their VA Loan home loan benefits and buying a home in Hawaii.  It could be a call from a Mililani Home Seller asking if we can schedule an appointment for an ‘interview’ in regards to selling their home
That first impression could be the difference between just a lead or securing a client.
How’s about when we’re searching for just that right real estate agent … (30 comments)

hawaii home buyer: What the Mililani Hawaii Home Seller Wants - 08/22/11 05:45 AM
A Hawaii Home Seller wants an experienced seasoned agent and well as a top notch agent who is unique with marketing ideas in Selling Hawaii Homes. Not all marketing techniques work in every neighborhood so being tailored for specific properties in different neighborhoods is a must!
So you have a Mililani Home you are wanting to put on the market. An experienced and knowledgeable Mililani Real Estate Agent is a must!  Other unique marketing techniques have been beneficial for my Mililani Home Seller’s and as long as the property is priced right and in a specific criteria for that special … (11 comments)

hawaii home buyer: Loyalty and Honor Among Professional Relationships - 08/16/11 09:38 AM
In this day and age of bouncing sellers who believe that getting the best deal on commission surpasses the experience and expertise of their long time Realtor® don’t really care about their selling their home.   The home will stay on the market with lousy pictures in the MLS and an agent that doesn’t answer the phone. OR the market will take the listing away with multiple offers….just because they have listened to their Realtor® to begin with.

In this day and age of bouncing buyers who are looking for the best deal in town and who continue to submit low ball … (8 comments)

hawaii home buyer: It’s a Jungle Out There! - 06/21/11 08:00 AM
The Home Buyer wants to purchase a home using their VA Home Loan. There are others who want to use an FHA loan or perhaps a USDA loan for rural areas of Oahu.  The Home Buyer has thought seriously if their personal situation will permit them to own their own home and they are ready! With Hawaii Home Prices and Interest rates still reasonable it IS a great time to buy.
But is it a jungle out there?
During the Housing Boom the Home Prices soared and interest rates were at an all time low there were multiple offers and everyone … (13 comments)

hawaii home buyer: Mililani Real Estate Market Report | Mililani Home Sales May 2011 - 06/01/11 04:14 AM
Mililani Real Estate Market Report | Mililani Home Sales May 2011
The national news does not depict the housing market for Hawaii and it's local areas and neighborhoods.. Each neighborhood will determine the housing market for your local area. For Mililani Real Estate, we can pretty much gather that that the sales prices will vary from other neighborhoods.... and so will the median and average prices and the number of sold properties.
To better determine particulars for your market (with criteria including your sq/ft interior, land, condition and year built), contact me for a Complimentary Property Evaluation.
Mililani Single Family Homes … (2 comments)

hawaii home buyer: Preapproval Letter One Week and Credit Denial the Next...The Aftermath - 05/25/11 06:32 PM
In this era of Real Estate transactions you can pretty much guaranty that if you aren't sparkling with great credit, very little debt and a nice income you most likely will not get a home loan. 
It's nice that "they" have laid down the law and made it clear that there are no funky home loans to be had....
But we can get a preapproval letter from the buyer one week ........and the next week we are notified of the cancellation.
The buyer was served with a credit denial letter?
 Yup, let's just call it borderline qualification to begin with, right? … (19 comments)

hawaii home buyer: What the Consumer Needs - 05/16/11 12:17 PM
We market ourselves throughout the internet, in daily newspapers and brochures....even maps to hand out to potential Hawaii Home Buyers and Sellers. We spend money and lots of time to tell the consumer what kinds of services we offer and what we will do for them. They call.
We then have a face to face meeting with these contacts we've made.
Over the years I've asked each potential home seller or buyer what they expect from me. What do you think their top priorities are?
Ask Questions:  This will allow them to speak and let us know what they need. If we're … (36 comments)

hawaii home buyer: Hawaii VA Loans | Hawaii Military Relocation | Hawaii Home Buyer - 05/03/11 07:37 AM
It IS a good time to buy IF your situation calls for it. You have all your finances in order and you are contemplating the reasons you started thinking about owning your own home. 
Over the past few months our Hawaii Homes Market decline in sales due to the very strict guidelines for loans. The good part is that if you are seriously considering Buying your Hawaii Home or Condo and you have good credit, realistic goals and a reasonable down payment you just may be on your way to Home Ownership.
A Hawaii VA Home Loan is the most likely … (6 comments)

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