hawaii information: The Cheesecake Factory in Waikiki! - 08/19/11 04:51 AM
Oscar and Evelyn Overton wanted a successful business and in 1940 Evelyn opened a small cheesecake shop in Detroit, Michigan but closed it to raise her two small children. She continued to bake in her own basement and supplied cakes to different restaurants.
With children grown they moved their cheesecake business to Los Angeles in 1975 and named it “The Cheesecake Factory”. In 1978 their son, David founded the The Cheesecake Factory Restaurant in Beverly Hills, California. 30 years later and with over 150 locations, including one here right on Kalaukaua Avenue in Waikiki.

My son … (30 comments)

hawaii information: Ancient Hawaiian Sites | The Wahiawa Plateau and the Kukaniloko Birth Stones Site - 07/19/11 05:52 PM
It was just one of those days to take a drive and find a site on Oahu that would be interesting to share.   I was going into 10th grade at Leilehua High School in Wahiawa in 1971 as our high school in Mililani was not finished yet. A lot of history surrounds this area and I'm going to share a part of this area right outside Wahiawa and the historical significance of the Kukaniloko Birthing Stones Site.
The Wahiawa Plateau used to be forest land and three districts (Waianae, Waialua and Ewa) of ‘old Oahu' extended into this plateau. Known as the … (17 comments)

hawaii information: Is Hawaii Behind the Times? Common Misconceptions About the 50th State and Real Estate - 07/12/11 02:45 PM
Regardless if an Open House does not work in the Continental United States (commonly referred by us Hawaii residents as ‘the mainland') it does work on our island of Oahu in Hawaii. Densely populated, most neighborhoods on our island are a hop, skip and a jump from one to the next. Most can hit up to 20 Open Houses and view "homes of their dreams" within a three hour period on any given Sunday.

Keep in mind Oahu is just one island of the chain of islands that make up the State of Hawaii. Oops!  You thought the island of … (40 comments)

hawaii information: Honolulu County Hawaii Zoning Laws and Land Use Permits - 06/16/11 07:44 AM
We all believe in all things tangible because we can touch, feel or see them.  The ownership of land is the most valuable piece of tangible property there is. If you own a piece of a Hawaii....Land in Paradise with your own home on it then you have the most valuable asset one can have. The American Dream, right?

If there were no Restricted Preservation and Conservation land in Hawaii our islands would be full of cities and buildings and no History of Hawaii would be left behind except in books or online articles.  If there were no involvement to protect … (12 comments)

hawaii information: Hawaii’s Visitors and Residents | BE SAFE Not Sorry - 03/23/11 10:52 AM
Remember when the movie "Jaws" first came out in 1975?  Okay, most of you may not have been born yet but it was a pretty scary movie for me.  All my years prior I was a ‘beach freak' and you could always catch me on the beach at Laniakea. I would also go swimming far enough out that I could float on my back and just hear a little ripple of the waves on a nice summer day.
It all came to a screeching halt after that movie and I would only go in shallow water just to ‘cool off'.
A … (10 comments)

hawaii information: Haiku Stairs aka “Stairway to Heaven” | Pu’u Keahiakahoe - 02/21/11 04:05 PM
With 3922 steps going to the crest of the Koolau Mountains the Stairway to Heaven has long since been a favorite in the past for hikers though now it is closed to the public. Why the past?  Obviously, it is dangerous with some parts of the climb at a 90 degree angle.
This particular mountain peak is known as Puu Keahiakahoe and the stairs were built out of wood during World War II in 1942 for the U.S. Navy's Haiku Radio Station and the VFL antenna.  The first structure that was erected on top of the mountain housed the cable and … (13 comments)

hawaii information: Kazoku Japanese Restaurant | Great Kapolei Sushi Dining - 12/26/10 05:06 AM
There is nothing finer that receiving an unexpected gift from a past client. This client was actually the client that sent in a beautiful letter to our Honolulu Board of Realtors to nominate me for the Aloha Aina Realtor® Award and also a three time client within the past year and a half.
Long story short I opened a letter the other day and lo and behold ....
a Kazoku Japanese Restaurant gift card was inside!
Located in Kapolei (otherwise known now as the ‘Second City') at 338 Kamokila Blvd,, Ste 102, Kapolei, HI  96707 (phone:  674-8844) on Oahu, Kazoku Japanese … (12 comments)

hawaii information: Give Them Reason to Read Your Blog - BE the LOCAL EXPERT - 12/09/10 12:35 PM
Have you ever wondered what makes a good blog to gain readership?  In the beginning I just thought that it would be great to get a bunch of members reading my post. It was a lot of fun and darn if I didn't get a bunch of featured posts. I made friends and boy did we have a lot of fun!
Eventually my writing took a turn and I took everything I wrote to a higher level. I started to think about all the leads I was getting from my ActiveRain blog and what the topics were that they were contacting … (86 comments)

hawaii information: Oahu Hawaii Military Discounts | Hale Koa Hotel Fall Season Specials | Things to Do on Oahu - 10/24/10 07:22 AM
If you're Relocating to Hawaii or Visiting Hawaii and you are an Active Duty Military, Reservist or in the National Guard you definitely qualify to stay at the Hale Koa Hotel located at 2055 Kalia Road, Honolulu, HI  96825; right on the beach in Waikiki.  
On Monday, October 25th, 2010 it's the 35th Anniversary Celebration of the Hale Koa Hotel and from the time of opening to present, this resort hotel has been an all ranks, all service hotel with first class service for all; regardless of a person's status.  You can get a bit more history here>> Hale Koa … (5 comments)

hawaii information: Sea Life Park Hawaii | Halloween Events 2010 - 10/23/10 03:55 PM
Sea Life Park is located on coastline on the east side of the island of Oahu (Honolulu County) and they're open dailiy from 10:30am-5pm.  From the Dolphin Cove Show to the adorable 11 Penguin Habitat Trainer Talk and the Hawaiian Ocean Theater, this park is bound to leave a lasting impression on all who attend.  You can also enjoy the Sea Lion Show, the Pirates Lagoon, the Seabird Sactuary, the Sea Turtle Feeding and other events as well.

But...there's more!    Halloween Week at Sea Life Park!  Wow! You'd think that it would be a treat to just have the sea … (12 comments)

hawaii information: Dinosaurs! | Pearlridge Center on Oahu - 07/10/10 06:28 PM
Shopping at Pearlridge Center has been one of my favorite places to go shopping.  With an array of shops, restaurants, theaters and more they always have some kind of educational exhibit going on for the children.
Well, when I went to Pearlridge to do a bit of shopping this past week, lo an behold....there were the Dinosaurs at Phase II of Pearlridge Center.  I was amazed how the two little toddlers were hanging out by the fence surrounding the display and they were't afraid of the roaring and moving dinosaurs!

Dinosaurs  is an educational program (FREE!) and started on June 18th and running through … (17 comments)

hawaii information: Fabric Mart in Aiea | Hawaiian Print Material At Wholesale/Discount Prices! - 02/23/10 02:50 PM

After receiving a request from a friend to check around for scarves with Hawaiian print material and preferably with soft colors and soft material, I went on the hunt.  Hmm...looking online and in local stores it was a whopping $30-$60 for A (one) scarf. I needed to find a BUNCH of scarves or else material that one could hem to make scarves and get them to her asap lest she be unable to be 'stylin'".
Ah...one material section in a local department store sufficed for a few picks and then I remembered FABRIC MART in Aiea!  I planned to go this morning after setting a few appointments and I finally got … (22 comments)

hawaii information: Hawaii Military Relocations | Hawaii VA Loans | The Hawaii Transition of Military Family Members - 02/11/10 03:44 AM
It's not easy to relocate your family to a totally different way of living across the Pacific Ocean to the Hawaiian Islands. It's the Hawaiian Paradise to say the least. With our tropical island weather, blue sunny skies and lovely trade winds year round it really can't be all that bad, right?

During my childhood years I lived the life of a US Navy dependent and in my early adult years I was a US Air Force dependent. (family member) I know what it's like.  It's not easy for an adult; let alone a child to uproot from their home and … (9 comments)

hawaii information: It's Happening All Over The Country! - 02/03/10 03:55 PM

 Year after year I hear your stories of snow and cold and all the brrrrr stories. How come you all don't believe my Brrrrrr stories? Yes, it does get a little chilly here and I snapped the picture to PROVE it to you!
Yup...it's been a very chilly day...and now I'm in jammies, heavy sweater and booties and ready to go jump in bed under my warm blankie.
So there.

UPDATE:   Tropical chill hits the Hawaiian islands

hawaii information: Chinese New Year 2010 | Honolulu Hawaii Chinatown - 01/24/10 05:47 AM
It's Chinese New Year and the Year of the Tiger in 2010.  Chinese New Year is one of the most important holidays for traditional Chinese.  All the festivities begin on during the first month and continue throughout the month until Chinese New Year's Day. This year is very special as Chinese New Year's day falls on February 14, 2010 which is also Valentine's Day and making it an especially auspicious day to celebrate in the West.

In Honolulu, Hawaii our downtown Chinatown has been celebrating with their festivities over the last couple of weekends. We finally got down to the … (48 comments)

hawaii information: Help for the Homeless in Hawaii - 01/21/10 04:17 AM
After reading Debi Boucher's post on Homeless In America  I remembered a post I wrote two years ago on ActiveRain:    Oahu's North West Shore: The Homeless Situation.  Homelessness is EVERYWHERE and not just in our country, state or city alone.
This is a follow up on our homeless situation of years past and present here on the island of Oahu.
It's sometimes a choice for those that choose to ‘live off the land' or it may be that one had a situation in their household that brought them to the point of homelessness. With the housing and economic crisis over the last … (40 comments)

hawaii information: Santa's on Vacation in Hawaii! - 12/19/09 04:00 PM
A Saturday morning at Mililani Town Shopping Center. It's crowded in the parking lot and we just needed to deposit a check at the bank. I boot my husband out of the car to do the deed and drove around the parking lot awaiting his return.
Not much usually happens around the parking lot but as soon as I saw that Santa was on vacation in Hawaii I immediately trailed him to get a shot to share with all of you.

I'm sure glad that Santa got a vacation before starting out on Christmas Eve to deliever all the presents!

hawaii information: The Downpour was Scary...Yet Calming - 12/04/09 06:23 AM
Last night it was a cool and brisk with a little wind blowing the trees to and fro. All of a sudden the wind started blowing my plants and all of a sudden a downpour occured out of nowhere. The  pounding of the rain was so loud and LARGE Raindrops could be heard all around us.
With the loud noise it can be quite deafening.... but after watching the rain for a few minutes and listening closer I started to hear something else.
The plants were getting nourished
And the rain seemed to be cleansing
And the sound became soothing
After all.

hawaii information: History Surrounding the Makapuu Lighthouse - 11/01/09 07:49 AM

The stone image of "Makapu'u " the supernatural woman and another one of Malei are no longer visible but it is said that Makapu'u (bulging eye) was in the form of a black rock. She was a female kapua (flower, blossom, child) who came to to Oahu (Honolulu County) with a famaous voyaging priest.  
Malei, another female kapua was a stone set up to attract Uhu (Parrotfish) to the area. They made offerings of Lipoa (a type of seaweed) and also said to be a rock relative of Pele (the fire goddess)
But the Makapu'u Lighthouse is still standing and located on the East … (18 comments)

hawaii information: USAF Thunderbirds at Hickam Air Force Base Hawaii! - 09/22/09 01:29 PM
Everyone wants to get the chance to view the Unites States Air Force Thunderbirds perform high above the heads of patriotic individuals below.  This time they took off from Hickam AFB, Hawaii
The Thunderbirds and their F-16 Fighting Falcons always have people oohing and ahhhhing during the show and their performance over this last weekend along our South Shore of Oahu was no different. 
I was very busy so the only chance I got to see it was on my way to Waikele Shopping Center to pick up a few things. Everyone lined the last row of the parking lot with binoculars and … (11 comments)

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