hawaii military relocation: A Dialogue For Every Client - 08/14/13 02:03 AM
The majority of my buyers start with emailing me from either ActiveRain (yes, I still get calls from my blogs from 2007 to present!) or my website (which by the way, is just like my blog here).  My writing is what has brought me leads. Who would have known?
If they are relocating to Hawaii and we are ‘working long distance’ via calls and emails I have already a set dialogue that is going on before they even hit Oahu, Hawaii land.  We are comparing notes and within a few month’s time, I KNOW what they are looking for. Granted, those … (5 comments)

hawaii military relocation: Your Hawaii Military Move | PCS Hawaii - 06/10/12 07:48 AM
YOUR PCS TO Schofield Barracks, Wheeler AAF, Pearl Harbor-Navy, Hickam AF, Kaneohe Marine Corps Bases HAWAII

Military personnel who relocate across the Pacific Ocean to Oahu, Hawaii are surprised at the differences in homes compared to the ‘mainland’ (Continental United States)  upon arrival. SHOCKED may be a better word. The interior sq/ft as well as land area of properties are the biggest shockers.
Our island in Paradise is UNIQUE.

WEATHER:  Tropical paradise to say the least.  Our ‘seasons’ are defined by sunny balmy blue sky days with trade winds most of the year round unless it’s during the ‘rainy’ season. … (7 comments)

hawaii military relocation: Hawaii VA Loans | Your Hawaii Military Relocation and the Real Estate Process - 07/04/11 04:29 AM
The following are some of the steps that are followed for the Hawaii VA Loan and Real Estate Process to Owning Your Hawaii Home. There are definitely more than a few steps but you will at least have a guideline to follow for your Hawaii Military Relocation, your Hawaii VA Loan Process and owning your Hawaii Home. 

Speak to a Local Hawaii Lender to submit your information and get preapproved for a loan. (if you do not have a loan officer in mind,  I can refer you to a few who are well qualified and licensed in the State of Hawaii) While talking to the Loan Officer make sure and … (0 comments)

hawaii military relocation: Hawaii VA Loans | Hawaii Military Relocation | Hawaii Home Buyer - 05/03/11 07:37 AM
It IS a good time to buy IF your situation calls for it. You have all your finances in order and you are contemplating the reasons you started thinking about owning your own home. 
Over the past few months our Hawaii Homes Market decline in sales due to the very strict guidelines for loans. The good part is that if you are seriously considering Buying your Hawaii Home or Condo and you have good credit, realistic goals and a reasonable down payment you just may be on your way to Home Ownership.
A Hawaii VA Home Loan is the most likely … (6 comments)

hawaii military relocation: Will You Work With Me Even Though I’m Not Quite Ready? - 01/24/11 03:39 AM
The potential home buyer has not gotten their military orders, their  job transfer papers or are just not sure if this is the right time to retire.  The potential home seller is going to sell their home but not quite ready because they need to do a few repairs and they're still deciding what to do and where to move.
All of them have one thing in common. They are wanting to Buy a Hawaii Home or Sell a Hawaii Home.....but they are not quite ready.
"Will you work with me even though I'm not quite ready?"
If you're a home … (15 comments)

hawaii military relocation: Hawaii Relocation To Do List | Being Proactive for Your Hawaii Move - 12/05/10 06:52 AM
Okay, let's get going again with this moving thing. In order to have a smooth transition in your Hawaii Relocation you NEED to be proactive!  Get your  "To Do" list together so you will not be scrambling at the last minute!  So often we procrastinate and forget ‘to do' things so a ‘to do' list may just come in handy.
The following list will  give you a guideline and help you in being proactive with your Move to Hawaii.
USPS (United States Postal Service) has all the tools online at   to give notice of your 'Change of Address', to Hold your mail until you get to your new … (13 comments)

hawaii military relocation: Home Buyers Are JUMPING Off that Fence! - 11/24/10 09:34 AM
So..... you missed out on that $8,000 first time homebuyer tax credit, huh?  Think again! Back when everyone was running around trying to buy just anything to get that credit you were sitting on the fence and waiting.  Do we wonder why? I THINK NOT!
You, the Hawaii Home Buyer decided that you were going to wait.... but now you are jumping off that fence because:
INTEREST RATES WENT DOWN FURTHER!  Back when everyone was buying ...just for that credit ....you were watching the interest rates intently.  You knew the tax credit would only bring those that were thinking about short … (14 comments)

hawaii military relocation: Hawaii Relocations | Mililani Hawaii Military Relocations | Hawaii Real Estate - 08/04/10 09:22 AM
Hawaii Relocation| Military in Hawaii| Moving to Hawaii
Relocating to Hawaii? With our warm climate and breathtaking scenery it's no wonder why everyone (including locals) call it "Paradise"!  Hawaii is the choice of many people who prefer a tropical setting to live out their retirement years. It also becomes everyones favorite Hawaii Relocation spot when transferring to the military bases in Hawaii including the Schofield Army Base, Wheeler Army Air Field, Pearl Harbor Navy Base, Hickam AFB, or Kaneohe Marine Corp Air Station. Education, Information and a Good Realtor® is The Art of Hawaii Relocations.
Your Military Relocation to Hawaii and Purchasing Your New Home.  The following information is … (6 comments)

hawaii military relocation: Hawaii Military Relocations | Hawaii VA Loans | The Hawaii Transition of Military Family Members - 02/11/10 03:44 AM
It's not easy to relocate your family to a totally different way of living across the Pacific Ocean to the Hawaiian Islands. It's the Hawaiian Paradise to say the least. With our tropical island weather, blue sunny skies and lovely trade winds year round it really can't be all that bad, right?

During my childhood years I lived the life of a US Navy dependent and in my early adult years I was a US Air Force dependent. (family member) I know what it's like.  It's not easy for an adult; let alone a child to uproot from their home and … (9 comments)

hawaii military relocation: Hawaii Military Relocation| PART III on YOUR Military Move to Hawaii | Hawaii Home Buyers VA Loans - 08/25/09 06:25 PM

Starting Your Hawaii Home Buying and Hawaii VA Loan Process
It's so much easier to just be proactive in YOUR Military Move to Hawaii especially if you are going to be traveling with your family.  You may also need to start on your Hawaii Home Buyer process and need more information on the Hawaii VA Loan process too.  It's not easy moving across the Pacific Ocean let alone to a totally different "world" of people. But you can do it with the a little effort, motivation and a great Realtor®!
It's not just about real estate...
.......it's about the … (4 comments)

hawaii military relocation: Hawaii Military Relocation | Part II of YOUR Military Move to Hawaii - 08/23/09 05:28 PM
In Hawaii Military Relocation | YOUR Military Move to Hawaii PART I  I gave you information on the being proactive in YOUR Military Move to Hawaii and Hawaii Military Relocations. You now know that there is quite a bit of difference living on an island out in the middle of the Pacific Ocean and that the environment and culture are mysterious and diverse and that the homes and land sq/ft are definitely smaller than the Continental United States (the ‘mainland' we call it) so scale down on the household goods!
You also learned that the main Hawaii Military Bases are on … (13 comments)

hawaii military relocation: Mililani Real Estate, My History in Mililani, Current Mililani Housing Market Statistics May 2009 - 06/18/09 05:58 PM

A Little History

 Mililani IS the only community in Hawaii to receive the distinction "All American City" in 1986.  Mililani Town and Mililani Mauka, a Master Planned Community has a population of approximately 30,000 people.
The first homes went up for sale around June 1968 and 112 homes were offered for purchase.
In The Beginning...
In 1971 my parents bought a new home and we moved to Mililani Town upon completion that summer. Since Mililani High School wasn't finished yet I had to catch the bus to Wahiawa until graduation from Leilehua in 1974.
Our H-2 freeway opened in 1976 … (7 comments)

hawaii military relocation: Hawaii Military | Home Buying Before Coming Home - 06/16/09 05:16 PM
Balancing time is a crucial part of of a professionals' life and keeping that balance takes hard work and effort. We take leaps, bounds and long strides to do our best in thinking in the best interests of our clients.
All of us go through stressful situations. The bottom line is "No matter what it is all in the manner of how I handle the situation".
This is how the last week has gone for me:
 Client's arrived on July 17 from Bonita Springs, Florida and I have showing appointments for the next day 18th, and we view 10 properties. July 20-Set more showing … (41 comments)

hawaii military relocation: When a Buyer HAS to Back Out...... - 03/14/09 11:48 AM
A Good Realtor® will keep in touch with buyers/sellers from first contact and will follow up if they aren't ready or aren't due to relocate for a few months or even up to a couple of years. In the end we are rewarded with a loyal client. After working with a Hawaii Military Relocation buyer for about six months "long distance" and putting in offers for several short sales that went south they finally arrived.
Everything was as if we had known each other and that first meeting was very pleasant. We looked at property according to their criteria and took into consideration … (34 comments)

hawaii military relocation: What's the Scoop on VA Home Loans in Hawaii? - 03/08/09 07:42 AM
Back in the day, there were Realtors® and Loan Officers that did not want to deal with VA Loans. Why? Because they're strict with their guidelines and criteria. When overpricing and overbidding were running rampant in all cities, VA remained the ever conservative loan for the Veteran of the Armed Forces.
I say Woohoo!  Yeah!  Great!  It is with this criteria that has kept the VA Guaranteed Loan going and the only 100% financing loan in Hawaii that remains a good loan for the military and vet of the US Armed Forces. Remember, the VA Guaranteed Loan means that VA guarantees … (23 comments)

hawaii military relocation: Hawaii Relocation Clients DO Read MY ActiveRain Blog - 12/21/08 03:26 PM

I've been a member of ActiveRain since 2007 and I started the year of 2008 wondering if My ActiveRain Blog would be read by more consumers and Hawaii Relocation clients. During the first half of the year I had two clients who contacted me after reading My ActiveRain Blog inquiring about purchasing their first condo and single family home.
Right off the bat I asked them if they found me through My ActiveRain Blog and they said they read a story about Mililani Condos and Hawaii VA Loans.
These clients contributed to a successful year for me and all because of my ActiveRain Blogging.  Since then I … (41 comments)

hawaii military relocation: Hawaii Military Relocation | Hawaii First Time Homebuyer Success - 10/18/08 06:43 AM
After such a great response from everyone for the list of tips on what to watch out for in Bank Owned properties I wanted to do a follow up. For one, it definitely is a given to look over those counter offers and addendums! There were so many comments for Acquiring The Golden Egg that said that bank owned properties leave the buyer without any rights. HUH?
That is not all true. For one, why would we show our clients any of these properties if we believed that to be true?  I was amazed with the fact that many commented saying that they closed many … (55 comments)

hawaii military relocation: Buyer Credit AND Lower Offer? Who Says? - 08/31/08 04:26 PM
Hawaii Military Relocation clients love a Realtor® that knows there 'stuff' regarding the area, the military and VA Loans for their Hawaii Home Buying experience.
I have been working with clients since May of this year and they are finally arriving tomorrow.
I will be picking them up from the airport and we will be hitting the pavement hard Tuesday morning for showing appointments.  I have been working for the last couple of hours setting appointments and think that maybe with this holiday weekend I should have started earlier.....or else agents don't work on weekends.
I managed to get ahold of … (28 comments)

hawaii military relocation: A Hawaii First Time Home Buyer - Client Testimonial in VIDEO - 08/31/08 05:07 AM
There are no two real estate transactions that are alike and the reason being is because every transaction has different people involved in it. No matter what, when everyone works together as a team there will be positive results. ALWAYS.
My clients flew in from California on Saturday and I wrote about Hawaii Military Relocation Clients Being Proactive!  Briefly, he searched the internet during his tour in Iraq and kept finding ME all over it for the search terms entered. He came back to the states last month, they went to Disneyland and then they called me. This was two weeks … (31 comments)

hawaii military relocation: Hawaii Land Rush ....Creating MY OWN Communities - 08/05/08 07:46 AM
The New Localism has opened new doors for more communities of MY OWN Honolulu County Neighborhoods that will continue to get me google juice. 
When I wrote about something that may interest a Hawaii Military Relocation and a Honolulu Hawaii Relocations I posted into Localism entered the State, County and City. Under "neighborhood" it give the option to "Add Neighborhood". This is where the memory bank kicked in from all I've learned on ActiveRain.
MY Community is surely my market niche. The military plays a HUGE part in our community and so do the Hawaii Retiree or Hawaii Job Transfers. Even the people that just want a … (63 comments)

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