hawaii relocations: The Other Realtor® Kicked Me to the Curb! | Hawaii Relocations - 02/03/11 11:06 AM
 Working with clients who are Relocating to Hawaii is usually a longer than normal process (obviously) as they are not quite ready to move here but are wanting to be proactive in their move to Hawaii.  You  may need information about purchasing your first home, the Hawaii Home Buying Process and the local area in conjunction with their job,  housing market reports or just history surrounding our Hawaiian Islands.
Your ‘To Do List' will be the most important part of getting ready for your Hawaii Relocation.  You ask, "But how can I even get started if many Realtors® I've emailed or … (20 comments)

hawaii relocations: Will YOU Fill the Shoes of a Referral? - 12/29/09 06:10 AM
When referring a client to another Realtor®  we think in the best interests of our client. We interview the professional with the utmost care and keeping in mind that they will do their best to think in the best interests of our client as well.  Granted, not always do we really ‘know' if it will be the right choice but we do our best to get the right professional to ‘click' with our client.
Which brings us to:   Why would I refer my client to YOU?
Because you are not continuously bragging about yourself throughout the whole interview and you focus on … (59 comments)

hawaii relocations: ALL THINGS REAL ESTATE! - 10/18/09 06:29 AM
Some may tend to believe that Real Estate talk means only short sales, buyers, sellers, loans and so forth. I'm a Real Estate Industry Professional but I'm darn sure human.  And that means I can adjust my thinking and my attitude to any market, conversation, challenge because I AM a chameleon.
Being a chameleon means I can adapt to my surroundings.
Regardless of where I am ....when it comes to ‘All Things Real Estate'..... I can take into consideration what real estate means at any given place and time. While blogging on ActiveRain,  I grasped the concept that ‘All Things Real … (22 comments)

hawaii relocations: Mililani Condos Homes | Mililani Real Estate Market | Mililani Town Community Information - 07/23/09 08:48 AM
In 1971 the Mililani Condos and Homes prices were definitely a far cry away from the prices today. My parents bought their home back then for $48,000 and Mililani was in the beginning stages of a 40 year Master Planned Community. Today the land alone on my mom's property is worth over $500,000 for a bit over 9,000 sq/ft. of land. 
Mililani Town is the only community in Hawaii in 1986 to receive the distinction of "All American City" and is centrally located on the island of Oahu (Honolulu County) and to all US Military Bases as well. About 5-10 … (13 comments)

hawaii relocations: BING and Me and ActiveRain - 06/12/09 10:39 AM
I kept hearing about Microsoft launching a new search engine called BING.  Google has always been the search engine of my choice and I often check other search engines to see how well my placement is.
Well, my husband and I were talking about it last night when I accidentally typed in the top search bar for something and up came "BING".  I was actually searching keywords for my website as I had made a big goof and had to go back to the backup from a week ago and redo some stuff.
Anyway, while typing in one of my keywords … (76 comments)

hawaii relocations: Hawaii Home Buyers DON'T Pull Your Hair Out! - 06/09/09 10:47 AM
Put yourself in your Hawaii Home Buyer Representative's (Buyer's Agent) shoes for a minute. Okay, maybe a few minutes because you've been stressing each other out as well as everyone involved in your process for Buying a Hawaii Home.
A few ‘minor' but important details to have a smooth(er), stress (free?) process:
Know what price range you are ‘qualified' for. Check with your local lender (loan officer, mortgage broker) and let them know what kind of monthly mortgage payment you want to be capped at. This includes factoring in your association dues, property taxes, maintenance fees and so forth. Why? You … (12 comments)

hawaii relocations: Royal Kunia Real Estate | Royal Kunia Housing Market | Honolulu County Real Estate - 03/17/09 04:39 AM

The Royal Kunia Community is a 270 acre master planned community located in Central Oahu and high above the Ewa plains.  Royal Kunia is a developement of partners, a joint venture partnership with Halekula Development Corp (a Horita company) and Castle & Cooke. They completed their first homes in 1988 and to date have built approximately 1,930 homes with the first of 2,000 more homes that are scheduled to be completed by 2010.
The Royal Kunia Community Park has been completed and the second phase for the Community Center had their ground breaking ceremony this past November. The Royal Kunia Community Center is expected to commence … (7 comments)

hawaii relocations: Local Area Positive BUZZ about Honolulu County Hawaii - 02/05/09 04:51 AM
Okay, so  I am one to create my own positivity about any circumstance or situation but doing so NOW is especially important as our national economic woes affect EVERYONE.  Our residents in our tropical island paradise (our chain of Hawaiian Islands)  are breaking down barriers and continuously moving forward to overcome obstacles that we have been facing.   I truly believe that the Aloha Spirit thrives in all of us and gives us our determination to continue living out our dreams in our Home of Aloha.
In Honolulu County (the island of Oahu) we are the catch all for everything happening … (27 comments)

hawaii relocations: Barriers & Bridges VS Selling Your Hawaii Home - 01/09/09 03:06 AM

No matter where you are our United States of America.... it IS a BUYER'S market. That means buyers can negotiate for a better price, maybe a credit to go towards closing costs. Maybe they just transferred to Hawaii with the military and are staying in a hotel and need to close quickly.
It is NOT a seller's market like it used to be. If sellers need to sell their home  or condo they need to change with the market in their local area. There are no ifs, ands or buts about … (21 comments)

hawaii relocations: Assumptions Have NO Place in this World - 01/07/09 08:12 AM
Countless times I have wondered, pondered, assumed and presumed. The THINKING can drive us nuts if we allow our own thinking to interfere with good, sound advice.
I've watched the changes and the upgrades to ActiveRain and the red flag whatsamajigger doodad (ugly in my opinion) next to my points go up, go down and all around. I speak my mind I email my thoughts to ActiveRain and most of the time get a quick response.
Other times I just need to pick up the phone and talk to someone so I can get a clearer picture of what's going on. I tried … (82 comments)

hawaii relocations: Mililani Mauka (Honolulu County) - Hillsdale Townhouse IV OFF MARKET - 01/06/09 03:47 AM
MILILANI MAUKA TOWNHOUSE FOR SALE!  Mililani Mauka Townhouse for Sale! 95-1163 Makaikai Street., #183, Mililani, HI 96789 View Map Entering the Hilldale Townhome complex through 30 foot high palms bordering each side of the entrance. No doubt you will feel like you're in paradise! With well maintained lush landscaped grounds it becomes more appealing. You then enter Unit #183 and you are now ooo'ing and ahh'ing. A spacious ground floor level townhouse with an additional 150 sq/ft fenced in courtyard you are that much more delighted! The possibilities for the amateur gardener await... and this humble abode occupy your memory bank! … (13 comments)

hawaii relocations: Hawaii Relocation Clients DO Read MY ActiveRain Blog - 12/21/08 03:26 PM

I've been a member of ActiveRain since 2007 and I started the year of 2008 wondering if My ActiveRain Blog would be read by more consumers and Hawaii Relocation clients. During the first half of the year I had two clients who contacted me after reading My ActiveRain Blog inquiring about purchasing their first condo and single family home.
Right off the bat I asked them if they found me through My ActiveRain Blog and they said they read a story about Mililani Condos and Hawaii VA Loans.
These clients contributed to a successful year for me and all because of my ActiveRain Blogging.  Since then I … (41 comments)

hawaii relocations: Aggressive, Pushy or a Flat Out Pain in the ...... ?? - 12/15/08 11:46 AM
That first meeting! We usually have some insight regarding the attitude of a person at that very first meeting. It's that first impression that really stands out in ones mind. 
Let's say we 'meet' a peer online and for that first impressionwe get is an opinionated mindset and a bunch of !!!! (yelling) with a judgmental view. Let's say we meet the lady in line at the cashier checkout in a grocery store and all they're doing is nagging and ranting about who knows what.
Well, sometimes we HAVE to be judgemental on our end in picking and choosing what kind of friends … (74 comments)

hawaii relocations: Loco Moco Drive Inn in Waipio Gentry: Local Style Grinds! - 12/09/08 02:46 AM

A popular drive inn with plate lunches and local style grinds is the Loco Moco Drive Inn located in the Waipio Gentry Shopping Center (94-800 Ukee Street) and they have a variety of meals and an array of side dishes on their menu to order from. From "plate lunches" to burgers to saimin soup you will definitely have to ponder for a few minutes before deciding.
For those of you that are unfamililar with what a "plate lunch" is, we classify it as a 'take out lunch - or dinner on a plate to go'. The oh so famous plate lunches usually come with an 'entree' such … (14 comments)

hawaii relocations: The Winter Surf on the North Shore of Oahu (Picture Perfect) - 11/30/08 03:24 AM
Thought you folks would enjoy a few pictures of the Winter Surf on the North Shore of Oahu as well as see what it's like during the Winter Months here in Hawaii.


We started out with blue skies and crisp cool air hitting our faces and enough so that we didn't need the air con in the car.
One hour of sunny weather where I could took a shot of our shadows to prove that it REALLY was sunny this November 28th morning.

But alas, a few miles down the country … (51 comments)

hawaii relocations: Real Estate Leads, Contracts, Relocations and Views - 10/05/08 12:36 PM

It's been a very hectic week for my Real Estate business. Well, with one coming down the stretch for closing, another escrow opened for a buyer on Wednesday that alone has been very busy for me. I also have a listing that I put up last Sunday with showings EVERY single day this week so I am now prepared to take the rest of the afternoon off. And so I'll spend it by Blogging, working  writing and getting some form of relaxation.
Many of my Hawaii Home Buyers are Military Relocating to Hawaii and it seems that during the past few months our market … (42 comments)

hawaii relocations: Moanalua Gardens & the Hitachi Tree - 09/17/08 12:44 PM

Back in the late 1960's my family would have 'Special Family Sunday's. We'd either do a family dinner with my aunt, uncle and cousins or we'd do a picnic or something. One of our 'relaxation' excursions would lead us to the Moanalua Gardens. After a hearty homemade fried chicken and potato salad lunch we'd all spread out under a tree on our mats or blankets.
Looking through the branches up to the blue skies with a tropical cool breeze fluttering across my face I would daydream about whatever 10 year old kids dream of. The shade from the huge umbrella shaped tree … (22 comments)

hawaii relocations: When Prospects Become Clients or a Fleeting Thought - 09/06/08 05:50 AM
A notice appears on my pc saying I have an email from my contact form. I immediately respond and get a little more information from the person who is Relocating to Hawaii (or a resident who just wants to start with an email) and is seriously considering buying a home while they are residing in our beautiful Hawaiian Islands.
The process starts for preparing them for their home purchase once they arrive in Honolulu County:
I refer them to a local Loan Officer who knows our state laws and our Hawaii Purchase Contract. (and if they're Veterans of the Military they could … (33 comments)

hawaii relocations: Taking Care of Our Honolulu 'Opala' (GARBAGE) - 09/03/08 04:17 AM

Yeah, who wants to talk about the dirt and the scum of the earth?
I do! I do!
Ah...our beautiful Hawaiian paradise and THE environmentally aware residents who keep it that way. Opala (oh pah la) means garbage in Hawaiian. So, of course we take care of our opala. The City & County of Honolulu's Department of Environmental Services, Refuse Division manages the collection, disposal and recycling operations take care of our 'solid waste' with a waste management system.
We may have a great trash man and system but it's up to each individual to KNOW how to dispose or recyle the garbage they create … (31 comments)

hawaii relocations: Endangered Hawaiian Monk Seal Spotted on the North Shore of Oahu! - 08/01/08 12:00 PM

Ahhhh...hard to believe that amidst the splashing and laughing and playful antics surrounding Waimea Bay on the North Shore of Oahu that there would be a Hawaiian Monk Seal bathing in the sun. Oblivious to all going on around it, this Endangered Species is taking advantage of a beautiful tropical day to catch a tan (haha) and few winks.
Where the population of the Monk Seal used to be high, it has decreased 11% per year since 1989 and is the MOST endangered marine mammal in the United States. One of the main factors for their decrease in population … (21 comments)

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