legacy: Our Legacy on ActiveRain ---and Our Written Words - 07/13/13 03:01 AM
We have been growing our ActiveRain Real Estate Network since the summer of 2006. It has grown into one of the largest real estate platforms that have a ‘hands on approach’ with the staff helping all of us to achieve a common goal.
While being a member on ActiveRain since March of 2007 I have tried to be a driving “POSITIVE” source in ActiveRain.  It never fails to amaze me how we can take a negative and turn it into a positive. ….OR Vice Versa.
The Legacy We Leave Behind: … (64 comments)

legacy: Why I Chose Real Estate | The Legacy I’m Leaving Behind - 07/10/11 09:51 AM

My earliest recollection of childhood is of the red brick house in Charleston, South Carolina. Our yard was fenced in for my brother and me to play in our toddler sort of way. And from time to time taking a bite of the juicy plum plucked from the tree that hung over the back fence to falling down the back porch stairs and getting my first stitches.  Pick myself up, dust myself off, and start all over again.

It's those bits and pieces I drag out of my memory bank consistently from childhood are what remarkably determined the road … (33 comments)

legacy: From Braless to Aging Gracefully - 09/04/08 04:44 AM
In the 70's I romped the city braless. Yup, women were standing up for their rights and wearing no bra and saran wrap dresses. Now look at us. With gravity taking its course we throw them over our shoulders and age gracefully. We snicker at the young folk who do not allow nature to run it's course (on the other hand if you're like me you refuse to spend a bunch of money to keep those tummies tight and inserting silicone to keep other places perky) or allow themselves to calm the rebel inside.
Back in the day, I opened my mouth and … (71 comments)

legacy: Most Common Things that Reveal Your Blogging Worthiness - 08/10/08 03:41 PM
A while back I wrote a post with some tips on what NOT to do so you will continue to gain readership.  We on ActiveRain who have been writing for awhile know that we have to have a certain transparency and courtesy for other bloggers. Why?
Without members subscribing to your blog how will you gain readership? How will the consumer judge you from your writing? How will you show your peers your professional attitude to create a referral network? There is a fine line between giving an opinion and being opinionated because  We All Have an Opinion... BUT (that dreaded 'but') … (91 comments)

legacy: What Kind of Legacy Will You Leave Behind? - 07/09/07 05:09 PM
What is your legacy? It's the footprints of our lives that we leave behind. No matter what profession, industry or company I am working for I want to leave behind a good impression; a great legacy. In my personal life with family and friends it is the same. I would love to leave a nice legacy behind so I am remembered in a good way. Gee, I wonder why it is not advisable to leave a "bad taste" in another's mouth and subsequently burn the bridges, so to speak. If it really has come to that point it has become a situation of moral failure.
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