mililani: Mililani Town Homes| Mililani Mauka Homes| Growing Up with the Mililani Community - 03/24/10 06:26 AM

Mililani is a Master Planned Community that started building on June 3, 1968 with 112 homes offered for sale by Castle & Cooke. 
My parents bought their newly constructed home in Mililani Town in 1971 and it was completed in the summer of that year. It was the summer before I entered my first year of high school and I had my last slumber party with my intermediate school girlfriends (from my old neighborhood district) in our new home.
Rich red soil covered the Mililani Community and across the plain we saw pineapple and sugar cane fields … (21 comments)

mililani: Mililani Real Estate and Housing Market - Sales Numbers Climbing! - 04/26/09 12:16 PM
In 1971 my family moved to Mililani and it was in the beginning stages of a 40 year Master Planned Community development of single family homes, condos and townhouses with the first homes built in 1968. 
My children went through their school years in Mililani (they're adults now) and my mom still lives in the same house bought in 1971.
I remember when....
Miililani is centrally located to all military bases on the island and 5-10 minutes from Schofield Barracks and Wheeler Army Airfield, 20-25 minutes to Hickam AFB, Pearl Harbor Navy Base and over the H-3 to Kaneohe Marine Corp Air … (9 comments)

mililani: What You Didn't Know about the HAWAIIAN ISLANDS - 07/13/08 04:12 PM
Dedicated to Bob Stewart
(who is attending the Hawaii Association of Realtors®  2008 Pacific Rim Conference & Expo on the Island of Hawaii on September 18 & 19th, 2008 at the Hilton Waikoloa Village )
Yes, Hawaii is a State that was admitted into the Union on August 21, 1959 and making it the 50th State. Now, for those that have never even stepped foot in Hawaii.... let's clear up a few things.
First of all, it's widespread near and far that Hawaii is an island paradise. Right? Full of trade winds blowing through your hair and beautiful balmy sunny skies above. We have beautiful beaches and lush green valleys and wonderful hiking … (26 comments)

mililani: Mililani Recreation Centers and Fun for All Ages! - 07/01/08 07:21 AM

Mililani Town was voted the All America City in 1986 and it is the only community in Hawaii to ever receive this distinction.
My parents bought their new home in Mililani in 1971 and I was just starting high school. To this day my mom still lives in the same house and my son and daughter grew up in that same house too. From Kindergarten to High School the Mililani Community and Schools served us well. My children just came back home within the past two years and help my mom (who just turned 80 in January of this year) … (19 comments)

mililani: Somewhere Over the "Mililani Rainbow" - 05/03/08 06:21 AM

Sharon Simms came to Hawaii in January for the CRS Sellabration at the Hilton Hawaiian Village and she and her daughter also got to do a little sightseeing.
Along the way to the North Shore they stopped by Mililani Town and noticed (actually she was in awe) of the rainbows around and above the Mililani area.
A slight drizzle coming from the Koolau Mountains will give an array of colors for many wonderful rainbow shows throughout the year over Mililani, Waipio Gentry, Schofield Barracks, Wahiawa and Wheeler Army Air Field.
Of course rainbows are rampant all over Oahu...but these wonderful shows are right in our neighborhood. … (19 comments)

mililani: A Surprise for Mom - 04/24/08 07:02 AM

 My mom turned 80 years old in January of this year. She's still spunky and works at Oahu Country Club 4 days a week, goes golfing every week and .....VEGAS twice a year. She left for VEGAS on Tuesday morning and we have been working hard to move her from the little room back to her master bedroom she hasn't used in 15 years. We remodeled the Master a year ago and with our busy lives we finally were able to get around to it
Prepping for painting, new screens and ....I'm pooped. My son and daughter will be working on it this … (39 comments)

mililani: Picture Perfect Morning - 04/15/08 02:27 PM
April 14, 2008. Monday morning and on my way to the office in Mililani.
I saw beautiful cloud formations on this beautiful spring morning and after many days of vog from the Big Island (Island of Hawaii) volcano it was clearing up.
I chased the sun down Mililani side streets until I found a perfect shot of morning sunlight glowing around a large palm tree high above the rooftop of a home.
I was so pleased when I saw the result.
I caught another view with a little more blue to the sky but same concept and zoomed out a little.
I can't decide which one is nicer … (53 comments)

mililani: From "Pending" to "Executed" Contract / Congratulations Mr. "W"!! - 08/01/07 07:39 AM
During the past month I have written several posts on "The Faithful and Loyal Client" and in the last one I introduced Arden to everyone as well as gave an update. This is the perfect example of an EXECUTED Contract. This is a perfect example of a relationship with a client that last three years and many more to come!  His townhouse recorded this morning and he is legally the proud owner of his long awaited townhouse unit!
Broker Bryant wrote a post. Did you know? 15 random thoughts from Broker Bryant. and he states,  "Did you know a fully signed and accepted … (31 comments)

mililani: My Waipio Gentry Hawaii "Home": The Price We Pay to Live in Paradise - 07/07/07 08:09 AM
Ahhhhh. The price we pay to live in "Paradise". How about a tour through our little townhouse and fenced in little courtyard? Hawaii is truly a scenic splendor of crystal clear blue waters, lush green mountains and valleys with gorgeous botanical scents. If you have time to view the tours then....let's begin!
Before we moved into our Waipio Gentry townhouse in early 2005 we went on a short "vacation" in Laie.    (Click on the button for the fishing vacation tour!)
Our little piece of paradise is in our back yard (left)and I have an abundance of greenery from palms to orchids to bromeliads and roses. If you … (54 comments)

mililani: HAWAIIAN LEGENDS: Kaena Point, Waimea Valley, and Two Heiau's - 06/18/07 04:20 PM featured post
By: Celeste "Sally" Cheeseman, Century 21 Liberty Homes, Mililani, HI  96789
There seems to be a story for every piece of land in Hawaii so let's start with Kaena Point (picture left taken from Sharks Cove) on the island of Oahu. Travel to Kaena Point from the North Shore and past Mokuleia; but alas! There is no thorough fare from this point to the other side except for a small pathway which can only be crossed by foot. (Unless you want to take a chance and fall of the cliff -this pathway is the only way around) The other … (40 comments)

mililani: Conducting A Hawaii Real Estate Business Professionally - 06/06/07 07:09 AM
Are you really satisfied with the office and location that YOU chose to conduct your real estate or related industry business? How many of you have moved on to other companies multiple times during the course of your career? How many of you have remained in the same office since you started or moved on to open your own company?  
There could be many different reasons why you moved on or why you chose the office you started with from the beginning although before you make that choice of what office you would like to be associated with there are many factors to take into … (18 comments)

mililani: Reposted for Memorial Day! How Can I Stand Here With You- And Not Be Moved By You? - 05/25/07 05:58 AM
In honor of all the men and women who have served our country and died for our country during wartime!
The following link is for those who would like to read a brief history about Memorial Day!
You're "Everything".  This is a true story about the relationship I have with my son, Michael and his homecoming from serving in the United States Navy.
Michael went into the US Navy when he was 19 years old and he was stationed on the USS Kitty Hawk for the preceding 4 years before coming home last July 2006. This tour of duty on the Kitty Hawk commenced after going through … (10 comments)

mililani: Embracing CHANGE.....Is the Key to Being a Successful Realtor - 05/15/07 08:41 AM
If I do not have the ability to change MYSELF and my thinking then how will I have the ability to work with a constantly changing market?
My being a successful REALTOR® lies not only in acquiring and continuing to acquire more experience and knowldege in the Real Estate Industry (as well as other Industry Related professions) but also to continue working on myself from the inside out. 
As a successful REALTOR® I hold Integrity at the highest level.  I am accountable and responsible for everything I do. As a successful REALTOR® I have the ability to change as the market changes. (Being … (22 comments)

mililani: Come View Paradise.... - 05/15/07 07:11 AM
Aloha!  As a long time Mililani and Waipio Gentry resident on the island of Oahu, I would like to share a little information as well as a virtual tour from my own personal collection of pictures with all of you.
Hawaii became our 50th State on August 21, 1959 and was also known as the "Sandwich Isles". The Hawaiian Islands are from ....Niihau, Kauai, Oahu, Molokai, Kahoolawe, Lanai, Maui and Hawaii (otherwise known as The Big Island)Honolulu- Our capital as well as well as the most populated city in the State of Hawaii. It is located along the southeast coast of the … (14 comments)

mililani: DOING THE RIGHT THING FOR ME! - 05/14/07 04:53 AM
I was called by a news reporter this morning and immediately I said no! I do not want to answer questions! 
He said he got my name off Active Rain (and calling all the way to Hawaii mind you).  At least he wasn't one of those pushy obnoxious types.  He said he understood and we hung up. 
I am one to be cautious of what I say on AR due to being in the public eye. Now even more so with the 60 minutes piece that I did not even watch! But I did read the newpiece here: 60 Minutes and I do have my opinions and … (35 comments)

mililani: Real Estate-Code of Ethics for Buyers and Sellers? - 05/01/07 07:58 AM

          Realtors follow a strict Code of Ethics.  Why not Buyer's and Seller's?
                 What would you add to the following if there were a Buyer/Seller Code of Ethics in progress?
                                                       Real Estate Code of Ethics for the Buyer and Seller
1) I will be loyal and honest to my  REALTOR® and respect that they are thinking in my best interests.
2) I will listen only to my REALTOR®  regarding real estate matters because they are the experts in real estate (not me, my friends, my associates nor my family)
3) I will follow the contingencies and timelines in … (50 comments)

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