military relocations hawaii: Choosing the RIGHT Hawaii VA Loan Officer, Honolulu Realtor® For Your Hawaii Military Relocation Information - 11/23/08 01:42 PM
First of all there are plenty of Realtors® in Honolulu County to choose from. Hmm, last I looked there were about 6,000 on this island alone. So how do you choose a Realtor® who is knowledgeable in Military Relocations & Real Estate and VA Loan/Transaction process?

There are plenty of Loan Officers in Honolulu County as well.  Hmm, not sure about the numbers there but I can bet you half are gone since the closing of many loan companies. So, how do you choose a loan officer who is knowledgeable in Military Relocations & experienced in Hawaii Real Estate Contracts, … (19 comments)

military relocations hawaii: Honolulu County & Traffic Info - 10/31/08 04:48 AM
It's the hustle and bustle of early morning traffic coming from Central Oahu and heading in to Downtown Honolulu (in the distance are the tall buildings of the business district) We bear with it during these hours between 6-8 in the morning and bear with it between 4-6 or so in the evenings.
Peak hour traffic is nothing new for any of us here in the city or anywhere else in the nation.
The thing about Honolulu traffic is that there is just so many alternate routes and if the highway is jammed, so will the side streets be.
The positive side of all … (10 comments)

military relocations hawaii: Hickam AFB, Honolulu Hawaii & Surrounding Neighborhoods - 02/16/08 04:25 AM
Home of the 15th Air Base Wing Hickam Air Force Base has over 2,800 acres of land and facilities. It is located in Honolulu County and on the island of Oahu and runs alongside the Honolulu International Airport. Both Hickam AFB air field and the Honolulu International Airport run under a joint - use agreement. 
During the war years Hickam AFB played a crucial part in pilot training and aircraft assembly as well as the Pacific Hub for transporting the wounded not only during World War II, but during the Korean and Vietnam wars as well.
In 1980, Hickam AFB was designated as … (9 comments)

military relocations hawaii: Honolulu Shopping Centers and the Kakaako Neighborhood Plan - 02/08/08 10:19 AM

Ala Moana Shopping Center is the largest shopping center on Oahu with over 260 shops and restaurants  and IS the largest open air shopping center in the world.
(Picture to the right is the Koi pond in the middle of the third floor open air shopping mall. Koi; also known as decorative carp represent peace and tranquility)

A little history of Ala Moana Center:
1959 - Ala Moana Center was built on swamp land (and if you folks didn't know....Waikiki was mostly swamp land as well for most of the 1800's) With 89 stores back then, it was considered the largest … (40 comments)

military relocations hawaii: Preservation & Conservation: Military Land Use on Oahu Hawaii's West Coast (Waianae) - 02/01/08 03:33 PM

Military Relocating to Hawaii rotate in and out of Oahu year round and they surely play a big part in many of our communities. The military & veterans make up about 10% of our population in Hawaii (add in: with 3.5% active duty) and following is some interesting info on military land use on the Waianae Side of Oahu.
The Military Land Use in Waianae:
 Lualualei Valley:  Navy owned land consisting of 14.4 sq. miles and has 255 above ground storage capable of storing 78,000 tons of ammunition. Kolekole Pass (closed to the public) extends from the Waianae Coast to Schofield Barracks going up and over … (37 comments)

military relocations hawaii: Hawaii Relocations | Mililani Real Estate on Oahu, Hawaii - 01/11/08 11:27 AM
If you are planning on a Relocation to Hawaii you may want to consider the community of Mililani, Hawaii which is centrally located on the island of Oahu in Honolulu County. Mililani is a Master Planned Community and we have a population of approximately 30,000 people. The first homes went up for sale around June 1968 and our H-2 freeway opened in 1976 which lessened the time to travel to Honolulu. With three shopping centers, a 14 plex theater, 7 recreation centers (5 have pools), parks, Mililani Golf Course and activities galore we have a lot of what we need in our central location.
My parents bought their brand new Castle and Cooke … (29 comments)

military relocations hawaii: The Legend of Makua Cave: Northwest Coast of Oahu, Hawaii - 01/10/08 06:49 AM

Another Hawaii Relocation tidbit of information that may come in handy if you're relocating to Hawaii and may be sightseeing along the Northwest Shore of Oahu.  
Located right past Keeau Beach Park on the Waianae Coast of Oahu is Makua Cave.  Long before it was "nicknamed" Makua Cave it was known as Kaneana(Ka knee ah na) or better known as the Cave of the Kane(Ka knee or man; male) 
At 150,000 years old and once was underwater...carved by the sea. Sanding 100 feet high and 450 feet deep we really didn't feel it necessary to walk into the depths of the darkness that enfolded us immediately … (49 comments)

military relocations hawaii: *Military Relocations Hawaii: Century 21 Liberty Homes* - 12/03/07 01:56 AM
Century 21 Liberty Homes in Mililani Town is centrally located to all the military bases on the island of Oahu. Just minutes away from Schofield Barracks Military Base and Wheeler Army Air Field, Mililani is twenty minutes from Hickam AFB and Pearl Harbor Navy Base as well.
With over 35 Residential Sales Agents there certainly will be one to represent you perfectly in your real estate transaction. Buying, selling, property management and investments; Century 21 Liberty Homes stands by their name! 
                                                           Representation with the Spirit of Aloha!
It's not easy moving across the Pacific Ocean let alone to a totally different "world" of people but … (33 comments)

military relocations hawaii: Supporting Hawaii Businesses: And Getting Out of a Funk! - 11/07/07 10:46 AM
After Torrential Rains, Thunder, Lightning, Floods......... and Snow? Only in Hawaii! the weather started clearing up and I took a picture this morning of my last two orchid blooms that fared the weathered storm. Two died, the rest already bloomed.
I looked at the blooms and thought, "How simple but beautiful".  No matter how positive my spirit is I get caught up in "junk" just like anyone else and need to get out and do something to clear my mind.
Besides, sometimes I just have to listen to some good advice and "stop letting the little things bother me". Ahhh.  Don't Sweat the … (48 comments)

military relocations hawaii: “Kuleana: Knowing Your Responsiblity” - 11/02/07 05:38 PM
There's a fine line between common sense and KNOWING what I am responsible for.
Kuleana (Koo-lay-ah-nah). basically means "Knowing Your Responsiblity" and used in the context of Leadership.
We all have a responsibility for the preservation and conservation of our land and water. So we abide by the laws set forth by our state.
Previously, I had written Purchasing Hawaii Vacant Land? Ancient Hawaiian Burial Sites and Laws and discussed our laws regarding ancient burial sites and our responsibility to do due diligence if you are considering purchasing vacant land. These laws not only apply to vacant land but property already in use that you may … (31 comments)

military relocations hawaii: Be Part of the Solution For Your Market; Because "Shift" Always Happens - 10/16/07 08:16 AM
Whichever state you are residing and conducting business in it can be guaranteed that your market of last year or the year before is in the past.  What is past is past. What is present is a gift. And the future is yet to come. The market shifts, changes, goes up, goes down or stabilizes. Whatever the cause of the market in your neighborhood changing it is up to us to keep the market moving.
Real Estate Industry Professionals keep the market moving. What a concept! I for one shifted, changed and moved with Honolulu Hawaii's market. In Hawaii our market has definitely shifted all … (35 comments)

military relocations hawaii: Hawaii Townhouse Living... Responsible Homeowners Take Steps to Protect - 10/12/07 01:54 PM
After spending the last three weeks of heartache trying to find a water leak in between our bathroom walls we are finally on the road to "recovery". During this time we had a plumber come out TWICE (and there was still a water leak), getting estimates to replace the cheap fiberglass tub/surround the townhouse came with, and scheduling our "vacations" so we could get all this done quickly. (picture to the left are the old tub/walls)
Condo/Townhouse Living in Hawaii..........and A Water Leak is where all this started.
We finally had the plumber/contractors here all day yesterday demolishing, replacing the junk with a nice tub, patching my walls … (39 comments)

military relocations hawaii: Judge and the Jury - 09/28/07 11:55 AM
Should family and friends get involved and give their "advice" in the property selling or purchase process of their family/friends when they are not a real estate agent? That is the question and "court is in session"!
In life situations, as in business I believe there are two sides to everything. ALWAYS. Otherwise, how would I come to a decision of any one point being made?
In this case I will look at the pros and cons of "helping" family and friends with their real estate decisions when they have an agent. It can be beneficial or it could be detrimental in the sale or purchase of … (84 comments)

military relocations hawaii: Labor Day in Hawaii: Ethnicities and Festivities! - 08/29/07 05:52 AM
Labor Day Weekend is one of the biggest holidays of the year to celebrate  our "day off for the working people". Labor Day has been celebrated in the United States since the 1880's and falls on the first Monday of the of September and it is simply known as a "day of rest" and the end of summer.
On our island of Oahu we definitely have a few events scheduled for Labor Day past the annual family BBQ's, camping trips, hiking events, beach events and more. Hawaii is a diverse community with so many ethnicities such as Hawaiian, Pacific Islanders (there are only 80000 Native Hawaiians),  … (33 comments)

military relocations hawaii: A Hawaii Real Estate Story: The Faithful and Loyal Client - 06/30/07 02:36 PM
This story will surely give inspiration to any person in our Real Estate Industry who values the reward of having a LOYAL client. The IS the TRUE meaning of LOYAL! In industry as well as in my personal life I hold integrity, honesty and respect as my highest and most important priorties for interacting with other people and the way I conduct my business. And I give my Aloha spirit.
The Loyal Client
Two and half years ago an older gentleman walked into our office and inquired about townhouses for sale because he was given a 45 day notice in the rental he was in. He was … (46 comments)

military relocations hawaii: "The Garden Isle" of Kauai in Hawaii - 06/22/07 01:43 PM featured post
By Celeste "Sally" Cheeseman, Century 21 Liberty Homes, Mililani, Hawaii 96789 
My mother was born in Nawiliwili town on the Island of Kauai on January 12, 1928.  Nawiliwili is a little town outside of the the city, Lihue and its right by Nawiliwili Harbor. My mother had 7 sisters and one brother and they had a little Japanese country grocery store. My mother's stories of growing up were one of "the simple life". Nothing extravagant. Nothing too special. Except that she lived on the "Garden Isle".

The Na Pali Coast with its rugged cliff/coastline and mountain terrain has incredible views of five lush valleys, waterfalls, and … (38 comments)

military relocations hawaii: The History of Hawaiian Homes - 06/11/07 03:02 AM
Featured post by Celeste Cheeseman in                                                                                                    
THE HISTORY OF HAWAIIAN HOMES is an appropriate topic for one who's professional life revolves around residential homes. Don't you think? Though there are no specific dates to speak of residential history before Western Civilization came to the Hawaiian Islands, there are some notations of significance to give some insight into some of our first settlers and our land. Clear pure air, balmy hawaiian sunshine, crystal clear ocean with fine sand beaches. Dense forests, natural springs and a variety of plants known to no other land. What more could one want when looking for a place to … (84 comments)

military relocations hawaii: 10 Quick Tips for Selling Your Hawaii Home! - 05/08/07 05:18 AM
Take the time to follow some tips to help make your home more appealing to the buyer's market!
Following are a couple of these tips to help you out!
1)Timing is everything. The best time to put your house on the market is if you are planning on buying another home when interest rates are low. Buyer's will be out!
2) Start getting things in order! Fix leaky faucets; oil squeaky door hinges; and replace drain catches and torn screens to show a well maintained home!
3) Take out unneeded furniture. Too much furniture can make a room look smaller and cluttered.

military relocations hawaii: HAWAII OPEN HOUSES (RULES WHILE ATTENDING) - 03/30/07 10:53 AM

Open Houses in Hawaii are a given.  We market the property through advertising in the newspaper for our Open Houses and everyone (from buyer's to neighbors  to people who are thinking of selling their home in the same area) attend these Sunday events! Yup...Sunday events!

Buyer's can use Open House's as part of their home search (along with the private appointments your realtor sets up) so following are some guidelines (I call these the lucky seven) for buyer's while at an Open House:
1) Look at properties in your price range! Make sure you are pre-qualified with a local lender (your … (27 comments)

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