personal boundaries: CROSSING OVER THAT FINE LINE - 08/08/12 11:08 AM
Why would one professional in the Real Estate Industry step over the line into another’s profession? Not only is it wrong and unethical, but more often than not will kill a deal.  Stepping over that fine line will not only create a bad reputation but they will risk losing their license and risk facing court action.
STAY IN YOUR OWN AREA OF EXPERTISE. Not only is it the right way of doing business, IT’S THE RIGHT THING TO DO!!!
If you are not a licensed real estate agent, then don’t pretend you are. If you are not an attorney, you … (58 comments)

personal boundaries: DIS-EASE with SELF Has No Place in Real Estate - 06/16/12 06:50 AM
The worst thorn in anyone’s side in a real estate transaction relationship is to have one person on the team have a ‘chip’ on their shoulder. Each transaction will usually have team players consisting of buyers, sellers, real estate agents for buyer and seller, escrow officers (or in some states there are attorneys), loan officers (and processors, underwriters, lenders etc), home inspectors, pest inspectors, surveyors and so on who all need to work together as a team….or else.
But wouldn’t you know there always seems to be one person who is not only having a bad day but has a … (31 comments)

personal boundaries: What Makes a Good Real Estate Blogger? - 05/29/12 03:17 AM
I’m not even sure how I would answer “What Makes a Good Real Estate Blogger”. However, I do know that when I write without slamming other REALTORS® (or anyone for that matter) I’m surely attracting the kind of readers that I want to ‘associate’ with.
The same goes for the articles (and people) that I read. Negativity breed negativity and I tend to either give a more positive feedback on a negative post rather than buy into the negative comment stream that usually follows.  Why?  Think of this:  Why would I want to associate with negative people who are just cutting … (57 comments)

personal boundaries: Get Out of Judgment (Self) and Into Curiosity - 05/21/12 12:07 PM
My title line “getting out of judgment and getting into curiosity” came from a CRS class I attended back in 2010 and it not only helps to better understand both Home Buyers and Sellers but in our communication with others in life as well.
We often get stuck in our own self centered thinking (i.e. ‘my way or the highway’) and forget to step into another’s shoes to get a feeling of their side of the situation.  This kind of thinking steers and clouds our judgment when dealing with clients and we end up listening to ourselves talk instead of listening … (43 comments)

personal boundaries: Do You Have Permission to Give Out Your Client’s Information? - 05/14/12 10:30 AM
 It is our fiduciary duty to protect the personal information about our clients. We protect our client’s best interests and personal information while representing them in the sale or purchase of their home. It could make the difference in hurting the transaction and your negotiating powers let alone protecting their personal interests.
How often do you read a testimonial or story on someone’s blog or website and wonder if they had written permission to do so?  Even posting pictures of your client’s without their permission is not permissible.
Their personal life, their … (45 comments)

personal boundaries: Shame on You for Crossing That LINE! - 05/03/12 03:21 AM
I recently had a call from a Real Estate Agent from anther state who said his fiancé wanted to sell her townhouse in Hawaii. Would I mind going to preview the property?  Sure, give me her phone number and I’ll make an appointment.   
He then starts getting into the price, commission and so forth and while I’m ‘listening’ I’m pulling up the property only to discover his fiancé is still on title with her ‘ex husband’.  I let him know I would be contacting her to make an appointment.
Fast forward a couple of hours. After taking my Sunday morning to whip … (115 comments)

personal boundaries: Is It TIME For a Vacation? - 03/05/12 11:39 PM
We ALL need to work. It is a NEEDED part of our lives so that we produce income to support ourselves and our families.  Mothers tend the children and the home and most times have to work as well to support their growing families.
There comes a time when we need to rest, regroup and come back revived, rejuvenated and ready to pound pavement.  I’m sorry to say that it took me MANY years to realize that a vacation was in order.  I ‘thought’ that my clients, the office and my family could not do without me during a vacation … (30 comments)

personal boundaries: TRUST is More Than Just a Word- It's Lifestyle With Good Benefits - 01/22/12 10:01 AM
I had written a post on How Does One Pick a TRUSTWORTHY Source on ActiveRain but at the time I didn’t know there was a contest going on about TRUST and you can find it by clicking here.
This post is a submission to the ActiveRain / Adobe EchoSign Trust Contest. I could possibly win a prize. You can find out about the contest by clicking here
TRUST is More Than Just a Word- It's Lifestyle With Good Benefits
I’m going to start off by being a bit transparent.  Up until I was about 40 years old I lived … (33 comments)

personal boundaries: Pointing Fingers at Others and Ten Will Point Back at You - 11/05/11 04:55 PM
It’s one thing to be aware of other’s imperfections. It's definitely another story to see the flaws in another and then turn around and poke fun at them or call them names.
Who REALLY is the ‘Professional’ here?
Everyone has unique attributes and characteristics that define us as individuals.  Every single person on this planet also has MANY flaws and imperfections.  One may have one flaw that another lacks and that same person may have a talent that another lacks.
We all are unique.
Before poking fun at another’s imperfections and saying they’re unprofessional, why not instead offer a … (11 comments)

personal boundaries: Good Client Relationships Start With Awareness - 10/14/11 01:04 PM
More often than not, we all would like to have a good client relationship where everything went smoothly from that first initial meeting until the transaction closes. More often than not, it just does not happen that way.
We do not live in a perfect world.  Yes, we all strive to want to do and be better in all areas of our lives although the bottom line is that we are all human. Though we all have our good qualities we also have our flaws.  THERE IS NO PERFECT ANYTHING. We strive to meet the common goal which is to … (31 comments)

personal boundaries: Relationship Building for Better Business Practices - 09/17/11 05:17 PM
We, as business professionals have different opinions, ideas and other creative techniques for targeting specific niche markets.  
In my “real estate world” I have the ability to change like a chameleon for each relationship and corner of our real estate industry. Maybe it’s because of my belief that having an open mind that every individual is unique and will have different ideas and opinions as well is what allows me to do so.
Change with an every changing market.
For ever changing times…
For ever changing relationships….
Business relationships can mean one thing to one person and another to the next. … (27 comments)

personal boundaries: A Path to Success for Healthy Real Estate Relationships - 07/01/11 03:02 PM
We always think in the best interests of our clients. We give them the best of service and accommodate them. We do however have to set personal boundaries so that there are no outside influences getting in the way of the transaction and our relationships with our clients.
What are Healthy Boundaries? It's where one person begins and the other ends. Those that have healthy boundaries have developed their own separate identities. Each person is NOT dependent on another to dictate who they are and also not dependent on others to fill the void inside for their own personal and spiritual growth.
Sound easy … (19 comments)

personal boundaries: Humans Are Different....Unique - 06/27/11 05:50 AM
The turmoil that surrounds us. Many countries are in havoc being it be war between the citizens of one country to the earthquakes and tsunami's from nature's wrath.  We help out as much as possible and though some may wonder why....... I do not. 
The ethnic diversity in Hawaii and the cultures within each contain huge growing experiences.  I was fortunate to travel in many countries as well and  I have turned all into learning experiences.  I opened my mind.

No matter what the situation we learn something.  I accept that no one person in this vast world is perfect … (5 comments)

personal boundaries: Do Good Guys Always End Up Last? - 03/07/11 04:52 PM
As an Ambassador to ActiveRain I really take my ‘title' seriously. I have always believed that if someone needs help they ask for it because that is the first step to acknowledging that one needs the help. I have been fortunate to help many members with their questions and I answer promptly and detailed.

If I delete a post from the POSITIVE ATTITUDE for the Weary Soul group it is most likely because it did not fit the group and the rules.  There really aren't that much to abide by and if you aren't promoting yourself, your listings or … (23 comments)

personal boundaries: Shake Your Bootie - 05/30/10 01:36 PM
All the lonely people, where do they all come from? All the lonely people, where do they all belong? ..... Beatles
ActiveRain is a huge REAL estate network and at times when I want to stick out my tongue at all the meanies ....this Hula Fairy below will suffice.  Use your imagination :)

Celeste "Sally" Cheeseman is a Realtor-Associate with Century 21 Liberty Homes in Mililani, Hawaii. With a sharp understanding that a listening ear is the key to a client's needs  she serves all Hawaii Home Buyers and Sellers on the island of Oahu (Honolulu County) including all Hawaii Military Relocating to Hawaii, Hawaii Retirees, Hawaii Job Transfers and Hawaii … (5 comments)

personal boundaries: My Twelve Step Program to Being a Successful Real Estate Agent - 04/12/10 05:11 AM
Striving to be all I can be.....and then some: 
I have no control over others and do not try and MAKE them think like me. We are all human and individuals with our own opinions and there is no two that think alike. That's what makes me unique. There may be a power greater than myself but ultimately it is me that has to do the footwork. I will be patient and tolerant and accept situations on a case by case basis so I do not go insane. I will LISTEN to my clients needs...not tell them what they ‘want' to hear. … (23 comments)

personal boundaries: Are You Left In Awe When You FINALLY See the Property in Question? - 01/30/10 03:01 AM
I'm sure many have read those listing descriptions that just leave you in awe when you get to the property...only to be embarrassed in front of the buyer. Over the last couple years the list has grown and wondering if you all have anything to add to it?
It's a great reminder to those that try and cover up what's really going on that to waste someone's time without an accurate description is not going to sell that property.
Spacious -  Enough for the dog maybe Peek a Boo Ocean View- If you go to the bathroom window upstairs an look from … (25 comments)

personal boundaries: Competing for List Price? In all Seriousness … I think NOT. - 01/15/10 09:06 AM
We are competitors with others in our field of expertise and being knowledgeable, detailed, patient and straightforward are some of the greatest attributes one can have.  There is no competition when I'm competing against those that think the opposite.
Representing a Seller can at times take a toll on the mind and struggling to keep a happy medium becomes a priority.  While grasping at straws to recoup the money invested in a home at the height of the market it becomes a saddened affair when they realize it isn't going to happen.
As a down to earth and straightforward person(who by … (81 comments)

personal boundaries: Are You Attracting Like- Kind Clients? - 10/07/09 08:28 AM

Like-Kind Property are of the same nature or character, even if they differ in grade or quality.
As a person who strives to keep things simple  (really) I believe that I have to be happy with whatever I do. And so do you. How I perceive myself is most likely how I carry myself in every aspect of my life...including my business and personal relationships with other people.
When balance has to be key to my success in business or as a person it brings to mind what kind of clients I attract.  It is important that I … (19 comments)

personal boundaries: Accept Situations With Grace...and Move On - 09/11/09 04:57 AM
During the course of our careers we'll have many a situation with a home buyer or seller that will not work out.
It all depends on the circumstances or situations. A buyer may just not feel it's the right home for them or a seller may reconsider retiriing and selling their home.
I just read a post AVOID BURNOUT! Stop Taking Responsibility For Stuff That's Not Your Responsibility to Take! and it reminded me of the emotion I continuously put into the relationships with clients.
The cost is heavy when it does not work out and all souls get a bit weary: including the … (83 comments)

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