real estate agent hawaii: Being an Anal Realtor® is NOT a Bad Thing - 04/24/11 07:53 AM
When I received my Real Estate License I was told, "You are the kind of real estate agent we need in this industry".  That statement rang a song that will resonate in my mind for years past and years to come.  That statement was the product of being a good human being who was ready and able to give the service a home buyer or seller detail.
As a Home Seller, you will want a detailed agent who will walk that extra mile to market and sell your home. 85% + home buyers will be searching the internet for homes … (14 comments)

real estate agent hawaii: Weathering the Storm of Challenges - 02/24/11 08:31 AM
The weather can be quite unpredictable in Hawaii.  While watching our local news on Monday evening we were ‘informed' that there were storm conditions and there will be thunder, lightning and heavy rains.   We waited and the next morning it was a beautiful day!  That evening the weather man said that ‘just because the storm isn't happening in your neighborhood doesn't mean it isn't in other's. We all laughed.

By Wednesday I gave up looking for the storm. .....and then in a matter of a couple of hours it poured! There it was...right in front of me.  There was lightening, … (19 comments)

real estate agent hawaii: I'm As Politically Correct As I Choose - 06/17/10 08:12 AM
I don't know which is politically incorrect.... blatant bragging or actually just announcing when I have a listing going into contract.  I often wonder how it looks on a social network when I ‘announce' that I have a new listing Or when I ‘announce' that I finally got an approval (whether it be verbal or in writing) from the bank for a short sale.
Who cares!  I'm showing the world I'm Working AND Socializing!
Real Estate can be considered a salesman/woman sort of job although I beg to differ that it ends at that point. You see, I see myself working … (18 comments)

real estate agent hawaii: TOP TEN ATTRIBUTES of a Realtor® That Clients LOVE - 02/27/10 02:47 PM
The TOP TEN ATTRIBUTES of a Realtor® That Clients LOVE came to mind while thinking of the ‘aftermath' of our Hawaii Tsunami scare today.
I woke at 5:45am to a blaring cellular that only rings when family has a concern. Sure enough it was my daughter telling me to get up because the Tsunami was coming! Whaaa?  My first concern was to call my mom at work but my daughter said she already called her. My mom was happy as a clam being at work and at the country club during a crisis anyway.   Family First.
My next concern was to … (55 comments)

real estate agent hawaii: The Benefits of An Agent on Drugs - 05/30/09 08:22 AM

Agent on drugs....  Yeah, the slurred speech, the lethargic glassy looking eyes and the sweat dripping down her face. She tries to hold her composure through the last two showing appointments of the day. She manages to fight the bronchitis symptoms in front of her clients for the past three days. Antibiotics, cough medicine, the dreaded inhaler and the whole nine yards. 
Let's not get into the slimey details of the fever, clammy, stuffiness, nose blowing snot dripping on the one kleenex tissue she had in her purse; with body aching, dizziness, lungs gasping for air and lifeless body limp with no energy that … (90 comments)

real estate agent hawaii: Real Estate is NOT JUST A PAYCHECK - 01/29/09 05:23 AM
It's TAX time again! What does that mean for Realtors®?  The one thing that changed this year for me was that my tax man finally made me put my expenses in categories. In the past I listed each one line by line (date by date) and I guess he got sick of categorizing for me. LOL.
Another reason to bring this up again... is so the consumer realizes it's not just a paycheck and running to the bank. I put heart and soul into helping my clients sell their home or buy a home and though it is a means of making … (79 comments)

real estate agent hawaii: Please Educate YOUR Clients!! - 10/11/08 04:47 PM
This afternoon my seller called me and said a woman knocked on his door. She said her husband was parking the car and they wanted to come in to look. My seller asks the woman if she has a Realtor® and she eagerly gives her Realtors® business card to him.
My seller is great at following my instructions :)  He hands the woman HER Realtors® business card and hands her mine while telling the woman she needs to let her Realtor® call me to make an appointment.
Please educate your clients!
My MLS agent instructions say to call the LISTOR (me) … (50 comments)

real estate agent hawaii: My Responsibilities as an Independent Contractor - 08/08/08 03:24 AM
In a nutshell it means I am self employed. Even though I hang my license as a Realtor-Associate®  with Century 21 Liberty Homes, Mililani, Hawaii.....I am my own business and I have responsibilities (paperwork and that dreaded itemizing expenses/deductions and PAYING my own TAXES) that automatically come with being an independent contractor. 
I pay my own quarterly estimated self employment Hawaii State Tax, Federal Tax, GET (General Excise Tax).
I pay my own expenses: postcards (like the one in the picture that I paid someone to make because I was strapped for time) gasoline, supplies, marketing, extra classes, licensing fees, MLS dues, NAR dues, HAR (Hawaii Association of Realtors) dues, HBR … (31 comments)

real estate agent hawaii: Down time for Realtors in Mililani, Honolulu, Oahu Hawaii - 03/29/07 05:31 PM
Thought I would just put whatever since I wanted to stay away from the negative stuff I just read in the last couple of hours. (how come I just happened to pick those?)
 Just look......this is Hawaii and what us Real Estate Agents have to put up with on our down time in Hawaii! (click on links for full stories)
Living the surf life
When in doubt...don't go out.....
Found this past video clip for our Superbowl! 
Superbowl home turns into Windy City
Hiking in (believe it or not) our West Side of Oahu (Waianae)
Hapapa - Steep Hike, Great Views
Our Young Golf HERO!
The Tadd Fujikawa Train Just Keeps … (9 comments)

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