real estate professional: CROSSING OVER THAT FINE LINE - 08/08/12 11:08 AM
Why would one professional in the Real Estate Industry step over the line into another’s profession? Not only is it wrong and unethical, but more often than not will kill a deal.  Stepping over that fine line will not only create a bad reputation but they will risk losing their license and risk facing court action.
STAY IN YOUR OWN AREA OF EXPERTISE. Not only is it the right way of doing business, IT’S THE RIGHT THING TO DO!!!
If you are not a licensed real estate agent, then don’t pretend you are. If you are not an attorney, you … (58 comments)

real estate professional: Shame on You for Crossing That LINE! - 05/03/12 03:21 AM
I recently had a call from a Real Estate Agent from anther state who said his fiancé wanted to sell her townhouse in Hawaii. Would I mind going to preview the property?  Sure, give me her phone number and I’ll make an appointment.   
He then starts getting into the price, commission and so forth and while I’m ‘listening’ I’m pulling up the property only to discover his fiancé is still on title with her ‘ex husband’.  I let him know I would be contacting her to make an appointment.
Fast forward a couple of hours. After taking my Sunday morning to whip … (115 comments)

real estate professional: As In Life, There Are Learning Lessons in Real Estate - 01/26/12 04:35 PM
When I first started in the real estate business, I was told by many ‘to keep my emotions out of business’.  For the life of me, I don’t understand why I got so wrapped up and worried about something that was going wrong in the transaction.  I wanted everything to just run smoothly. I lost sleep from playing out hypothetical scenarios in the middle of the night. 
With eyes wide open,  the ‘what ifs’ danced in my head.
There are situations that are beyond my control.  No matter how much I worried or wanted to make things happen I could not control … (49 comments)

real estate professional: How Does One Pick a TRUSTWORTHY Source on ActiveRain? - 01/12/12 03:59 PM
Being a Dedicated and Loyal Member of ActiveRain for the past (almost) FIVE years means that I have a little (well, maybe a lot) of information to share with all the NEW MEMBERS and well as some older members too. It DOES NOT mean I am any other expert just because I’m a long time member. You will come to that conclusion after talking and meeting with me.
As always, it’s not the length of time one has been a Real Estate agent but the quality of the services given as seasoned Real Estate Agents that … (48 comments)

real estate professional: Are You Closing Doors for Future Opportunities? - 01/02/12 09:30 AM
As independent contractors, we each have our own business models; and clearly my first priority is to think in the best interests of my clients.  There are no cutting corners while representing a buyer/seller in residential sales and it does not rely solely on….money.
Clearly we all have our own opinions; we are only human and do not think the same. Therefore, our business models will not be the same. The following points were made from a series of blogs I’ve read during my time here on ActiveRain and are clearly NOT what I agree with and are NOT part of … (65 comments)

real estate professional: Are You Keeping Your Readers Engaged? - 11/06/11 08:48 AM
What makes a good blog?  Obviously, the content has to be interesting and the title attractive to lure the reader in.  There are many topics to choose from and though many may not agree that some topics are not Real Estate related; they need think again. 
LOCAL AREA and NEIGHBORHOODS:  If I am to be considered the “local expert” I better know my area. In Growing Up in the Mililani Community I not only give information about the Mililani Community but also HISTORY OF OUR MARKET throughout the years. Being a long … (37 comments)

real estate professional: Good Client Relationships Start With Awareness - 10/14/11 01:04 PM
More often than not, we all would like to have a good client relationship where everything went smoothly from that first initial meeting until the transaction closes. More often than not, it just does not happen that way.
We do not live in a perfect world.  Yes, we all strive to want to do and be better in all areas of our lives although the bottom line is that we are all human. Though we all have our good qualities we also have our flaws.  THERE IS NO PERFECT ANYTHING. We strive to meet the common goal which is to … (31 comments)

real estate professional: Loyalty and Honor Among Professional Relationships - 08/16/11 09:38 AM
In this day and age of bouncing sellers who believe that getting the best deal on commission surpasses the experience and expertise of their long time Realtor® don’t really care about their selling their home.   The home will stay on the market with lousy pictures in the MLS and an agent that doesn’t answer the phone. OR the market will take the listing away with multiple offers….just because they have listened to their Realtor® to begin with.

In this day and age of bouncing buyers who are looking for the best deal in town and who continue to submit low ball … (8 comments)

real estate professional: Myths and Facts About Real Estate Agents - 07/04/11 03:10 PM
Just to get the story straight, the majority of Realtors® are not rich: 
Yes, we can make a good living although we have to pay taxes just like any other independent contractor or owner of a business. In Hawaii, we not only have to pay state and federal taxes but GET (general excise tax as well) We pay for all our expenses up front. Marketing, advertising, gasoline, office supplies and equipment, phones, websites, blogs, licensing, mls fees and real estate board dues, continuing education classes and designation yearly fees, travel expenses, lunches, parking, staging, open house refreshments. Shall I go … (66 comments)

real estate professional: It’s All About the Journey and Holding Self to Higher Standard - 06/07/11 10:19 AM
I do not allow others to dictate who I am. My life is about where I came from, who I am now and where I want to go.
It's all about that journey I took to get to this place, space and time I am in right NOW. 
I am a product of so many lessons learned regardless if learned through mistakes or just growth in general.
I remember where I came from and there is no other person in my profession that is a better human being than the next and.....
We all surely wear our panties the same way, … (18 comments)

real estate professional: I Just Bet…. A Realtor® Can Answer Many of Your Questions - 06/01/11 03:41 PM
It's just my opinion (okay, maybe a bunch of others too) but isn't it natural that we believe that the ‘expert' in the field knows better than one not? I mean, we all say that we would not let a handyman perform open heart surgery on us, right? 

What's an expert anyway?
An expert is one who has worked in a particular field for a length of time and gained knowledge and experience to be considered a reliable source.   An expert is considered to be  an avid thinker and recognized for their wisdom and sound judgment in their particular area of … (20 comments)

real estate professional: Being an Anal Realtor® is NOT a Bad Thing - 04/24/11 07:53 AM
When I received my Real Estate License I was told, "You are the kind of real estate agent we need in this industry".  That statement rang a song that will resonate in my mind for years past and years to come.  That statement was the product of being a good human being who was ready and able to give the service a home buyer or seller detail.
As a Home Seller, you will want a detailed agent who will walk that extra mile to market and sell your home. 85% + home buyers will be searching the internet for homes … (14 comments)

real estate professional: Tips for NOT Cutting Corners With Your Real Estate Business - 04/22/11 06:38 PM
So, you have your Real Estate License and you're thinking about making a go of selling real estate.  You already have the mindset that you will make every effort to be the best you can be in this business. One thing is for certain: If you don't have good morals, beliefs and values in your life every day then all the rules, laws, regulations, code of ethics will not come even close to being something you will follow or adhere to.
There are no cutting corners in real estate when:
You are explaining a contract to your clients or answering any … (51 comments)

real estate professional: Protection and Safety At Its Finest! - 04/11/11 06:15 AM
We all know the drill on real estate and safety. There was an incident where an agent held an Open House and a 'nice' couple came in and while one distracted her the other one found her purse and stole her wallet. 
After reading about that I got to thinking that it might be wise for me to have my husband drop me off at my Open Houses...and pick me up so I don't need to take my wallet with me. I have my SmartCard on a clip so I'm good.
So, for the first Open House (when this started) he drove me around and … (13 comments)

real estate professional: Would Wearing Two Hats Create a Conflict of Interest? - 03/06/11 03:19 PM
As a REALTOR-ASSOCIATE® I take pride with the knowledge, expertise, creative and aggressive marketing skills, compassion and my attentiveness (listening) skills that I give my clients. I continue to ‘upgrade' my knowledge with additional  classes and......I put all my knowledge into action and my clients are happy and appreciative when the transaction closes.  You just can't beat those rewards of smiling faces and gushes of thank you acknowledgements and hugs all around! 
There are other agents, home inspectors, loan officers, escrow officers, pest inspectors and many who are part of the ‘team' that are outstanding in their professions as well. I … (44 comments)

real estate professional: READ ALL ABOUT IT! When Passion Meets Opportunity | San Diego Real Estate|William E. Johnson! - 02/20/11 08:47 AM
 Kerrie Greenhalgh (ActiveRain, Community Builder) says,Extra! Extra! Read All About It! and gives us all a challenge to do a Press Release for another member on ActiveRain.  She's right. When someone sees their name all highlighted they are sure to get all warm and fuzzy inside.
Amongst his deep emotion that pours into each and every word that he writes on ActiveRain Real Estate Network WILLIAM E. JOHNSON also writes articulately about his community and the real estate industry.
WILLIAM E. JOHNSON | San Diego Real Estate and I started a friendship on ActiveRain and there is one post I wrote … (10 comments)

real estate professional: Who's Been Sleeping in YOUR Bed? - 02/17/11 12:24 PM
A seller would most definitely want the best representation in selling their home, right? How's about having wonderful pictures on the internet for all to see?  It has to be displayed on and our local site for all the public to see as well as any other sites that we can add that listing to.
I came across a complex and property that I knew my client would be interested in. It had the number of bedrooms, baths,  parking stalls and ammenities to accommodate the lifestyle of this client and I just knew that it could be that ‘dream home … (87 comments)

real estate professional: A Millionaire’s Bucket List? - 02/17/11 04:37 AM
A couple of weeks ago I was flipping channels and came across a couple of lottery winners. I was intrigued by the thought of what they would do with their money. One of them immediately said they would quit their job.  I thought about it and wondered what I would do if I were to win a lottery of a substantial amount of money.
I wrote about What Really Matters......In This Life?  after watching the movie The Bucket List over a year ago.  I do believe the same things although  I can actually make that list longer.....even if I won a … (20 comments)

real estate professional: The Legacy of Member’s Only Posts - 02/13/11 11:53 AM
A couple of years ago I started writing only PUBLIC posts because I felt there really wasn't any need to do Members Only posts. Why?  I mean, let's get real here. ANYONE CAN SIGN UP and JOIN here at ActiveRain.  Your clients, your neighbors are and your relatives are all reading everything you're writing right after they take just a minute to sign up.
What's the point of writing a Member's Only post when anyone can be a member?
I suppose there are some that feel they are protected when writing nasty, hateful and bigoted posts about politicians or spewing religious … (22 comments)

real estate professional: The Ho'nu and The Ilio’holo’I’ka’uaua - 02/12/11 07:12 AM
First of all, the Honu (pronounced ho new) is the endangered Hawaiian Green Sea Turtle and the Ilio Holo Ka Uaua (pronounced ee lee oh- ho-low-ee-ka- oo-ah-oo-ah)   is the endangered Hawaiian Monk Seal .
On a bright sunny day,  Honu Sally was basking in the sun on Laniakea Beach on the North Shore of Oahu. She came on the beach when she had had enough to eat from the deep blue Pacific Ocean and in need of resting.  She didn't make the mistake of doing things too quickly and got enough rest before heading out again to exercise, eat seaweed … (40 comments)

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