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Relocating to Hawaii?  Military Relocations & PCS'ing to Hawaii? It's not as easy moving to an island out in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. The articles I have written will give you a better idea of the neighorhoods, culture and housing situation and following are a couple of other articles that you may find useful as well. 
The Art of Hawaii Relocations *Across the Ocean to Paradise: Military Relocations Hawaii* In Waipio Gentry, Oahu, Hawaii we have a population of a little over 11,000 residents. Though I work in Mililani I now reside in Waipio Gentry which is immediately south of Mililani … (24 comments)

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If you are planning on a Relocation to Hawaii you may want to consider the community of Mililani, Hawaii which is centrally located on the island of Oahu in Honolulu County. Mililani is a Master Planned Community and we have a population of approximately 30,000 people. The first homes went up for sale around June 1968 and our H-2 freeway opened in 1976 which lessened the time to travel to Honolulu. With three shopping centers, a 14 plex theater, 7 recreation centers (5 have pools), parks, Mililani Golf Course and activities galore we have a lot of what we need in our central location.
My parents bought their brand new Castle and Cooke … (29 comments)

relocations hawaii: From Call to Contract: Doing My Homework (Part I) - 12/11/07 10:04 AM
When I received the call on Friday evening I got all the info I needed to set up the client (who was already prequalified and in the process of submitting additional docs for preapproval) for automatic notification of listings.
My client found me on the internet from my ActiveRain post *Across the Ocean to Paradise: Military Relocations Hawaii* . 
The criteria and Info:
Name, address, phone, cell, email  Mililani, Waipio Gentry or Waikele Condos or townhouses 2 bdrm/ 1 ba / 1 pkg or more Spacious living and bedroom areas Maximum of X  (monthly payment up to X per month One or two story Lanai Move in February Main … (60 comments)

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I am proud to be part of Century 21 and of our office, Century 21 Liberty Homes in Mililani, Oahu, Hawaii. I am proud to be a Realtor Associate® and what I stand for in the Real Estate Industry. I AM a Professional. 
A Professional Attitude.... Brings a "Professional Salesperson" to the Table
But....that's not what this is about anyway.... :)
Over the weekend I got a head/chest cold/flu and had someone else work in Admin. for me yesterday (I also work part time for our office :) I spent all day printing out Holiday Cards for clients, family and friends, set appointments for showing a buyer … (59 comments)

relocations hawaii: Supporting Hawaii Businesses: And Getting Out of a Funk! - 11/07/07 10:46 AM
After Torrential Rains, Thunder, Lightning, Floods......... and Snow? Only in Hawaii! the weather started clearing up and I took a picture this morning of my last two orchid blooms that fared the weathered storm. Two died, the rest already bloomed.
I looked at the blooms and thought, "How simple but beautiful".  No matter how positive my spirit is I get caught up in "junk" just like anyone else and need to get out and do something to clear my mind.
Besides, sometimes I just have to listen to some good advice and "stop letting the little things bother me". Ahhh.  Don't Sweat the … (48 comments)

relocations hawaii: Torrential Rains, Thunder, Lightning, Floods......... and Snow? Only in Hawaii! - 11/06/07 12:41 PM featured article 
Whoa!  Torrential rains, flooding, high surf, lightning and booming thunder! That's the way it was Saturday night on Oahu. Sleeping soundly until BOOM!  And blinding light in our bedroom that startled us awake. The dog's head was under the bed. Okay. She's cool. And my heart is beating because my husband JUMPED at the BOOM!
It was still raining hard on Sunday and because of the storm we didn't get to cut down the junk in mom's valley in the back of her house. Shucks???
I worked in our office all day yesterday and there wasn't much going on in the way … (35 comments)

relocations hawaii: The Koolau Mountain Range- A Dormant Volcano on Oahu, Hawaii - 10/21/07 05:23 AM
Breathtaking! The Ko'olau Mountain Range is not a "normal" mountain range. The western half that is seen is what is left of the Ko'olau Volcano that was destroyed in Prehistoric times. What happened was the eastern half and much of the summit caldera (feature formed during volcanic activity) slid into the Pacific Ocean.
These fragments were cast 100 miles over the northeast part of the ocean floor. History says the eruption first took place on the ocean floor 2.5 million years ago. It kept growing in elevation (which you see here to the left) and currently stands over 3,000 feet above sea level. Scientists believe that … (47 comments)

relocations hawaii: Hawaii Townhouse Living... Responsible Homeowners Take Steps to Protect - 10/12/07 01:54 PM
After spending the last three weeks of heartache trying to find a water leak in between our bathroom walls we are finally on the road to "recovery". During this time we had a plumber come out TWICE (and there was still a water leak), getting estimates to replace the cheap fiberglass tub/surround the townhouse came with, and scheduling our "vacations" so we could get all this done quickly. (picture to the left are the old tub/walls)
Condo/Townhouse Living in Hawaii..........and A Water Leak is where all this started.
We finally had the plumber/contractors here all day yesterday demolishing, replacing the junk with a nice tub, patching my walls … (39 comments)

relocations hawaii: Waimea Valley: History Uncovered, Preserved and Protected - 10/09/07 07:20 AM featured post
Learning about the history and culture of the area you are planning on relocating to is surely a must!  
Waimea Bay is located on the North Shore on the island of Oahu, Hawaii. During the winter months the waves can get as high as thirty feet where some surfers dare to brave riding the wild surf. During the summer months the water is calm and great for swimming and snorkeling.
Follow the permanent river from the ocean of Waimea Bay into Waimea Valley and there is an astounding amount of history and over 80% of the archaeological sites in this valley have still not been uncovered.
Waimea was … (38 comments)

relocations hawaii: Condo/Townhouse Living in Hawaii..........and A Water Leak - 10/04/07 11:16 AM
Townhouse/Condo living can be great easy living for homeowners that want a low maintenance courtyard and maintenance fees that take care of the bulk of insurance/repairs for the common elements of the structure, water, sewer, trash and parking. (at least this is in my Association and others may include electricity)
For me (in my mid years) it was good to downsize and not have the added stress of yardwork and a big house to maintain. I also love the peace and quiet in our community.
Just remember that if you have someone above or below you and you incur a bathroom (or … (32 comments)

relocations hawaii: Judge and the Jury - 09/28/07 11:55 AM
Should family and friends get involved and give their "advice" in the property selling or purchase process of their family/friends when they are not a real estate agent? That is the question and "court is in session"!
In life situations, as in business I believe there are two sides to everything. ALWAYS. Otherwise, how would I come to a decision of any one point being made?
In this case I will look at the pros and cons of "helping" family and friends with their real estate decisions when they have an agent. It can be beneficial or it could be detrimental in the sale or purchase of … (84 comments)

relocations hawaii: The History of Education and Schools in Hawaii - 06/10/07 10:22 AM
Hawaii has had an educational system from the 1830's and underwent a dramatic process of a democratic system seeking to educate an expanding multi-ethnic society. We surely have a multi-ethinic society and in 1778 Captain James Cook's arrival in Hawaii weakened tradition and order to the Hawaiian culture. Alas. Western influence arrives!  Shortly after in 1820 the missionaries arrived from puritan New England and reduced the Hawaiian language to written form which enabled the Hawaiian population to read and write in their own language.  By 1831 over some 52,000 people were enrolled in the schools that were established throughout the islands since the missionaries … (50 comments)

relocations hawaii: Lucky I Live Hawaii! - 04/12/07 05:22 PM
                                       Lucky I live Hawaii! (and more links below for Real Estate in Hawaii)
Find out why!!!!! Of all the places I have traveled in the world ....
Yokohama, Japan (We could see Mt. Fuji from our back yard)
Izmir, Turkey. 
Subic Bay, Philippines
As well as Charleston, South Carolina; Minot, North Dakota; Biloxi, Mississippi; Sacramento, California; and Plattsburgh, New York....I always gravitated back home. 
 The beaches!                                           
  And my little townhouse!   What more could I ask for?????
Today I stopped to smell the coffee.....and looking at the all the wonderful things I awesome husband, Gary...who supports me in whatever I do (and always willing to help … (21 comments)

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