shadow: A Kodak Moment in Time- For the Love of Shadow - 12/02/10 04:21 PM
December of 2007 seems to be so far away back in time. But it was a time when Shadow was going through low blood platelets and gaining weight from all the steroids the doctor put her on. She was craving for food and dying of thirst all the time.... during this time of steroids.
.....until she hit 49 pounds. Now that is NOT a good weight for an English Cocker Spaniel to carry around. She was so pathetic and you could see it in her eyes. She was having a hard time breathing but gosh darn, she still managed to … (14 comments)

shadow: A Dog's Best Friend - 11/03/10 06:47 PM
Our English Cocker Spaniel, Shadow,  has been the topic of many of my posts and I thought it was time to  give you all the latest on her 'trials and errors' in her little doggie life.
We 'saved' Shadow in March of 2005 at the young age of 4.5 mos old and we have grown with her throughout the last few years with many trials and tribulations galore. From low blood platelets to surviviing my husband's and my antics throughout the holidays with her she continues to be determined to remain a positive spirited doggie.
Her most recent medical problem is 'dry eye' … (21 comments)

shadow: Reindeer and HO HO HO! - 12/06/09 06:26 AM
With the holidays approaching our family loves to find fun things to do. (Actually, I constantly look for things to blog about  hehe)
We went to the Foodland and what did I see? 

Okay, that was fun.....for a few minutes.....
What next?
I've used this for the past two Christmas Holidays as my Christmas Tree.....and not only is it easy to take down and put away....but Shadow loves it!


shadow: Okay Kid...PULEEEZE Pick Up Your Toys!!! - 10/21/09 01:05 PM
Shadow?  Shaaaaadowww?  Where are youuuuu??  Please pick up all your toys and those stinkie chewies!  Eww...Yuk.  Now where is that 'kid' of mine?

Oh....there you little stinker!

 It would be nice if our poochies would pick up after themselves wouldn't it?
The price we pay to have a good friend.



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shadow: Shadow Getting Ready for Easter - 04/08/09 03:24 PM

Awww....stop messing me with me mom.... Always has to do something to me so she can take a picture for the ........BLOG.

Yeah....try and take the bunny ears away from me now! 
I'm serious....Shadow growled and snapped when I tried to take them away!

What's this...a payback mom?  I have no hair, no nails and groomed to the skin!
Not to mention pooped out!
Ahhhh...but Shadow will sleep oh so well tonight.

shadow: Extension on Spring Fresh Contest in Observance of Easter - 04/07/09 02:32 PM

Come on you guys and gals!  We are extending the "Spring Cleaning & Fresh Ideas For Changing Times" Contest  for the POSITIVE ATTITUDE for the Weary Soul Group to the 15th of April due to the Easter Holidays.

We have some great entries so far and we don't want you to miss out on this opportunity to give back to the community as well as the chance to win some glorious points. 
Whoever wants to join in click here for the rules....  "Spring Cleaning & Fresh Ideas For Changing Times" 
And Have a Wonderful Easter!!!!!

Reflections of Spring
With childlike … (7 comments)

shadow: Shadow and the Hand Blender - 02/12/09 05:16 AM
My friend San Diego Real Estate Voice by William Johnson GRI CRS e-PRO sent me a hand blender for Christmas so I would be more inclined to make a healthy smoothie rather than run to Jack in the Box for a milkshake.
He gave me a recipe for a banana pineapple smoothie but we ended up making a banana strawberry one.
Our dog Shadow 'told' us how she felt about this smoothie making machine..............

Shadow and the Smoothie … (25 comments)

shadow: The Second Anniversary - 01/15/09 02:56 AM

My English Cocker Spaniel, Shadow, does not like the vacuum cleaner. She's NOT one of those dogs that barks at it or tries to chase it around. When she sees us go towards the closet with the vacuum in it she immediately runs in the bedroom, jumps on the bed and makes sure she is way up top on our pillows so she can watch 'that thing' and make sure it doesn't suck her up.
What was worse than the vacuum? Second Hand smoke. We just made our Second Anniversary mark on the 13th January...the day we quit smoking. I was a 30 year … (29 comments)

shadow: Shadow & Her "Deck the Halls" Baby - 12/25/08 05:36 AM
Well, for those that know me, you KNOW that Shadow is included on everything....including Christmas and her presents.
One of them was a singing stocking from the "Big Dog Store" and it was singing Deck the Halls with a bark bark woof woof... (it's so faint in the background and you'll see why)
Hope you all are having a great day...we're leaving shortly for rib in tow (yes, Gary made it lol)

shadow: Happy Holidays from Shadow! - 12/18/08 03:09 AM

First of all, Shadow, our English Cocker Spaniel asked me to wish all of you ActiveRain members a Happy Holiday Season! She went to the beauty shop yesterday and got all nice and pretty with red Christmas bows too! She had to take a couple of pictures because she 'wasn't quite ready and finally told me to use this shot for you all. Isn't she just the Princess? 
Second, she is not being too transparent here and I managed to catch a "She's on Flip Video" moment so you all can see really see Shadow for who she is. (hope … (34 comments)

shadow: Hawaiian Islands Storm Affects EVERYONE - 12/12/08 07:57 AM
The storm that moved into our Hawaiian Islands yesterday affected everyone.
My dog Shadow kept hiding under my desk and trying to paw my arm in hopes I would cradle her in my lap. She was afraid.
Usually, my dog would body bash the security screen door when someone knocked. (Territorial little bugger)
Not this time. The horrendous pounding from the downpour and wind of up to 50mph were enough to scare me as well.
The hour long news special last night showed the devestation. Our island of Oahu (Honolulu County) had up to waist high water in some areas damaging roads (that … (29 comments)

shadow: Shadow Crosses a Milestone - 09/27/08 04:05 AM

For those of you who don't know my English Cocker Spaniel "Shadow" let me introduce you! She will be turning four years old next month and she's been struggling with a *low blood platelet count for about the same amount of time as I have been on ActiveRain. A year and a half.
Anyway, Shadow is a happy puppy (she'll always be our puppy) and no matter how fat she got she was happy. From the beginning of her 'steroid' treatment she gained weight quickly and ballooned up to 39 pounds. She maintained that weight until last week when I took her for her checkup.

shadow: Quit Blogging and Let ME In! - 08/28/08 04:26 AM
Hahahaha! I just read Pat Kennedy's post titled: The Uninvited Guest Blogger! (of course it inspired me to finally upload a video too)
Well, her poochie gets to sneak around and blog while she's gone. My English Cocker Spaniel can't get up to our pc's while we're gone.
And she "paws" our arms to get off our pc's when we're home so sometimes we have to let her go on the back porch to chill.
The following video is our dog Shadow "pawing the door" to come in.
Mom! Dad! Let me in! Get off your game dad and let me in! Quit blogging mom and … (23 comments)

shadow: Shadow and the Fourth of July - 07/03/08 05:54 PM

Independence Day:  July 4, 1776 was the commemoration of the adoption of the Declaration of Independence declaring the United States Independent from the Kingdom of Great Britain.
I wanted to shoot a video asking everyone what July 4th meant to them but it got too hectic today. With a home inspection at 8am, fighting with my insurance company until 11:30 and then heading to the office for the rest of the afternoon I didn't have the time to just have a little fun.
So, instead I asked a couple of people what they were going to do … (24 comments)

shadow: My Dog Rolls in Sashimi.....Does Yours? - 02/17/08 12:15 PM
Every once in awhile I feel the need to write about my English Cocker Spaniel "Shadow". We adopted her at 4.5 months old and literally "rescued" her from a tormented life. She is now over three years old and still our little 'baby'.
I just have some serious concerns when it comes to weird scenarios with Shadow. I discussed this with Kathy McGraw but she's not heard of some of these things...and to tell you the truth neither have I.
I do believe it may be 'normal' for a doggie to roll around in warm laundry....she literally throws herself down sideways and rubs … (76 comments)

shadow: Growing up (Literally) Shadow - 08/29/07 02:33 PM
In mid April my English Cocker Spaniel began this long journey with steroids, antibiotics and pepcid along with "keeping still and calm" otherwise she could bleed to death with her "condition" of VERY low blood platelets. We still don't know how this all came about and it has been a horrendous four and a half months trying to be careful with our "little girl".
Yes, we treat her like part of the family because she is part of the family.
Following is her picture story.
This picture was taken right when she first got sick with low blood platelets. It was right after … (47 comments)

shadow: There's a "Shadow" in Our Midst! UPDATE - 08/03/07 01:38 PM

My English Cocker Spaniel, Shadow has been undergoing steroid treatment for her low blood platelets for the past three months. It has been three months of ups and downs with a psychotic doggie who constantly portrays like she is starving and dying of thirst. She's gained over 10 pounds too!
Having low blood platelets means that she no longer can be her jolly old playful self. I mean, how could she anyway on those steroids. She longer is interested in her toychest full of "babies". We have had to keep her calm because if she gets hurt she could bleed to death. And … (43 comments)

shadow: Talking for Shadow - 06/20/07 06:06 AM
My husband and I talk for our dog. That's right. She can't talk so we talk for her.
Here's how we REALLY talk for the dog.  It's actually kind of fun.
Hey dad! Dad! Come here Dad! Where's the beef? Dad! I smell it cooking!  Are you going to come out here and get me something? Okay. So I'm on steroids. That's okay. Give me some doggie treats...something.....Starving!  Dad!   
Hey Sal...Where'd Shadow go?  Hey...she was just here!
Ha! Hiding from dad under the desk. Hahaha.
Then she starts whining and stuff when Gary goes to take the trash out. 
Dad!  Wait for me Dad! Hey Dad...where … (22 comments)

shadow: UPDATE#4....Virtual Tour of My Dog Shadow - 05/08/07 04:52 PM

On March 31, 2007 I wrote my first post on our doggie Shadow...My English Cocker Spaniel "Shadow"
On April 25th, 2007 I wrote a post about how worried I was about our doggie Shadow. ......
She went to the groomers last week and came home stressed out and urinated pure blood.  Rushed her to the vet. Many blood tests sent to the mainland.  Just got the results.  He blood platlets are supposed to be between 125 to 200 and hers are 24!  We take her back tomorrow for a follow up.  Everything seems normal now...she's on steroids and antibiotics but they can't figure … (63 comments)

shadow: UPDATE! Shadow doing better! - 04/24/07 05:12 PM
I wrote this whole thing out and lost I had to do it again.  I thought I would just post as a group post only and get a response....Hmmmm...
I am feeling very down today.  My doggie Shadow is very sick. (she doesn't act it though!) She went to the groomers last week and came home stressed out and urinated pure blood.  Rushed her to the vet. Many blood tests sent to the mainland.  Just got the results.  He blood platlets are supposed to be between 125 to 200 and hers are 24!  We take her back tomorrow for a follow … (53 comments)

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