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In 2007 we let the media tell our buyers that the market was bad and all of us were shady business people. Which as we all know is not true. In 2008 I am making it a point to meet and greet as many people as I can and let them know that now is a perfect time to buy. Prices are dropping and intere...
The other day I was talking to my family during Christmas family small talk. My mom asked the question how long does the average agent stau in the business. That was a question I couldn't answer.Does anyone know the answer?? In our market most agents get in and out really fast. Then the agents th...
This month I thought I only had one deal closing and in the last two days I've had 4 deals work out to close by the end of the month. It just goes to show that even when times are slow and theĀ  media is hurting our business if we are in the office,working buyers, answering the phone, and just tak...
I had a really cool idea I wanted to share with everyone. The week after Christmas I am sending out post cards that just state Did Your Realtor Forget To Remind You To File Homestead. I sent these cards out about 2 years ago and I had all types of calls. Some people remembered on their own and ca...
Does anyone know if somewhere online I can get free ethics class that has to be taken by December 2008. In this market every little bit helps. Please feel free to respond with anything you can think of. Thanks www.prorealtyjackson.com
Today our president of the Jackson Association of Realtor's had a retirement party. Agents from all over Mississippi were in attendance. The average age was around 55 plus or negative and I was the only person with jeans on. My mom has always told me to be aware of your surroundings. I'm a 36 yea...
The other day I was talking with an agent that has a ABR designation like myself. I had a made a comment that I just sent my 110.00 in for annual dues. She said to be honest with you as slow as it is right now I may not renew my license. This is came as a total shock. She is one of Jackson's top ...
Dear Santa, First of all I would really like to thank you for all the cool things you gave me last year for Christmas. It was wonderful having presents under the tree. Santa this year for Christmas can I have a few closing. Thanks Michelle Way Pro Realty Byram MS www.prorealtyjackson.com
I've never understood how a church could need security and honestly I have always been unhappy with the church's that had it. I've always felt that the church was the one place on this earth that I was protected. However,yesterdays events prove that evil is everywhere. The victims in yesterday si...
What I mean by that is We( activerain) are the face of Real Estate. We(Realors) help keep a lot of people employed. It starts with the dirt to closing and all the things that come between. When the media BASH our industry I think that they have no idea how many jobs in America they effect. I woul...

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