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In recent news we have all learned about Palin's 17 year old daughter being 5 months pregnant. Now being a mother of a teenager I understand that kids are going to do whatever they want regardless of what we as parents tell them. However, there is a level of control that every parent should have ...
Here recently I have seen a few agents get out of Real Estate and others move to other offices. In the past few weeks I have seen agents move to more high dollar areas. Some of the comments have been because the homes are more expensive they feel that they can make more money. When I pulled the M...
The other day I went to a short sale clinic. First of all the speaker was a loan originator?????? Okay well.... Anyway,he gave us some basic information concerning short sales.I am not sure but I think half of the information was not accurate. Do you as a Real Estate agent order the appraisal upo...
I know that in this market everything shining is GOLD. It's not IN REAL ESTATE TRAINING IS EVERYTHING. When I first got in the business I was offered MUCH HIGHER COMMISSIONS with smaller companies that didn't offer training. The MAJOR problem is.... You can represent your clients without proper t...
The other day I went to a Realtor Open House strckly for the lunch and the chance to win 25.00 and foretunate for me I received both. It made me think..... Why do we do these things that are going giving Realtor's free lunch and making the sellers happy. I have had many Realtor Open Houses and I ...
When it comes to short sales I have had success. Still learning all the outs and ins to the process. When you have a buyer that is approved FHA and needing Ameridream down payment assistance will the banks agree to assist with this? Got a home that is really cute and perfect for this little lady ...
Bad or Good advice you be the judge. New agent that has never had a closing called on a listing that is a short sale... Wow, I joked and told her this may not be what you want your first Real Estate experience doing... Anyway, she brand new we have all been there. Wants to write an offer. She wor...
Got a homeowner that has made late payments and we are looking at the possibility of a short sale. However, they have a second mortgage is with another lender. What do I need to do. I have little to no experience with the whole second mortgage thing.
Got a buyer that has a 615 middle score. Not great but not bad . The only problem is during Hurricane Katrina the mortgage company let him miss a few payments. Then like everyone else he got a letter in the mail stating that he was past due 4 plus or negative months. They did an agreement to pay ...
Does anyone know anyone in Loss Mitigation in Wells Fargo and Countrywide. Here's the deal I have a few properties that are short sale. Some of them have been going on since Feb 23, 2008. I can't seem to get an answer from the default specialist in the mortgage companies. The only answer I get is...


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