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Today I was at a local mall and I saw one of our areas TOP PRODUCER'S working for a mattress store. At first I thought the person was shopping but it quickly came apparent that this person was working. I asked that question that has become common in this market. Are you still selling Real Estate?...
Does anyone know about this company? I have been contact several times in the last three weeks by a representative of this company. This concept is very new to me and others around the area that I live in. From what I gather you can have your home loan paid off in half to a third time less than a...
This seems to be a common question in average house holds today. Which G today. The first G is Gas. The average price for regular here  in MS 3.50 per gallon. The other G is Grocery. The other day I went in the grocery store and no one had a lot in their baskets. I make a nice living doing what I...
Doing a short sale and I can't get an answer it is just hold for this person and hold for this person. Does any one know the answer to this question. I have never had a short sale where the bank assisted with  the downpayment before. Please someone HELP
A home was on the market for 51 days. The seller starting getting behind on payments so they wanted information on this thing called short sale so many people are talking about. I had sold a friend of the family a home this way. He called me  wanting basic information. He called the Real Estate A...
First thing in the morning I am showing a home that is foreclosed. It has a comment about Express path financing. What is this. Does this mean the buyers get an incentive by using the lender that originally financed the home. Could someone in the activerain community take time out to help me.
In a market like today its is wonderful to be appreciated for what we do. I told my Broker the other day. He was a Battered Agent much like a Battered Women. When the market is fast pace. There are a lot of things we tend not to notice. Mostly because we are busy. When the market slows down and y...
SUBSTITUTE TRUSTEE'S NOTICE OF SALE WHEREAS, on April 5, 2007, Frank E. Melton and spouse, Ellen G. Melton executed a Deed of Trust to Eugene A. Simmons, Trustee for the benefit of OmniBank, which Deed of Trust is recorded in Deed of Trust Book 6680 at Page 348, in the office of the Chancery Cler...
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Yesterday I got a tex message from a person name Hervey. I have a friend name Harvey so it wasn't anything out of the normal. It had this web site to checkout www.sittinghereona.com..... Didn't think much of it. Got home, checked out website.... It's one of those single dating web sites. What is ...


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