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I wante to share this news with my activerain family. Today's interest rate with naca is 4.375. If you are not familiar with them. Please check out the site   http://www.naca.com/ . The program has no closing cost and no downpayment.
Hey guys got a call from an agent this morning with questions about www.realtybid.com I heard about it in the past but not real sure how it would benefit us as realtors. Has anyone ever used this web site and if so can you give me so helpful hints. Thanks for your assistance
Today agents received those love letters from our local board concening Real Estate dues for 2008. I've been licensed in MS since 2002. I have never seen what I saw today. The dues gave a break down of what was being paid like always. However, this time there was a note that stated you can pay in...
I went to the www.naca.com website today and the interest rate SHOCKED me. Today's rate with naca is a 30 year fixed rate loan for on 4.875. There are no closing cost associated with this loan. This is awesome for a new homeowner. With rates this low if a person isn't buying a home its crazy. Che...
Here lately it has came across my mind a lot. Should I find a real job. What does that mean. A real job when you work you are going to get paid. In Real Estate its a 50/50 chance. There are so many reason that the deal can and will not close that you can't control. So in 2008 I say being a Real E...
In 2007 we let the media tell our buyers that the market was bad and all of us were shady business people. Which as we all know is not true. In 2008 I am making it a point to meet and greet as many people as I can and let them know that now is a perfect time to buy. Prices are dropping and intere...
The other day I was talking to my family during Christmas family small talk. My mom asked the question how long does the average agent stau in the business. That was a question I couldn't answer.Does anyone know the answer?? In our market most agents get in and out really fast. Then the agents th...
This month I thought I only had one deal closing and in the last two days I've had 4 deals work out to close by the end of the month. It just goes to show that even when times are slow and the  media is hurting our business if we are in the office,working buyers, answering the phone, and just tak...
I had a really cool idea I wanted to share with everyone. The week after Christmas I am sending out post cards that just state Did Your Realtor Forget To Remind You To File Homestead. I sent these cards out about 2 years ago and I had all types of calls. Some people remembered on their own and ca...
Does anyone know if somewhere online I can get free ethics class that has to be taken by December 2008. In this market every little bit helps. Please feel free to respond with anything you can think of. Thanks www.prorealtyjackson.com


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