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The market is really bad. Seller are loosing their homes. Just today I was looking at the foreclosures and one of the biggest companies in the Jackson metro area is in foreclosure. This was very alarming to me because I know the Broker both personally and professionally. In these times we agent n...
Washington, DC (October 24, 2007) -- Countrywide Financial Corporation (NYSE:CFC) and the Neighborhood Assistance Corporation of America (NACA) announce a joint initiative aimed at their common goal of preserving homeownership. NACA will assist Countrywide borrowers facing financial difficulties ...
Does any feel like this is all they do?
The other day I was looking at the local news and Wachovia Bank had an ad for their new Flex payment. It stated that you had four different payment options per month with a fixed rate. Curious about this program I called to find out more information... Well please believe there is a catch. The ma...
Recent I had a situation with a company that screwed me on my referal fee. Here is the deal. I sent a referal to a agent that works for a builder because the buyer wanted a home built about 45 miles from my office. So I called the agent and she agreed to pay me a referal. The contract was worked ...
In a recent blog I asked the question about when do you give a property disclosure on a new home. In all the states everyone responsed that the properties are exempt. Is there any state that has to provide a property disclosure on a new construction home. From my understanding a property disclosu...
Here recently there has been a little issue with this topic. When do you give a property disclosure statement on a new home. The law reads that ANY MATERIAL CHANGE IN THE PROPERTY HAS TO BE DISCLOSED!!!! So on a new house everytime a nail goes in the wall, the carpet goes down , the appliances ar...
Here is the deal... Got a friend that has a 360000.00 mortgage when the loan started the mortgage was like 1500 per month which was not a problem. Now its like 3000 and its going up again in November... They are the same as most typical homebuyers faced with this issue rolling lates and bad credi...
Got this buyer.... I have been working with for almost two months. Almost everyday she calls with I FOUND THIS LISTING. Of course these property are nothing like what she has said over and over again that she wants. So for the last week she has been mentioning that she had spoke with this builder...
Today I was told that my clients interest rate with a very popular lender on a FHA loan would be 6.875 which really doesn't seem that bad. However this loans is going to cost the buyer a three percent down and some closing cost and pre paids that the seller is not covering. So on a 160000 roughly...


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