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  As a Mississippi girl, sharks were little more than a looming memory of the ominous music played before a massive creature attacked some unsuspecting characters dressed in a most unforgettable and somewhat unforgiving wardrobe from the late 70's.   But now I am in beautiful Beaufort, SC and wha...
As in any industry, Realtors have developed their very own language. Any unsuspecting soul who finds themselves surrounded by this particular population may experience a significant amount of confusion. It sounds like English, it resembles normal speech most of the time, but still there is a code...
  It seems there are two schools of thought on this ever pressing  issue. The agent who refuses to show anything without it and the agent who is constantly waiting for the right time to stumble through the explanation.   I fall somewhere in the middle.   It is difficult for me to request a buyer ...
The sign is up, lockbox in place and the Internet is all a buzz with information on your property. Your Realtor is off to a great start and your goal is one step closer to success! Below is a short list I give all of my sellers the day after their home hits the market. It is just a reminder to be...
Hundreds of miles away from my family, my friends and all that is familiar; I watch mother nature twist and turn and challenge all that is dear to me since I was a child. As everyone around me debates upcoming football games, I stare mindlessly at the television, my computer and my phone. My stom...
This is just too adorable not to share!~ If you know of a spectacular baking god or goddess, surely you can help this small business owner with this delectable dilemma! Beaufort is chock full precious boutiques, delightful diners and of course our very sweet Sweet Vivi! Help her solve this cupcak...
It is raining sideways, my smoke detectors are practicing for the symphony, I have one hundred clients who need five hundred questions answered, and I’m wearing my dogs favorite red chew toys. A Realtor needs assistance with buyers agency, a client has questions about renting versus selling and e...
  During a coaching session this morning, it occurred to me that there is truly  proper email etiquette, even in real estate. Reviewing a client’s email marketing, it was painfully clear to me upon just a glance, the reason for so many “opt out” and “please remove” responses from otherwise intere...
Coping mechanisms are as personal and unique as the individual in need of coping. What may ease pain, provide a desirable distraction or lift the woes of life’s little hiccups for one, may not help another at all. By now I thought I had experienced many of life’s harrowing hiccups, from the more ...
Many say it is just putting lipstick on a pig; however, I have actually put lipstick on a pig and it most certainly does make a difference. Not only does it get a giggle out of all involved but the pig stands out from the crowd and as my grandma always says, a little color never killed anyone. Fo...

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