beaufort sc real estate blogs: Two Local Realtors are Driving Me INSANE - 12/19/08 12:31 AM
How much more can a person actually withstand!?!? Seriously. I am completely fed up with trying so hard to keep up with these two on a daily basis. Just recently have they become such a force on Active Rain and Localism.
I pretty much had it all to myself before now.

Basically, I had the playhouse all to myself and now, well, I am having to share my toys.
Maria Skrip, what a fantastic lady. Not only does she write impeccable market reports but outside the rain you are hard pressed to find her without a smile.
Now that Maria … (18 comments)

beaufort sc real estate blogs: Top 10 Reasons To Have A Top 10 - 11/05/08 11:15 PM
What a glorious day in Beaufort, South Carolina.
Do you wake up with a plan? Do you make a "to do list" the night before? Do you just wake up and hope for the best?
I consider myself to be some what of a free spirit, one not fond of being categorized or labeled. However, I don't know what I would do without my Top 10!
Each night before I go to bed, I write myself an email.
It usually starts with "Goodnight Cherimie, great job today". (hey, I can take all the encouragement I can get).
Then I … (1 comments)

beaufort sc real estate blogs: Five Simple Must Haves For Surviving Property Showings~~ - 11/04/08 01:23 AM
All Realtors have a second home, whether it is beach front, ocean view, or a mobile gas guzzler.
I am often amazed that some agents don't have a Showing Property First Aid Kit. It is simple really, but oh so important.
My kit includes the following:
1. Bottled Water- This has become absolutely required. Clients truly appreciate having it on hand. One short trip to an Exxon station during a showing appointment cured me of being without water. Let me explain.

I pulled in to the gas station to grab myself and my clients some much needed H2O.

It just … (9 comments)

beaufort sc real estate blogs: I Have An Ipod Full Of Clients!!!!!!!!!!!1 - 09/17/08 02:48 AM
Most people may agree that in this difficult market our job as Realtors can be a bit depressing on most days. After all it is hard to hear some of our best clients talk about their fears in trying to sell their home. Another challenging task is to balance the media drivel with sound facts with our prospective buyers.
I am certain many people have ways of bringing humor which in turn brings sanity. Mine??? Well my clients have theme songs:).
Stay with me.....
Currently I have the following sellers with their matching theme songs..
I'll Stand By You (Bonnie Tyler)-  These … (10 comments)

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