cherimie crane: New Homes Available in Somerset Point - 01/10/12 06:17 AM
Ladys Island offers tremendous schools, lush landscaping, wonderful proximity to public boat landings and beaches. It also enjoys the lowest property taxes and some of the most breathtaking views, all just moments from historic downtown Beaufort. Somerset Point compliments the already desirable area of Ladys Islands and invites those searching for larger yards, natural surroundings, and a fabulous family atmosphere. Without a doubt, Somerset Point is one of Beaufort's most popular new communities. 
With six gorgeous floorplans, new home owners combine impressive included features with excellent craftsmanship and detail. Somerset Point offers 4, even 5 bedroom homes. We now have three … (0 comments)

cherimie crane: 4 Bedroom Brand New Construction Somerset Point Beaufort SC - 12/28/11 04:54 AM

cherimie crane: It is One Town, One Team, One Night That Nothing Else Matters. - 10/30/10 04:05 AM
Coming from a small town in rural Mississippi, there is one thing I understand completely. The importance of small town football can never be underestimated. The great equalizer, the great healer, the great debate, the great end to a long week; small town football.
Anyone who has ever forgotten what it was like to work so hard, to want something so badly, and to give everything you can for that one moment; attend your local high school football game. These young men aren't getting a paycheck. There is no promise of endorsements, worldwide fame, and/or and instant get out of jail … (1 comments)

cherimie crane: When My Home, Becomes This House - 10/26/10 11:53 PM
At first, a tabula rasa of plans and creativity can often morph into less of an adventure and more of a burden. Obvious catalysts such as divorce, job relocation, and financial upheaval take their place as the usual suspects; yet, lesser known but equally powerful are the smaller complications that often chip away at the wall of fondness towards the walls of home.
A residence becomes many things over the course of ownership. It ebbs and flows between new project, old repairs, new replacements, and old cares.
Tides of change can wrinkle the face of a neighborhood that was once bursting … (19 comments)

cherimie crane: 22 Millers Pond Beaufort SC~ Coosaw Point Price Improvement - 10/25/10 02:07 PM

cherimie crane: 103 Tuscarora, Pleasant Point Private Retreat on 5 Gorgeous Acres - 10/25/10 02:01 PM

cherimie crane: And Worrying That Today Will Be The Day That Someone Realizes You Don't Have it All Figured Out - 10/24/10 09:33 AM
At the tender age of 9, I read a quote that has forever been implanted in my mind. I find that to be astonishing in and of itself especially in times when my mind seems to be the slipping slide of fodder.
"If only one woman would tell the truth of her life, the world would split wide open." Anonymous
Now why on earth would that make such an enormous impact on a 9 year old?
Well maybe it was because at the time I most likely felt guilty for my latest prank towards my little sister or the mere thought of … (6 comments)

cherimie crane: You Too Are In the Real Estate Industry!!! - 10/24/10 07:55 AM
Everyone is in a relationship; complicated, comfy, controversial or even completely creative. I am in several, even hundreds. I have a relationship with my coworkers, my friends, my insurance agent, and my dog.
So whether or not you admit it on Facebook, you too are "In a Relationship".


cherimie crane: We Most Certainly Do Have Seasons! - 10/23/10 02:33 AM
Of course we have our problems, we even sometimes experience the sting of small town growing pains, and we do have bugs; however, there is not one single negative that compares or in anyway discounts the charm, the grace, or the endearing low country atmosphere that surrounds Beautiful, Beaufort By The Sea.
Some argue that we don't have true seasons. They obviously have never experienced our fall festivals, barefooted through one of our pumpkin patches, enjoyed "Pickin By The River", or simply took five minutes to notice the subtle changes in our sea grass.
We most certainly do have seasons.


cherimie crane: Cherimie Crane & Associates Proud Of MLS Ranking 1-3 Quarter! - 10/14/10 02:12 PM
Yes, it is a challenging market! We work harder, smarter, more intently than we ever have; we are determined to help both sellers and buyers. We are constantly in search of ways to improve our day to day practices in order to give our clients the absolute best service as they so deserve.
The third quarter statistics are in, and we are extremely proud. Thanks to the continued support of our clients, a positive attitude, and refusal to accept complacency; we are strong! It is a good day.


cherimie crane: The Difference Between Spots on the Windows and Spot On! - 10/13/10 03:49 PM
This is from one of my favorite Realtors in NC. Her post is actually universal when addressing simple things sellers may want to pay close attention to, when putting their best foot forward!!!

It was BEAUTIFUL in Wake Forest NC today and I was fortunate to be out and about with clients this morning touring some homes for sale.  There were some really gems in the mix and then there were those that didn't quite make the list.
Anyhow, all of the homes were similar in size, price, private back yards and in close proximity to each other.  All of … (3 comments)

cherimie crane: Isn't It Just Realtors Talking To Realtors? What Good Does That Do? - 10/13/10 01:43 PM
Have you ever tried to explain something to a puppy? Or maybe have an intellectual conversation with a tree stump? Or possibly, you have found yourself offering a raft to a sinking ship only to have the ill-fated cruisers look away? There comes a point when the puppy resumes chewing your shoes, the stump politely refuses communication, the the &^%#$ boat sinks. It happens.
It never ceases to amaze me at the sheer determination of others to find excuses, not reasons, for the success of the successful. It is obviously because of the successful person's connections, gender, hair style or maybe … (61 comments)

cherimie crane: There Is Just Not an App For That! - 10/12/10 01:56 AM
More and more I find colleagues struggling to define their worth in a virtual driven market. By the touch of a finger, buyers can get answers to questions instantly. Sellers can spend hours browsing the web for tips, suggestions, and ideas on how to market their very own home. After all, there is an answer and/or an application for every possible situation, scenario, and sale, right?

 Find a Realtor. A breathing, speaking, sold-at-least-one-house, full time Realtor.
He or she will help you decipher the truth from the traps. As fabulous as our world of instant info can be, as of … (16 comments)

cherimie crane: Beaufort South Carolina Market Update: The Real, Real Estate Facts - 10/11/10 02:23 AM
Just a local as cast nets, shrimp burgers, and Parris Island Recruits!! Our real estate market is unique for many reason. Not only our we honored to have The Few, The Proud, we also have many coming from all over who can't wait to enjoy our slow southern life style. Our medical industry draws the very best in the profession and is constantly receiving honors! Seafarers find their sea legs just happen to be more comfy amid the ever changing marshlands and steady tides.
It is important to remember that our real estate market is just as unique. Don't be encouraged, … (0 comments)

cherimie crane: The Eaton at Mill Creek at Cypress Ridge Now $199,760 with 7% Co-Broke - 10/05/10 03:25 AM

cherimie crane: Google Thinks My Name is Jeremy - 10/04/10 10:36 AM
I may have been a little more than fashionably late to the Google Voice party; however, just when I think it is safe to announce my arrival, I speak.
Beaming with pure southern pride, I let all my contacts know that I joined the popular kids. I am now fully equipped with the ever powerful Google Voice. I will be able to prioritize my calls, answer with gazelle like speed, and impress everyone around me with my Googleness.
Just one little problem. Google DOES NOT speak Southern. Every poor soul that calls me and leaves a message is completely unaware at … (18 comments)

cherimie crane: Face to Face - 10/03/10 02:15 PM
I have always enjoyed Facebook. My family lives states away, I have friends all over the world, and there just isn't enough text messages and/or minutes in the day to possibly connect with everyone. Facebook really helps me feel close to those so dear to me, even when it is impossible for me to do so.
It wasn't until recently that I realized how important it was to have a business page as well. My clients have expressed to me how much they have enjoyed being able to stay updated on not only their transactions, but local real estate trends, open … (8 comments)

cherimie crane: It Started As A Conversation Over Coffee~ - 10/03/10 10:48 AM
Sheer desperation, a healthy dose of naivety, and the presumption that most women sincerely want to help other women, led me to start WIRED, Women In Real Estate and Development. After five years, we are still meeting monthly, hashing out challenges, critiquing new tools, sharing experiences and laughs with the hopes of promoting positive change within our industry.

What began as a simple conversation over coffee has evolved to a force in real estate.
Our members include attorneys, Realtors, interior designers, photographers, real estate marketing experts, office managers, builders, paralegals, publishers, web designers, and more! Each bringing a wealth … (6 comments)

cherimie crane: I Attended the Town Hall Meeting and Felt GUILTY!!!! - 09/28/10 03:50 AM
It was pouring rain. Not sprinkles, not misting, not even a light shower instead it was like walking through a car wash. I could have come up with at least 200 excuses, some even viable, not to attend yesterday's Port Royal Town Hall meeting. For starters, it was Monday. To add insult to injury it was Monday at 4pm, on the other side of town, and of course all the good parking spots had been taken. Problem is, I gave my word. Darn integrity!
We get so busy, so caught up in paperwork and the day to day tasks that somehow … (6 comments)

cherimie crane: Port Royal South Carolina and Development Dreams~! - 09/23/10 01:19 PM
It is no secret that Beaufort, South Carolina draws those in search of beauty, history, peace and even home. With the rise and fall of the tides, artists, historians, students, and outdoor enthusiast flock to our marshlands guarded majestically by the graceful live oaks draped in moss and Southern charm.
With the many accolades afforded to Beautiful Beaufort by the Sea, her lesser known, yet equally magical sister, Port Royal, sits quietly patiently awaiting her day in the sun.
For many years front porch discussions, town hall conversations, and development debates forged on with spirited views from those that love her … (3 comments)

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