cherimie crane: Realtor's Thanksgiving Prayer - 11/21/08 12:30 AM
 Realtors Thanksgiving Prayer
Thank you for all the little things
Emails requesting help with a dream
A cell phone that still rings
And bloggers who are exactly what they seem.
Give me patience for neighbors
And family and  friends
Who see Realtor and think favor
 Lord, continue to help me grin.
Grant me peace during stress
and please hold my tongue
from commenting on the mess
our industry has become.
Let my lockbox unlock
my fliers still fly
my sellers avoid shock
and my buyers still buy.
For my Lord, I am just an agent
hanging on with … (22 comments)

cherimie crane: Coming Home After Katrina - 11/17/08 11:40 AM
This will be a difficult post for me, emotions high and wounds still very much open. Beaufort is my home, but I was born and raised near the coast of Mississippi.
As all southern women, my roots are as strong and deep as those of the sweet gum trees that line the streets.
There is an unmistakable, irreplaceable, pride that simply comes standard with a birth certificate signed in the state of Mississippi.
I am sitting in the Ole Brook library checking my email (parents still have dial up) and the water stained carpet, the missing ceiling tiles, and the diminished … (35 comments)

cherimie crane: Five Easy Holiday Face Lifts For the Listed Home - 11/13/08 09:50 AM
With Thanksgiving knocking on our doors, it is imperative we look around us and count our many blessings.
Yes, it has been a difficult year. That statement alone is a confirmation that we have and will see better days.
Unfortunately it is somewhat simpler and often more popular to focus on the negative.
Your outlook will drive your thoughts and your thoughts will drive your actions. And actions, well that always leads to something...
If you are trying to sell your home focus on the positives. Do everything within your power to fill your home with holiday cheer and an ambiance … (20 comments)

cherimie crane: Fox Sports Midwest, Shrimping Lessons, Pork Steak, and The Cultural Divide - 11/13/08 12:12 AM
Have you ever eaten Pork Steak?? Not Pork Chops, not steak, Pork Steak?? Please don't ask me to explain exactly what it is, because I can't. I can say I have eaten it though.
Last night I was invited out to beautiful Fripp Island to meet a crew from Fox Sports Midwest that was filming a golf segment.
They had worked hard all day long with the Fripp Island Golf Pro's filming, touring, and testing golf equipment.
They were such a jolly crew, having traveled all the way from St. Louis, they were full of energy and excited to share a bit … (11 comments)

cherimie crane: Rain Drops Felt in Nairobi, Kenya - 11/10/08 09:57 PM
This morning began as most others, coffee in hand, best friend in tow. I am walking upstairs to my office only half awake, the other half wondering what exactly motivated me to wake up at this hour.
One familiar click and the day has officially begun.
Good Morning, Outlook.  I casually skim over my inbox for anything unusual.....
Ok, I prepare myself to reject an offer to send someone thousands of dollars as I assume it is junk mail.  (Isn't that horrible?)
Wait....This is a real email. From a real person, all the way from Nairobi, Kenya.
I continue to read … (20 comments)

cherimie crane: No, We Don't Have A Shopping Mall - 11/10/08 12:53 PM
Coach Bags, Manolo Blahnik shoes, Chanel Fragrance, the latest boots and the coolest jeans will NOT be found on every corner in Beaufort, SC.
I know, I know, don't cry. I was once that girl.

Before living in Beaufort, I lived in downtown Atlanta.
Atlanta...ahhh, the nightlife, the endless shopping extravaganza, the latest gadgets and gifts, the aroma of Starbucks at every turn and did I mention the shopping???
Those were the days...
I thought
Now instead of Coach Bags, Ihave Seagrass Baskets.
Instead of Manolo Blahnik strappy heels, I have Palmetto Flip Flops.
Chanel Fragrance is replaced by the smell … (12 comments)

cherimie crane: Beaufort Has STYLE! - 11/09/08 11:54 PM
I am so proud! Not just of my beautiful little town, but of one of my very first clients.
Many years ago, I met a wonderful couple, Jenny and J.W Rone. I was fairly new in the Real Estate community but they chose me.

I found them the perfect home and our friendship grew. I had no idea I had a small hand in bringing such creative, innovative, and positive people to Beaufort, South Carolina.
Over the years, the Rones have grown the Arts community by leaps and bounds. Their influence is felt in so many ways all … (5 comments)

cherimie crane: Beaufort Can't Be That Far - 11/09/08 01:07 AM
To those of you that are struggling with the chaos of city living, the constant influx of stress and frustration, and the inability to see the sunset for the progress of the cement jungle.
Beaufort can't be that far.


How long has it been since you've seen the still waters of the ocean turn pink, purple, and back to blue?
Can you remember the sound of the wind through the palms?
Beaufort, SC really isn't that far away.

 How long has it been since you spent the day with your best … (7 comments)

cherimie crane: US Marines....And Many More.. - 11/06/08 10:15 PM
They have come a long way from the tavern in Philadelphia where the Corps was founded 233 years ago. Beaufort is so proud to be able to join in celebrating such an amazing birthday.

As non-military, my appreciation is from a different perspective, but true just the same.
Dear Marines,
Thank you for waking at 3am so that I can sleep as long as I like.
Thank you for going to scary places so I don't have to go.
Thank you for sacrificing time with your family, so that mine can freely meet.
Thank you for believing in our country … (12 comments)

cherimie crane: Top 10 Reasons To Have A Top 10 - 11/05/08 11:15 PM
What a glorious day in Beaufort, South Carolina.
Do you wake up with a plan? Do you make a "to do list" the night before? Do you just wake up and hope for the best?
I consider myself to be some what of a free spirit, one not fond of being categorized or labeled. However, I don't know what I would do without my Top 10!
Each night before I go to bed, I write myself an email.
It usually starts with "Goodnight Cherimie, great job today". (hey, I can take all the encouragement I can get).
Then I … (1 comments)

cherimie crane: Speak With A Realtor You Trust~~~ TODAY - 11/04/08 11:20 PM
Buyers, it is time for you to take that much needed deep breath.
There is no more election uncertainty.
There are phenomenal opportunities in the real estate market. Higher than normal inventory, seller concessions, and lowering interest rates make this the ultimate buyers market.
Don't make the mistake of wishing you had purchased when prices were low. Make an appointment to speak with a Realtor you trust.
Research the possibilities of rental properties, or land purchases that will earn a steady rate of appreciation for you and your family.
Get creative, get involved, get the advice of a local expert. … (7 comments)

cherimie crane: My Clients Have Theme Songs! - 11/01/08 03:41 AM
Recently I wrote a post explaining my IPOD Full of Clients. I am so fortunate to have gained more clients since that post who also have their very own theme songs...
Let me explain.

I am positive all Realtors, as any professional, have days that humor is their saving grace.
I share with my clients my theory on giving them their very own theme song. It is actually one of our brainstorming events while driving to and from homes.
It eases the tension of getting to know each other not to mention gives me a chance to REALLY get … (9 comments)

cherimie crane: Gratitude Moments - 11/01/08 02:49 AM
It is Saturday morning here in Beautiful, Beaufort SC. I finished my morning run, fed my best friend, and now it is time to do one of my favorite tasks.
Time to write my Thank You cards.
I must say, there is something about starting a morning expressing to others how they brightened your day. It is good for the soul..
Here are a few examples of this past weeks "gratitude moments".
*I drop by the Post Office to mail a card to my mom. The stamp machine was broken and the line too long. Mrs. Weatherford was walking in and … (12 comments)

cherimie crane: Popular Communities in Beaufort South Carolina - 10/30/08 04:40 AM
There's truly something for everyone in Beaufort, South Carolina.
Here's some information about just a few of the different kinds of communities nestled within our increasingly popular coastal gem.

Battery Point
Beautiful southern-style architecture and Creek combine to make a community that is uniquely Beaufort. All homes have front and back porches to capture the ever-present breezes from Battery Creek.
Amenities include the community dock, pool, tennis courts, and the water views from many streets. This is all-inclusive for about $550 per year. Couple this with low property taxes, and it's one of the most prestigious, yet affordable, neighborhoods in Beaufort. Any … (7 comments)

cherimie crane: Coming To Visit Beaufort South Carolina - 10/30/08 03:44 AM


With all of the many wonderful festivals and holiday celebrations on the horizon in Beautiful Beaufort SC...
I thought it might be helpful to post some of the best places to stay.
If you need specifics..just let me know.
Remember, our pretty little coastal town fills quickly so make sure you call in plenty of time:)
 We have beautiful, historic B&B's, we have cozy, friendly, and reasonable water view hotels.
If you have special needs such as a large group, or a few furry friends, there are several homes that rent nightly with ample space, and amenities for your … (0 comments)

cherimie crane: Opportunity Abounds In Beaufort South Carolina Real Estate - 10/30/08 03:28 AM
If you are moving to Beaufort, South Carolina or possibly purchasing a second home, you might want to consider the following:
Beaufort South Carolina receives national recognition Real Estate is being offered at unbelievable prices Sellers are providing incentives AND concessions Beaufort offers a lifestyle second to none and now the price of real estate is an added bonus. 
Don't wait until the smoke settles before you purchase a home. Now truly is the time to buy.
For those considering rental properties, we have an extremely strong rental market! 
Call or email me today for a rental property advisement package or a list of … (0 comments)

cherimie crane: I Fell In Love With My Client - 10/28/08 04:57 PM
I did the unthinkable; I fell in love with my client. It wasn't planned, no blind date jitters, none of my friends elbowing each other under the table. It just happened.
Let me explain.
Mr. Moran is a charismatic, happy, mannerly, and of course, handsome Drill Instructor for the United States Marines.
I met him after he contacted me through email (found me on, yep you guessed, it Active Rain).
We corresponded while he was checking out of his station post in Okinawa, Japan.
He needed a home, a home very close to Parris Island (Marine Recruit Station).  By time he … (83 comments)

cherimie crane: Fairwell Flip Flops, Hello Fleece - 10/19/08 03:51 AM
So maybe we are just a bit spoiled here in Beaufort SC as far as weather is concerned nonetheless we do have a few changes:

So long sunny sandbar swimsuits, welcome home snugly sweatshirts
See you next year summer dresses, come on over long sleeve shirts
Bye for now precious pina-coladas, greetings warm apple cider
Be back in a few months Barefoot Bubba's, come on in Common Ground coffee
Fairwell Fripp Island beach ball, SO nice to see you Fall Festival of Homes
Get some rest Gullah Basket Weavers, Wake up Hallelujah Singers
Parting is such sweet sorrow Beaufort Water Festival, Light it up … (16 comments)

cherimie crane: Aladdin, Jr Comes To Beaufort South Carolina - 10/17/08 01:54 AM
Fall is a magical time in beautiful Beaufort by the Sea. We have ghost tours, home tours, ballet AND Beaufort's Children's Theatre!


Beaufort Children's Theatre presents Disney's "Aladdin, JR. "

Beaufort Performing Artsproudly presents the Beaufort Children's Theatre performance of "Aladdin, Jr." on November 22, 7 PM and November 23, 3PM at the University of South Carolina Beaufort  Performing Arts Center.
Fifty-four talented young actors, ages 6- 18, will take the audience on a magic carpet ride complete with a Disney favorite characters: Genie, Jasmine, Aladdin, Jafar, and Iago.
The Academy Award winning score with songs … (0 comments)

cherimie crane: Should There Be A Localism Jr? - 10/16/08 12:56 AM
Obviously Localism is a outstanding tool for anyone wanting to research an area before relocating, visiting, or just for the curious mind.
In dealing with hundreds of buyers in the past, I have learned that children are usually the biggest concern.
How will they cope? Will they fit in? What is there for them to do? What do the schools look like? Are there sports teams? And the questions go on and on...

Kids today spend more time on the Internet than most adults. Is there a way Localism can have features for kids or possibly a sister site?
As an … (6 comments)

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