marine 1 realty: So Much Room, So Many Amenities, So...Come On! - 01/08/10 02:31 AM
This just happens to be one of my favorite models at Mill Creek. With 4 large bedrooms AND a study priced under 250K, it is a tremendous value!
The way the rooms flow, the layout of the kitchen, and the detailed craftsmanship make The Franklin a rare find!
Located only 25 minutes from Beaufort's military bases, Mill Creek offers an abundance of resort style amenities. Call or email today for your private tour!

marine 1 realty: Marketing Only Gets An Agent SO Far~ - 01/07/10 11:18 PM
I think I may need to send a fellow Realtor a thank you note, or at the very least an appreciative smile. This particular gentleman has been absolutely fantastic for my business. This morning, I received my 5th buyer client in less than 2 months from this lovely man.
I am pretty certain he isn't doing it on purpose. It is always the same story, the prospective client calls me a bit frustrated that they can't get him to return a phone call, or he didn't seem to really listen, or he was at his other job every time they … (50 comments)

marine 1 realty: 4 Bedrooms, A Study, and Luxurious Amenities! - 12/19/09 08:00 AM

marine 1 realty: Cherimie Crane, Marine 1 Realty, and DR HORTON in Bluffton South Carolina - 12/18/09 05:46 AM
It is official, Marine 1 Realty is now partnering with DR HORTON in marketing their resort style properties at Mill Creek at Cypress Ridge  and Heritage at New Riverside.
Beautiful homes ranging from 169-269 with up to 6 bedrooms! 
Manicured landscaping with irrigation systems keep the communities pristine!
Extremely spacious, well appointed, and impeccable resort style amenities.
Located in lively Bluffton, SC only 20 minutes to Beaufort, 20 minutes to Hilton Head Island, and 30 minutes to Savannah, GA.

Mill Creek at Cypress Ridge offers a 3 story multimillion dollar fitness facility, a 7,000 square ft clubhouse, enormous pool with … (2 comments)

marine 1 realty: Carolina Village Open House! TODAY 11-5 - 12/06/09 12:34 AM
What a beautiful day to tour Carolina Village in Beaufort, SC. With only a few left, now is the time to view these gorgeous homes. No other community offers such style, convenience, and value.
For the remainder of 2009, the sellers are offering $5,000 in closings costs, Ipod Sound Systems, and three interior paint choices.
For a complete information package call or email Cherimie Crane.


marine 1 realty: Saying Goodbye to A friend, A client, A Marine........ - 12/05/09 04:11 AM
These days there are so many complaints regarding real estate.The market is too slow, inventory too high, and yada yada. My biggest complaint and most difficult challenge is saying goodbye. As fortunate as I am to work with so many Marines, it can be heart breaking.
This morning one of my very first Drill Instructor clients walked through my door for the last time. least for another 3-5 years anyway. Tim Mooney, US Marine, Marine 1 client, and long time supporter of Cherimie.
The first time we met he was so tired he could barely stay awake as we drove … (2 comments)

marine 1 realty: Christmas In Beautiful Beaufort South Carolina - 12/04/09 06:41 AM
This weekend kicks off the holiday season in beautiful Beaufort South Carolina. "Night on the Town", one of my favorites, starts this evening with the lighting of the town tree. Come out and enjoy the spirit of Christmas!

For more information on all the wonderful holiday events call or email Cherimie Crane. Merry Christmas!

marine 1 realty: 2009 Realtor's Thanksgiving Prayer - 11/23/09 10:49 PM
While the world eats Turkey and Stuffing
May all the Realtors Worry bout  Nothing....
2009  Realtors Thanksgiving Prayer 
Thank you for all the little things
Emails requesting help with a dream
A cell phone that fortunately, still rings
And someone to explain what the tax credit means.
Give me patience for neighbors
And family and friends
Who see Realtor and think enemy
 Lord, continue to help me grin.

Thank you for cars that work
and websites that run
High heels that don't hurt
And deals that get done.
Grant me peace during stress
and please hold my tongue
from commenting … (15 comments)

marine 1 realty: Sorry Ty, You Ain't got Nothing on My Guy:) - 11/14/09 12:40 AM
Yea, yea, he is kinda cute, talks at the speed of light and has an eternal tan, but he isn't my guy. Well for starters, he isn't here in Beaufort, SC offering his time and experience for peanuts ( peanut butter would be better).

My guy is pretty much OCD (obsessive compulsive). Sometimes that makes my days a bit (extremely, totally, mind boggling difficult, almost impossible) tough but when it comes to educating new homeowners it is a wonderful gift.
It occurred to me during one of our final walk-through's that maybe we aren't doing enough to educate buyers on what … (6 comments)

marine 1 realty: Stylishly Renovated, Charmingly Coastal - 11/10/09 08:11 AM

marine 1 realty: Marine 1 Realty After Only Five Months~~ - 09/23/09 02:13 AM
April 16, 2009 was Marine 1 Realty's grand opening. The past few months seem to have flown by with a gust! Aside from opening a real estate company in one of the worst housing markets in history, it hasn't been all that bad.
Thank you all so much for the continuous support. I am sorry I haven't given an update sooner. Some days I chase my tail with such furry that once I stop, well....I stop hard:).
So here we are, five months later:
Rick Weatherford, even Batman needed a sidekick!
Without the help and patience of Mr. Rick, I would … (8 comments)

marine 1 realty: A Deep Breath....Beaufort SC Style - 09/08/09 12:22 PM
As most everyone was coming off of a long weekend, I was working what seemed to be my 20th day in a row. Completely exhausted, moody as a female blue crab, and at the end of my frayed rope, I closed my computer, turned off my phone, and headed out to the beautiful waters of Beaufort, South Carolina.

Within minutes the salty air, the warm wind, and the sight of sea grass bending towards the river simply made my problems disappear.
**I took a deep breath, Beaufort style.**
A Boston Whaler carried my four legged best friend, my two legged … (5 comments)

marine 1 realty: Real Estate and I Go Way Back - 08/24/09 12:49 AM
Looking back on my life (it doesn't take that long of a look, I am still a bit young:) it is clear that risk has always been at my side. From kindergarten to college, I didn't shy away from things that may be slightly if not certainly...well uncertain. In most cases I did just fine; in some I cursed my very existence. Either way, I managed.
Real estate is a risk. Every day, every transaction, every conversation, it is a risk period. There is no guarantee that hardwork or even ridiculously long hours will pay off.  Of course, I give my self a better shot … (7 comments)

marine 1 realty: Find 100 Ways - 08/14/09 09:27 AM
As I close out the week, I take a moment to reflect on the successes, the mishaps, the close calls, the ah ha's and the oh no's. I am the first to put my own nose in the corner when I have done wrong; however, I am learning to pat myself on the back when I have behaved well (granted not a frequent occurrence).
I am patting away, matter of fact, I may just congratulate myself.
Arrogant? Maybe. Not my intention.
The current market is difficult. The current way of thinking compounds that difficulty at a higher rate than our growing deficit (I … (6 comments)

marine 1 realty: Fishing For Miracles~~~ - 08/13/09 05:41 AM
If you have read any of my Active Rain posts, you have probably figured out that I enjoy fishing. I love to fish. Some days I down right NEED to fish. There is a fishing analogy for just about every event in life from dating, to real estate, and even dealing with family.
I have found that if you stop for just a second, and apply basic principals of fishing to even the most pickled of situations, there is wisdom to be found.
This weekend is the 2009 FISHING FOR MIRALCES KING MACKEREL tournament in Charleston,SC. Not only does the name inspire but … (11 comments)

marine 1 realty: Lakefront Living~~Beaufort South Carolina - 07/22/09 06:18 AM

marine 1 realty: A Little Clarification......Southernese Style - 07/12/09 02:24 AM
It has recently been brought to my attention that my clients don't always know exactly what I am talking about. Apparently I speak "Southernese".
Ya'll, I'm sorry.  Or maybe...not. I do live in the South. Beautiful Beaufort South Carolina has many wonderful mysteries, legends, folk tales, and's own way of describing life's little quandaries.
Maybe some clarification is in order.. The following phrases may be heard during your visit to our little pardise:
"Dying Duck Fit"- This is serious business. This will not land you in Beaufort Memorial Hospital although sometimes there may be effects that could possibly lead you right … (20 comments)

marine 1 realty: From The Clouds, Beaufort Shines - 07/12/09 01:48 AM
I have tippy -toed across the warm sand, sunk sheepishly into the pluff mud, hopped one-legged down the steaming boards of the docks, and flip -flopped shuffled through the tributaries but not until recently have I seen Beaufort from the clouds.

Perspective is everything.
From the bow of a boat I feel powerful and small all at the same time, from the dock I feel content, from the edge of the shore I feel protected, and from underneath the Live Oaks, I feel an overwhelming sense of belonging.
From the clouds looking down, I feel an unmistakable connection … (5 comments)

marine 1 realty: Four Bedrooms, Ladys Island~ Beaufort South Carolina - 07/09/09 02:25 AM

marine 1 realty: The White Flag is Waiving~~~~ I Need Help, Now What! - 07/08/09 12:22 AM
Success comes at a price but at what price and when, is my question. Please do not misinterpret this post as a complaint. Everyday I realize just how fortunate I am to enjoy success in a market that is challenging the best of the best.
Marine 1 Realty is only 3.5 months old, yet we are already a serious force in the industry. Hard-work, courage, and timing are credited right along side with the unwavering, staggering, endlessly faithful clients that walk through my door daily.
So, whaty is my problem??? I don't like doing anything any less than 100%. I am no … (12 comments)

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