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Almost feels like this is a baseball home run record we’re chasing.  Hitting the 700 mark and moving further onward feels like Cherise and I are amongst baseball legendary status of some sort, except that the hierarchy of Active Rain is years ahead of where we are; some have even eclipsed the “M...
The following information is taken from the scrupulous work of Bill McAfee of Empire Title of Colorado Springs: 2011 YTD vs. 2010 YTD • Average Price 0.0% • Median Price - Down 1.3% • Residential Units Sold - Down 6.6% • Inventory Levels – Up 4.7% • Number of Listings – Down 6.5% • Foreclosures ...
We had an interesting Sunday afternoon! Cherise went outside to water some flowers and noticed an animal leg stretched out from under one of our plants. You must understand that Cherise has zero fear when it comes to animals. I, on the other hand, am somewhat more suspicious. Anyway, as Cherise ...
We don’t ask the tough questions because we don’t believe we’ll really get any helpful answers.  You know what I mean.  When I refer to answers, I’m not speaking in reference to academic superlatives or philosophical ideals or super-complicated business flow charts, but instead, I’m referring to...
Beware! Like Bighorn Sheep butting their heads together, there is a violent collision happening between the rapid paces of technology and having enough sufficient time to evaluate the efficacy of your business procedures. As a result, there is quite a bit of spillage regarding your efforts and r...
The central message when trying to overcome obstacles or trying to lift yourself from the bottom involves your ultimate response to it – making the right choices and having the willingness to adopt a new perspective about your ways of doing things. Taking the risk to respond to anything carries ...
I want to extend my appreciation to the father’s or who are father figures to the orphans of this world for all you do in this very important role. Personally, I know being a father of two sons has been one of the most rewarding experiences of my life.  Not only has it challenged my own love lan...
I won’t give away your age, though most would be blown away by how young and beautiful you look as compared to your actual age. It goes without saying that you have aged gracefully in our marriage. Your personality is richly full of bubbles and vitality. And your sense of compassion matches that...
Purchasing either residential or commercial property is not exclusively about the economics.  What’s involved even more so behind the scenes is change.  And to piggyback off my last blog, change becomes palatable when your mind is renewed about the vision for your life. There is no doubt that un...
For those buyers who you’ve been working with for awhile and are still sitting on the fence about what to do next, the real blockage to making a decision whether or not to buy is not necessarily due to what’s happening on the outside world, though financial and real estate markets do pose some c...

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