business motivation: Changing Our Attitudes About Real Estate - 06/20/13 05:32 AM

This blog post is not intended to criticize any other Realtors or for that fact, any other real estate brokerages.  Frankly, I do not believe that any of us in this profession should tear down other agents or organizations in order to build up our own businesses.  Why?
Because it hinges on the inner core of what our soul needs for life-giving approval:  compassion, trust, security and hope.
The way we conduct our business affairs really says a lot about how we see ourselves.
And though our real estate company understands the importance of spreadsheets, and market penetration, and quality … (5 comments)

business motivation: Sharpening Your Skill Set takes Innovative Perseverance - 05/03/13 01:20 AM
Those who are rising to the top in the real estate profession are always looking for clear-cut advantages over the competition. Instead of comparing our brokerage with others, we’ve taken an approach that provides topnotch service to our clientele and also lends less stress to our way of doing business.
Basically, we’ve embraced the idea – to always continue to sharpen our innovative skills – whether this includes technology or interpersonal or educational aspects or alternately, as this pertains to unlearning some things that we thought were essentials.  Of importance in this process is the fact that our brokerage of Colorado Springs homes typically doesn’t … (9 comments)

business motivation: Putting New Vision into Action - 04/19/13 08:37 AM

When you establish a routine that is comfortable and seems to fit most of your needs, it becomes very easy to start living your life or operating your business on a mode of cruise control.  Perhaps this is the right approach to take for a particular season of life, in which you’re able to carve out smooth and consistent paths for living.
But what happens to the power of vision when you’ve become myopically focused on the routines of life?  Simply, vision then becomes a bystander of disbelief.
In contrast, we can accomplish great things if we have the willingness … (5 comments)

business motivation: The Holiday Inn Express Syndrome in Colorado Springs Real Estate - 04/18/13 12:31 AM

Acquiring knowledge is a very good thing.  In fact, I encourage, as well as educate my clients about the Colorado Springs Real Estate market, including all its intricacies and idiosyncrasies.
Nonetheless, I’ve noticed a “Holiday Inn Express” Syndrome when it comes to some of my clients who are buying and selling real estate.
Sure, MLS data is readily available through several mediums, such as Zillow, Trulia, local real estate sites, etc.  And who hasn’t watched HDTV or House Hunters International about how real estate is “supposed” to be conducted internationally?  Without doubt these formats can make you feel like those … (4 comments)

business motivation: Is the Noise of Work Too Loud for you To Think? - 02/11/13 02:19 AM

There are seasons in the real estate business that can be deafening to the senses.  Sometimes it is so busy that you do not have time to think, and therefore, you do not have time to discover the vision and direction of your business.
During this particular season, there is a lot of noise trying to cloud the rhythm about how we conduct our business.  When I refer to noise, what I actually mean is that the noise is the busy work of the business that is non-profitable.  And yes, when you serve others in business, noise is part of … (5 comments)

business motivation: Living Beyond the Pain – Insights for Your Journey of Transformation - 04/10/12 03:27 AM

I couldn’t resist.  I am so proud of my husband.  Despite all his pain, and most notably, he is dealing with Rheumatoid Arthritis, Gordon is one of the most optimistic and inspirational individuals that I have ever met.  His book, entitled, “Living Beyond the Pain,” is due out at the end of May this year.
And you have to get a copy for yourself.  What the heck.  Buy extras to pass out to your friends and family who might be struggling with chronic pain or colossal-sized obstacles.  Gordon has a unique way of putting a face and soul on to … (10 comments)

business motivation: Why Aren’t You Asking the Tough Questions in Business? - 06/23/11 07:13 AM

We don’t ask the tough questions because we don’t believe we’ll really get any helpful answers.  You know what I mean.  When I refer to answers, I’m not speaking in reference to academic superlatives or philosophical ideals or super-complicated business flow charts, but instead, I’m referring to answers that confront our fears, remove our inner obstacles and bring palpable relief into our ways of doing business and living our lives.  Hollow responses from our family and friends, counselors and business advisors only fuel our anxieties regarding the uncertainties of these times.  And further avoidance of dealing with the seemingly insurmountable … (31 comments)

business motivation: It’s time to Paint the Golden Gate Bridge Again - 05/18/11 07:15 AM

I can sense that this is a dramatic season of change, for just about everyone who we come in contact with, including clients, business associates, friends and family.
Regarding our business, we’re constantly making tweaks to our operations, especially since our real estate industry is also undergoing massive technological change.
To me, being a cutting edge Colorado Springs Realtor means to be part of the multi-layer complexities of the personal and technological sides of this business. No longer are deals done with ease because of the demands of both these factors.
I do not mean to dismiss the importance of … (14 comments)

business motivation: Poignant thoughts about Running the Race of Business - 02/17/11 06:17 AM

It's common nowadays to feel the ugliness of pain everywhere, especially as this relates to the workplace.  When you're feeling beat up after a hard day's work, I encourage you to avoid the idea of soaking in your bodily, mental and/or emotional pain.  This only leads to self-pity. Instead, an effective remedy for daily rejuvenation is to remain thankful, and to glean your nourishment from a regenerate Spirit.
Too often, we allow the unhappiness of this world to come into our hearts and to overtake our sense of who we are and the purpose for which we've been called.  Practically … (12 comments)

business motivation: Being disciplined is the footsteps to walking out your dreams - 01/27/11 08:55 AM

Excerpts taken from my blog.
You can’t accomplish your dreams without being disciplined with your life.  Think of it this way.  Being disciplined is the footsteps to walking out your dreams.
And a big part of discipline is to understand that you can’t discipline your pain or the pressures against your life very effectively, especially when considering the long-term objectives.  But what you can do is to discipline your mind and your emotions. For destructive thoughts and emotions literally try to steal your ability to dream.
I’ve personally experienced the power of discipline against chronic, neuropathic pain.  There is … (16 comments)

business motivation: The Single-Most Valuable Tip about My Business Success - 12/17/10 04:48 AM
When I first began my career as a Colorado Springs Realtor, I noticed many opportunistsin this profession. Buying low and selling high seemed to be the Golden Rule about real estate transactions. As well, to dominate the market share, this process involved corporate branding, tenacious selling tactics and getting the most from your own work efforts.
I have zero qualms about the use of these techniques for business profitability.
However, I saw this profession from another perspective, one, in which leadershipwould usurp the feeding frenzy of opportunism.
Gordon offered me a piece of advice about leadership and its impact on … (14 comments)

business motivation: Bulldoze right through the hard parts of your business - 11/16/10 11:09 AM
For this particular blog, I am not going to white wash my thoughts about being a Realtor® during the 4th quarter of 2010. In four words, Real Estate is hard! That’s right. Even though we remain top 1% of total sales, real estate is hard. It’s harder than flint. For that matter, what profession isn’t hard these days? None that I can think of… Here’s the good news to consider for your business planning next year. Instead of avoiding the hard parts about this business, consider plowing right through them. That’s right. Bulldoze right through the hard parts of your business. … (20 comments)

business motivation: Experience Rain in the Drought - 10/26/10 03:59 AM
Have you experienced rain in the drought? Most likely not if you’re standing in the same place of business expecting the same old things to happen to make your operations thrive. You might see dribbles come from this approach, but rain? Highly unlikely. So what do you do? The answers are plentiful, each having some form of value depending upon the circumstances. And as for us, we do not discount nor do we challenge any unusual methods nor do we boast that our ideas are superior to others. Nonetheless, I can give you two straightforward answers as to where to begin … (10 comments)

business motivation: Are you “acting against” the resistance of our economic recession? - 10/07/10 05:37 PM
Have you ever heard of agere contra? According to James Martin, SJ, it’s an old Jesuit practice meaning “to act against.” He expounds, “If there is a part of ourselves that is not free, we try to ‘act against’ that part in order to free ourselves from resistance in that area.” Aren’t we all susceptible from time to time to try to free ourselves from circumstances that cause us great fear and resistance? Certainly. However, we can’t “act against” anything by running or hiding from what is uncomfortable and difficult for our lives, including the messiness of the financial and real … (13 comments)

business motivation: What are you doing to deal with Accelerated Change? - 10/07/10 06:17 AM
Recently, I met with another agent for lunch who talked about our times of “accelerated” change. It seems like many are scrambling to discover the new business matrix that will ensure sustainability in this market – inclusive of nearly all businesses. And I’m sure we’re going to hear of different approaches to brokerages and the ultimate delivery of modern real estate to the consumer. But for now, here’s what I do know. When we remain in the older models, of which become ineffective and unhealthy, then our mindsets drift toward the thinking of “I can’t.” On the other hand, when we … (14 comments)

business motivation: We Can’t Stress Value Enough These Days - 09/17/10 11:17 AM

Value, value, value…I can’t say this enough during these downtrodden times of real estate, and as a matter of fact, I can also speak of this for practically every other industry.
No matter how we reply to those who ask how we’re doing in business, the reality is that we’re most likely experiencing a slower year than what’s been touted by our government, in terms of expected job growth and an expanding economy. But the truth is…
It’s just not happening fast enough for most people.
Our company is big on creating new generative strategies, first starting with vision, then … (18 comments)

business motivation: Glean Good Pains of Growth Instead of Bad Pains of Avoidance - 09/10/10 05:52 AM
If you ever get the chance to read a book about human growth, then I highly recommend “How People Grow,” by Dr. Henry Cloud and Dr. John Townsend. This book was first published about a decade ago and still has some marvelous pieces of information about our various stages of human growth from which we can glean. I like what they write about Bad Pain. “Bad Pain comes from repeating old patterns and avoiding the suffering it would take to change them…” Aren’t we all dealing with this in one form or another, especially in the brutality of these changing times? … (7 comments)

business motivation: The Traveling Pants from the Past Provides Inspiration for the Future - 09/08/10 12:22 PM
I’m holding up a very special pair of pants. Although they have lasted for more than 50 years, this fine piece of clothing has sentimental value that transcends common thinking. Recently, when I had traveled to Fort Worth, Texas to visit my dad, he took me into his private bedroom closet to give me a very special keepsake from memories past. It was part of his humble beginnings as a Hungarian immigrant who made the arduous journey to the United States. My dad, named Gabor, was a freedom fighter in the Hungarian Revolution of 1956. When leaving Budapest for Austria, then … (14 comments)

business motivation: Preparation Creates Futuristic Success - 09/01/10 08:47 AM
We’re all in this economy together. We’re all dealing with some obvious issues at hand: US economy is fueled by discretionary spending – 70% The consumers who have spent money to grow the economy, baby-boomers, are now aging (fewer in population) and are more savings-conscious and have been spending less of their financial resources Markets are psychological roller coasters due to lack of growth in business sectors Tons of other economic factors have caused constipation and the “ceiling” effect in nearly all markets The solutions to these problems are very fiscally complex. Sure the obvious can be emphasized, such as pay … (16 comments)

business motivation: Being Broken is an Opportunity for Real Life Transformation - 08/12/10 03:36 AM
For those who are feeling shattered because of their real estate circumstances and need encouragement about contemplation, here are some poignant thoughts from my husband… Real life transformation cannot be properly explained without addressing the inner sanctum of our souls. It’s a place where the well-springs of life actually flow and also, it is the same place where we tend to hide when we feel irreparably damaged and severely wounded, as this relates to our physical, mental and/or emotional being. By our very nature, we desire life and we desire it abundantly. Yet, when we’re broken into pieces, this place of … (15 comments)

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