personal inspiration: Merry Christmas & Happy New Year 2013 - 12/26/12 02:39 AM

“…And after the fire came a gentle whisper.” 1Kings 19:12b NIV
Dear Beloved Family, Friends, and Clients: This year has been a year of epic trials and incredible victories for so many of you. Of tears and laughter. Of loss and renewed hope. Thank you for the many who inquired about how we were doing throughout and after the Waldo Canyon Fire. Honestly, it has made us stronger and more resolved than ever to keep forging ahead. As I had mentioned during the height of the flames “the fire may consume my things but not my soul.” With our … (10 comments)

personal inspiration: 12/12/12 - 12/12/12 04:02 AM

When I saw this numerical date on my glass calendar, I knew I had to say something in regards to the number 12.
It’s not often that I comment about anything to do with numbers, especially since I’ve always gravitated toward other subjects, such as literature, drama and the arts. In fact, I just purchased two tickets to Andrea Bocelli to spend an evening with my husband, which I will thoroughly enjoy. Enough about our social life.
Twelve is a wonderful number. Not because I wish for 12 kids or that I want to buy more material things with the … (10 comments)

personal inspiration: Friday Insights – How to Change Your Perspectives about Life - 07/20/12 07:46 AM

This topic alone deserves an entire book to adequately address the complexities of change and the myriad of perspectives that life has to offer each one of us.
Nonetheless, I think if one really wants to change his or her perspectives about life, then either he or she must evaluate his or her beliefs.
Because what we believe and whom we believe in, especially when life’s challenges seem overwhelming, are going to reveal how we respond to change.
From a personal standpoint, I understand the relevance of having your mind renewed in order to see additional perspectives about life.  But … (9 comments)

personal inspiration: Deer and Bird Dance after Waldo Canyon Fire - 07/18/12 03:11 AM
Our home is one of the few fortunate homes that are still standing after the Waldo Canyon Fire decimated the Flying W Ranch and the Mountain Shadows Region. As a result, Cherise and I have seen how nature is quickly adapting to the horrific fires of a few weeks ago. Life still flourishes among the death and destruction of life. Cherise did a great job of capturing this on her iphone this morning. To purchase Colorado Spring Real Estate, feel free to contact our Colorado Springs Realtors at Selley Group Real Estate, LLC: 2139 Chuckwagon Rd, Ste 210 - Colorado Springs, … (9 comments)

personal inspiration: Friday Reflections – Gordon Selley, COO - 06/22/12 03:34 AM

Cherise and I have decided to devote our Friday blogs to various topics that affect all of us, whether personal or professional. The structure of these blogs is not to impose our way of thinking and living as the only or best ways for you to live. Simply, we are going to openly share our vulnerabilities and our mistakes, as well as our strengths and victories in life.
Feel free to follow along…
Although various polls seem to capture the essence of what’s happening within our socio-economic culture, Cherise and I do not believe that you have to remain bound … (8 comments)

personal inspiration: Living Beyond the Pain – Insights for Your Journey of Transformation - 04/10/12 03:27 AM

I couldn’t resist.  I am so proud of my husband.  Despite all his pain, and most notably, he is dealing with Rheumatoid Arthritis, Gordon is one of the most optimistic and inspirational individuals that I have ever met.  His book, entitled, “Living Beyond the Pain,” is due out at the end of May this year.
And you have to get a copy for yourself.  What the heck.  Buy extras to pass out to your friends and family who might be struggling with chronic pain or colossal-sized obstacles.  Gordon has a unique way of putting a face and soul on to … (10 comments)

personal inspiration: This is why I love Colorado Springs! - 02/02/12 09:22 AM
Gorgeous views are tantamount to starting a new and fresh day. This short and spontaneous video captures the ingredients of inspiration found in our beautiful city of Colorado Springs! Feel free to contact Colorado Springs Realtor, Cherise Selley, Active Licensed Broker/Owner of Selley Group Real Estate, LLC or you may contact our group of Colorado Springs Realtors @ or 2139 Chuckwagon Rd, Ste 210 - Colorado Springs, Colorado 80919 - 719. 598. 5101 Portions of this article are written by Gordon, as framed by the expressed opinions of Cherise, but not proofread.   … (19 comments)

personal inspiration: Rebecca Selley – Singing Flash Mob – All I Want For Christmas - 12/19/11 04:02 AM
That’s right. Our daughter-in-law, Rebecca, breaks out into a flash mob rendition of “All I Want For Christmas,” recorded December 1, 2011 at Westfield Penrith – Sydney, Australia.
We miss Jake and you and thank you for sharing your lovely voice!
Feel free to contact Colorado Springs Realtor, Cherise Selley, Active Licensed Broker/Owner of Selley Group Real Estate, LLC or you may contact our group of Colorado Springs Realtors @ or 2139 Chuckwagon Rd, Ste 210 - Colorado Springs, Colorado 80919 - 719. 598. 5101
Portions of this article are written by Gordon, as framed by the expressed opinions of … (10 comments)

personal inspiration: “Tebow-fever” has penetrated the hearts of Coloradoans - 11/19/11 02:27 AM

Okay…I have to confess. Cherise and I are not Denver Bronco fans, though I used to be a season ticket holder to watch the glory days of John Elway and the Orange Crush in action.
Ever since childhood I have been a die-hard Dallas Cowboys fan, relishing in the championships of this storied franchise, as well as having my heart ripped from my chest cavity as this team has under-performed on several occasions over the past two decades, and especially, during the last few years given the skill on their depth chart. That’s a whole other subject for another time.

personal inspiration: 11/11/11 - We Remember Veteran's Day - 11/10/11 03:56 PM

11/11/11 - Veteran’s DAY
Freedom is not free, nor is service ever appreciated as much as it should be, given the extent of sacrifices made by thousands who have or who are currently military defenders of this great nation.
WE REMEMBER...All of you, servicemen and family members alike.  THANK YOU!
May your rewards become realized, though we oftentimes are insufficient in our delivery of appreciation.
Feel free to contact Colorado Springs CO Realtor, Active Licensed Broker/Owner Cherise Selley, at Selley Group Real Estate, LLC:  2139 Chuckwagon Rd, Ste 210 - Colorado Springs, Colorado 80919 - 719. 598. 5101
Portions of … (10 comments)

personal inspiration: Happy 20th Birthday Kristofer - Cherise Selley's Youngest Son - 11/04/11 04:54 AM
hApPy 20Th BiRtHdAy KrIsToFeR! Kristofer 2.0 - a new decade emerges for you, my son! Gordon and I are so very proud of you! Love, Mom Feel free to contact Colorado Springs Realtor, Cherise Selley, Active Licensed Broker/Owner of Selley Group Real Estate, LLC or you may contact our group of Colorado Springs Realtors @ or 2139 Chuckwagon Rd, Ste 210 - Colorado Springs, Colorado 80919 - 719. 598. 5101 … (16 comments)

personal inspiration: Our First Year at Selley Group – Benjamin Day and Hannah Parsons - 11/01/11 07:08 AM
N-o-v-e-m-b-e-r 1st!  Can you believe how quickly this year has flown by?
Cherise and I would like to share this particular commentary about our brokerage, written by Benjamin Day.  We share this not to boast about who we are or how our business operates against our competitors; because, in essence, we view our competition as part of what makes us who we are, down to the nuts and bolts about this industry.
Simply, we are sharing this blog post with others who are trying to “get it,” as it pertains to establishing either small real estate teams, brokerages, or just trying … (4 comments)

personal inspiration: Moneyball is “Out-of-the-box” Motivational! - 10/04/11 12:16 PM

Recently, Cherise and I saw the movie, Moneyball, starring Brad Pitt, Jonah Hill and Philip Seymour Hoffman.  We really enjoyed this flick, as it spoke motivationally to us about “out-of-the-box” methods.
Isn’t this type of reasoning (out-of-the-box) essential for anyone who operates his or her own small business, including real estate in Colorado Springs?
Typically, concerns about the bottom line surface for many business owners.  In other words, are there enough financial resources to acquire the outcome you’re looking for, in terms of business profitability?  And when this is agreeable to the net income of the business owner, then you … (27 comments)

personal inspiration: Confront Your Pains to Make Each Day Better - 09/08/11 08:39 AM

What I’ve noticed in this industry, both from the perspectives of the real estate professional as well as the consumer, is the avoidance of painstaking trials.
It seems as if everyone does their best to avoid any pitfalls or to insure themselves of not having any additional grief or hassle when it comes to the purchase or sale of residential property.
Yet, is it realistic to maintain a pain-free existence, all-the-time?  No.
Just because Cherise has reached the upper echelon of her career, this does not mean that she’s exempt from the same frustrations and pain that many others experience … (18 comments)

personal inspiration: None Of Us Is Immune From The Sting of Life’s Challenges - 08/09/11 09:03 AM

Make no mistake about it.  The recent economic downgrading is the cherry on top of the pie of problems we face daily, whether watching TV, Internet, Smart devices, etc.  And there doesn’t seem to be an end in sight.
The temptation is to react as quickly as possible.  To make decisions to counteract the possible adverse effects this might have on our lives.
As a Colorado Springs CO Realtor, I am not going to try to sell anyone a residential property in Colorado Springs based upon the principles of fear. I am not going to scare others into thinking that … (9 comments)

personal inspiration: Happy August 2nd Birthday Jake Selley! - 08/02/11 10:59 AM

Normally I’d refrain from posting happy birthday wishes onto public blog sites, but in this highly unusual case, this time is different.
Jake got married this weekend and has left with his new bride, Rebecca Selley, to Sydney, Australia.  They left on August 1st and will land in Sydney at 6 am on August 3rd.  So basically, Jake is missing his birthday celebration as they are flying from Los Angeles to Sydney, then onto Thailand for their honeymoon.

Nonetheless, Jake’s birthday is not forgotten by Cherise and me.  If you read this Jake, know we love you tremendously and … (12 comments)

personal inspiration: One More Sleep Until the Wedding - 07/28/11 04:15 AM

As Jake’s fiancé said this morning, “One more sleep until we’re married.” The electricity in the air around our family is filled with excitement and anticipation.  Oh yes, I can’t leave out the reality of the details.  It seems like these little reminders have a way to test the commitment between Jake and Rebecca, especially before they exchange vows and consummate their love in holy matrimony.
The above photograph is a snapshot of the rehearsal, for which you can get a glimpse of how Cherise and I feel about this wonderful celebration.
Amazingly, God’s joining our families in perfect unity.  … (10 comments)

personal inspiration: The Rivers are Flowing in Aspen Colorado - 07/06/11 12:17 PM
The next morning Gordon and I woke up early and briskly walked a 5K before breakfast. Then Jake and Bec woke up, joined us for breakfast, then we found a trail behind the Aspens Meadows Resort. This year we’ve had bountiful snow melt from a hearty precipitous winter. As you can tell by this video on our hike, the waters are rapidly flowing and the sounds of the river provide an excellent environment, for which you can get some nourishment of the mind through a peaceful commune with God’s nature. We had a very refreshing time, and so can you in … (14 comments)

personal inspiration: Father’s Day 2011 – A Gift from Jake & Kris - 06/19/11 01:19 PM

I want to extend my appreciation to the father’s or who are father figures to the orphans of this world for all you do in this very important role.
Personally, I know being a father of two sons has been one of the most rewarding experiences of my life.  Not only has it challenged my own love language, but it has also grown me tremendously throughout my years.  I am very proud of my two sons, and of course, I love and adore my Cherise, who happens to be in Texas, making a surprise visit to her own dad on … (12 comments)

personal inspiration: Happy Birthday Cherise Selley! - 06/14/11 05:12 PM

I won’t give away your age, though most would be blown away by how young and beautiful you look as compared to your actual age. It goes without saying that you have aged gracefully in our marriage. Your personality is richly full of bubbles and vitality. And your sense of compassion matches that of anyone else I have ever met. Simply, I want to wish you a Happy Birthday Sweetheart. The first thing we’re going to do after our workout and Starbucks this morning is we’re going to take the day off from work. We’re headed to Denver for an … (18 comments)

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