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At least that’s what Facebook says. It seems Facebook is making a public stand that they are a ‘social utility’ and not a ‘social network’. According to a Blog post on TechCrunch, Facebook users’ accounts are being deleted and users are being told that “…Facebook accounts are meant for authentic ...
I posted a blog yesterday about 4 Super Simple Sales Tips and one of the tips was about using Ctrl+F to scan pages, sites and documents quickly for keywords and phrases. I had a lot of positive feedback on that post, so I figured I would share some more ‘control' tips along with some ‘memory' que...
Do you manage several listings or vacation properties in various geographic areas? Did corporate just call and ask you to send them images of every property? Multiple shoots can become a serious organizational burden on your real estate management company. Avoid the problem of finding, hiring and...
TIP #1: Efficient time management is essential for small business owners. At the end of each day, make a list of 5-10 things that you plan to do the next day. This will help to set the tone for the next day, keep you from ‘mulling over' things that need to be done and give you a sense of accompli...
RTV is proud to announce the unveiling of our new virtual tour companyhome page. We have designed the new home page to make YOU the customer our primary focus. The website is now easier than ever to navigate. Find information on creating your own interactive virtual tours, ordering nationwide vir...
In this economy of intense competition, it is easy to get stressed out at the thought of learning new techniques to getting your listings out in the public eye. But, there is no need to completely abandon traditional marketing strategies. The best advertising and marketing strategy is to diversif...
Linda Sabiston of First Impression Virtual Tours and Photography in Sunshine Coast BC has achieved Idol status! Photography for Real Estate Idol Status that is! Linda, a RTV dealer since early 2007,  is well known for sharing her amazing work right here on AR. If you haven't yet had the pleasure ...

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