first time buyer: My Services as an Agent - 01/09/12 05:59 AM
I am licensed as a Broker in the state of New Hampshire and travel up to one hour from Cheshire County for my clients.   Below is a list of my services.   1. CMA services: There are 2 options available to my clients wishing to have a CMA (Comparative Market Analysis) done.
-The first is a general assessment of a home to determine it's current market value. I help potential sellers prepare their home for the market as well as offer staging advice and tips on home improvement projects that would pay off when they're ready to sell. Additionally, I … (0 comments)

first time buyer: Back to blogs like a frog on a log - 06/04/10 06:21 AM
I haven't written a blog in months. I've been partially distracted, partially re-prioritizing my career agenda and partially plain ole' busy!
My client load has been very buyer heavy this year as I wallow through the loan options process with several of them.  I've found more people qualifying for the Direct Rural Development loan program offered here in NH through Brian Ritchie.  They offer new construction loans, simple rehab loans and loans for new mobile homes on their own land.  The direct RD loan is subsidized, offering the buyer 1% interest rate!
When a buyer comes to me and says … (0 comments)

first time buyer: Real Estate Wintertime - 02/01/10 12:39 AM
Traditionally, my real estate business takes a bit of a shift during the winter months when some sellers decide to take their homes off the market, while only the most serious buyers are shopping for real estate.  Come February, March- early spring, I begin to see an upswing in calls from buyers and potential sellers then, in one week (usually a nice, spring-like, warm sunny week) the light bulb turns on and I see an influx in buyers buying and sellers wanting to list... Traditionally.
This year, however, I've seen the buyer market follow very closely the tax credit incentive offered … (3 comments)

first time buyer: My Top Pick "First Time Buyer" Home on the Market in Keene Currently - 11/09/09 01:29 AM
This morning I was doing some research on affordable housing for first time buyers shopping in Keene, NH and I couldn't believe the number of great properties available to these buyers!  At any given time Keene typically has approximately 115-130 single family residential properties on the market in all price ranges.  Of those, today there are 21 properties between the price of $145,000 and $190,000 (the most popular price range for first time buyers I've worked with this year.
My most favorite listing is priced at $179, 900 and is located on 46 Arlington Avenue in Keene, NH.  This listing is my … (0 comments)

first time buyer: Have we become a "JCPenney's" country? - 10/19/09 01:29 AM
 No one knows for sure what will become of the buyers who missed out on the tax credit offering.  Will it be extended or modified to incorporate all buyers? Who knows but for one, I wonder if we will become a JCPenney's country where sales, discounts and incentives are expected for consumers to purchase anything?  If I were a buyer right now, missing the tax credit, I'd certainly be waiting to see what next offering will come to "encourage me" to buy a home. 
I feel we could see a bit of a lull if buyers do wait this winter for another incentive, but hope … (4 comments)

first time buyer: Comparing Markets from September 2008 with September 2009 - 10/12/09 05:47 AM
I'm often asked the question "How's the market?" at house parties, when meeting new people or when getting together with family.  My answer always reflects my own personal experiences, which doesn't necessarily represent the broader view of the market. 
My own niche (the first time buyer) did quite well this year, despite the lower income I earned based on lower selling prices:) I have had more first time buyers this year then in the past 8 years of my business selling real estate. Very few of them purchased homes that had an actual seller residing in the home ready to move … (1 comments)

first time buyer: When is it NOT a good idea to "take some time to think about it"? - 08/14/09 01:32 AM
It's still a buyer's market here in Keene, NH. Our average Days on the Market period is almost double where it was last year and there is a little over 12 months listing inventory. Buyers have a wonderful selection of property and, if timed well, they can view a property with enough time to think about it and compare to others to secure a solid decision.
Taking time to think about it doesn't always benefit the buyers, however, when competing offers come in on the property. But what's the likelihood of that happening in this type of market?
It happens quite … (3 comments)

first time buyer: What's Hot in Keene, NH in this Market? - 07/06/09 04:45 AM
Property in Keene, NH are selling rather quick these days, under 31 days is quite common for property under $200,000.  But what are buyers getting for the price in this market?
Below is a list of what I've discovered about property in this price range
from working with several first time buyers recently:
1. Between $139,900 and $149,900 you can get a decent little home in average to very good condition typically with 2 bedrooms and one bathroom.  What's the catch? Small rooms, small yard, or poor location.  For a single buyer this is often a great value if they are able … (2 comments)

first time buyer: Top 5 characteristics of first time buyers this year: - 06/28/09 01:13 PM
This is the first year in the 8 years I've been in real estate that I've been inundated with some of my favorite clients, the first time buyer. They are coming out of the woodwork from every angle and tend to share some common traits (though this is a generalization of course) :
1) They are aware, internet savy and have done their homework. They sometimes arrive with so much information received from the internet as they struggle to find solid ground through some of the most challenging transactions I've had to face with first time buyers in 8 years.  It can … (3 comments)

first time buyer: Better service found in real estate in this economy, not like buying a mower - 06/03/09 02:40 AM
I've been on the search for a new riding mower. I've learned a lot in the process of shopping for one. Along the way I've heard time and time again from local service repair shops that they just don't make the mowers like the used to. The quality has been pushed aside in effort to produce a mower that's affordable and under $2000. Even worse are the comments given about mowers sold at department stores.
So I took that information and began looking around at mowers, really looking. I found that the quality of our old Cub Cadet riding mower greatly … (0 comments)

first time buyer: 3 Key Answers for First Time Buyers of Keene, NH - 06/02/09 03:52 AM
Because I work with mostly first time buyer and sellers within the Cheshire County region, I want to post the top 10 answers to their top 10 questions:
Q1. How do I know which agent is best for me?
A1. You should seek out a reputable real estate agent who is available during the times you are available, and who can communicate with you the way you most need to communicate. I have a buyer who enjoys converseing over Facebook or Texting me. Wherever my buyer's at, I'm there for them.  This makes for easier and quicker communication between agent and … (0 comments)

first time buyer: New listing in Keene, NH - 03/18/09 04:03 AM
First time buyers of Keene, NH take NOTE, this home is now available to be viewed.  Priced wonderfully at $149,900, the 3 bedrooms and 1.5 bath ranch has a unique layout and modern kitchen. Heated efficiently with pellet stove or oil, you'll save by living in Keene at an affordable price!
Please take a tour.
Please contact me directly if you are not working with an agent or schedule showings through your agent. Overnight notice required.
Stephanie Jacques
Listing Agent, Realtor
BHG The Masiello Group

first time buyer: New wave of first time home buyers...Make Room! - 02/18/09 04:50 AM
The National Association of Realtors has posted a chart on their website about the First time Buyer Tax Credit ( American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 ). The opinion I have on it is very positive. I feel the first time buyers are the ones who begin the domino home buying affect. They haven't yet entered the homeownership world, and don't have a history with mortgage lenders that has negatively affected the economy. They aren't currently dealing with foreclosures or short sale issues, as they do not yet own a home. They also are being screened and sliced by lenders to ensure … (2 comments)

first time buyer: Great starter home in southwest New Hampshire for $106,900 - 02/02/09 01:50 AM
Ideal for a first time buyer. So much of the large projects were done with the previous owner and you can bring your ideas for any cosmetic improvements of your choice, including changing the colors of the interior or changing the flooring as you wish.
Exterior has been painted, there is a brand new chimney, new furnace, even a baby room. The home is charming, efficient, and a great place to start.
Charlestown, NH is a cute little town close to I-91 in Vermont and right in the middle of your travels to Keene, NH and Claremont, NH.
PRICE REDUCED to … (0 comments)

first time buyer: What I learned today using the "Statistics" link on Activerain - 12/02/08 12:12 PM
I was reviewing the number of views to some of my recent blogs to see what generated more traffic.  One observation I made was that so many of them were receiving well over 200 views and clicks, but this ONE.
I opened up the blog to see why it was getting left had only received 7.  Here's what I discovered, I had only put it on the "1st time buyer group" blog where only 6 people read it, and I was the 7th.
I thought it was a decent blog, nothing fancy about it, but some information I was happy … (4 comments)

first time buyer: The First Time Buyer Hiccup - 09/29/08 04:19 AM
So often I work with First Time Buyers. I love these people. They are so interested in the process, they ask the right questions, and they are fun to work with. After years of working with First Time Buyers I've come to the conclusion that it's better to prepare them to be prepared to be prepared to be prepared...
Huh? What do I mean by this? Most specifically, I run into these scenarios so frequently that it should go down in the books. The buyers see a wonderful property and they haven't looked at enough to determine that this really is … (3 comments)

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