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The answer to this question is simple: You must have a deal that leaves room for us to receive our money back at close or one of the other qualifications below, to close.1. Escrow Services - You must be able to pay the points at placement of escrow. You can use our funds Third party, but it could...
Using our escrow services gives you buying power like you have never had before. Imagine being able to purchase large amounts of money with only costing you 1-2% of the full amount you need. For example:You want to buy a bond that will give you 10MM. You need 1MM to buy this bond and you don't ha...
There are just a few qualifications for Transactional Funding:1. Have your end financing in place. We do not want to do the end financing, we can do it, but we are busy enough, thanks!2. Understand your application so that you may act quickly, call Clayton on his mobile directly with any question...
Transactional Funding can be used in various ways.1. Commercial Down Payment Assistance - This is being wildly used to cover the difference the banking system is leaving off, which we have mostly seen about 25%.2. Residential Down Payment Assistance - This product can be sensitive. We have a cert...

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