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Whether or not you celebrate the holidays, there’s always an occasion where you’d like to give the perfect gift. I was truly touched by this story of one family’s gift-giving tradition: It’s just a small, white envelope stuck among the branches of our Christmas tree. No name, no identification, n...
If you are like most hard working self-employed individuals you have many write-offs and show as little income as possible to avoid income taxes. Then when it comes time to qualify for a mortgage, it bites you in the ass : (   “Your Personal Mortgage Consultant….For Life!” PS - Please Don’t Keep...
For most of this year the markets have been discounting an economic recovery. That is, they have been in rally mode in anticipation that the worst of the economic crisis is over. While that is likely, all that is left for debate is how meaningful the recovery will be and if it is sustainable. The...
Since writing about investing in second mortgages, I’ve received a tremendous response from readers looking for more information. Before I get into the what and why’s of 2nd mortgages, I’d like to explain The ‘Rule of 72′ The ‘Rule of 72′ is a simplified way to determine how long an investment wi...
Don't forget to tune in to the BIO channel at 10pm - My friend Sean Stepenson's show "3 foot Giant" is on! - pass it on...we need 300,000 to see the pilot for it to go to series  
Lenders approve loans based on their impression of your ability and INTENT to pay it back. To figure this out, they look at five things: creditworthiness income job longevity job stability and future income prospects.   We'll tell you how to make sure you look good in each of these things, so tha...
Question: What effect will the HST have on a house buyer’s decision making? The HST will mean higher final costs for some new home buyers, namely those purchasing more expensive new homes. The final impact, however, will not be as large as the additional 7% provincial portion of the HST. The prov...
This is a reminder as to how the credit card companies extract interest rates so high it would embarrass a Mafia loan shark. Since I am the “finance guy”, close friends asked me to look at their credit card statement. My friends had reason to be extremely upset. My friends typically pay their bil...
Can you still buy with ZERO Down in Canada? New Blog Post at   Take care, Mark Fidgett"Your Personal Mortgage Consultant....For Life!" PS - Please Don't Keep Me a SecretA REFERRAL is when you INTRODUCE someone you care about to someone you TRUST! T 604.273.2002 | F 604....

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