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Are you the right canidate for a short sale?  How do you know if you are a good canidate for a short sale, or better yet what is a short sale. Let me see if I can inlighten you about what it is. How it works, and if it is the right choice for you.  A short sale is just like the name emplys. It is...
Have you heard talk about a down market, or I think you should stay where you are till things turn around?  If so you need to ask that person where they are getting their information from, and how reliable is it.  If they say the national news then you need to question them on the accuracy of tha...
It was cold and windy but tons of fun.  Inspite of the adverse weather conditions we had a decent turn out for the out side events that in cluded a Poker Run, Bike Show, and concerts.  When the sun started goin down and it was time to move inside the walls started to bust at the seams.  The two b...
Its about 6:30 in the morning, and I am very excited.  Today the Wah Bah Steak House and StealHorse Ranch Salon (The name Wah Bah comes for the sound a Harley makes when you rev it up real fast and the let off of it) is having its second annual Spring Bash and Poker Run for St. Jude.  Activities ...
Whose future would you rather invest in, yours or your landlords? You may not realize this, but did you know that it is very possible to own a home for approximately the same monthly investment as the rent that you are paying now.  Maybe even lower.  Although rates change every day; currently it ...
Today I pulled up my local MLS on the computer and looked at the New, Sale Pendings and Sold list and I got a big smile on my face and just had to tell everybody.  The Bowling Green Real Estate Market is great!  Here are the numbers to back it up.As of 4/07/08New - 37Sale Pending - 202Sold - 267F...
Every time you turn around you are hearing in the news about the gloom and doom of the real estate market in America today.  First of all real estate is LOCAL.  "Comparing real estate is like comparing the weather. Just because it's 80 degrees and sunny in Bowling Green doesn't mean it's 80 degre...
Tradition, what thoughts does that word bring to mind?  Something old. Something handed down from generation to generation from a time long a go.  It may also bring to mind a time when things were much simpler and carefree.  Those were the thoughts and images that came to mind when developers of ...

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