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"I locked my interest rate at 5.5% and now rates are going down, what do I do?" With rates returning to the 5% level and possibly going lower, many consumers who "locked in" their interest rate over the past 3 weeks are now left asking this very question. First I must say, that you were not a foo...
A float down is when rates improve after you have "locked in" your interest rate and the lender agrees to float your interest rate down to the market rate for that given day. Q: Do all lenders offer this? A: No. Every lender has a different policy. Some do not offer a float down option at all Q: ...
HVCC stands for Home Valuation Code of Conduct. In short, it restricts the consumer as to who can perform there appraisal and puts it in the hands of a selected lender. This lender will order your appraiser through a NATIONAL company. This is significant because you will often have a an appraiser...

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