fha loan: Today's mortgage rates 11/25 4.375%! - 11/25/09 03:00 AM
All rates listed below are BASE rates on a 30 day lock. Factors such as credit score, loan to value, occupancy, cash out, loan purpose, property state and lock period can change these rates for better or for worse. Please contact me today for a custom rate quote.Please call for 10,15,20,25 and 40 year quotes. We also offer ARMS, Interest Only and Super Jumbo mortgages up to $2 millionAdjustable Rate Mortgage (ARM) Rates 3.25%! Call for a free good faith estimate30 yr fixed rate mortgage below $417,0004.375% 1 point4.5% .5 points4.75% NO POINTSFannie Mae JUMBO mortgage30 yr fixed rate(up to $729,000)4.75% … (0 comments)

fha loan: No Closing Cost mortgage rates 11/10 - 11/10/09 01:54 AM
No Closing Cost refinance rates 11/10/2009 

Rates listed below are for NO CLOSING COST mortgage refinances in Maryland, Virginia and Washington D.C.
Rates listed below are BASE rates. Rates are based upon a $300,000 minimum loan amount, no cash out and a credit score 720 or greater, closing cost not to exceed $3,000. Please call or email me for a custom rate quote. No Closing Cost 30 yr fixed rate mortgage:4.875 with $1200 closing cost credit5% Up to $2500 closing cost credit5.125% Up to $3200 closing cost creditNo Cost 30 yr fixed JUMBO mortgage rate up to $729,7505.25% up … (0 comments)

fha loan: What have we learned this summer about interest rates? LOCK IN NOW! - 08/17/09 04:01 AM
From early March until May 27th we were enjoying record low interest rates. When I say low, I mean REALLY low. I was writing loans as low as 4.375% 30 yr fixed with ZERO points. Despite all of this, I had clients that refused to lock as they waited for 4% or even lower. Those clients got burned and will likely not make the same mistake again. Take a look at the chart below and you can see just how drastically the market can move in a day

The market has stabilized, while still volitale we … (2 comments)

fha loan: ARM is not a dirty word - 05/18/09 04:29 AM

In case you have been in a cave for the past 2 years,  the adjustable rate mortgage (ARM) has been unjustly blamed for the housing crisis. Here is the public perception of the ARM:
Borrowers were sold these new exotic Adjustable rates without the terms being disclosed, then they adjusted and the borrower could not longer make the payment and lost their home.
Is this true? partially. BUT , The ARM was not a new program, the ARM is not exotic or unusual, in fact the ARM is a great option for the right borrower. If you have over 20% … (0 comments)

fha loan: Use your $8,000 First time homebuyer tax credit as my downpayment...sort of. - 05/14/09 03:46 AM
**UPDATE** HUD pulled this letter the day after it was issued. Stay tuned for updates
On Tuesday HUD Secretary Shaun Donovan announced that first time home buyers may use the $8,000 first time home buyer tax credit as part or all of their down payment, when they use an FHA insured loan to purchase! We currently have very few details at this time, We do expect further details to be released next week. What I'm reading now, is that FHA will allow first time home buyers access to the tax credit through short term bridge loans,  I assume these LOANS would come due … (0 comments)

fha loan: Attention UPSIDE DOWN Villages of Urbana Homeowners - 05/05/09 06:47 AM
Help may be here for you!
I am one of many VOU homeowners that is upside down on my mortgage I purchased in the Villages of Urbana  in September of 2005, otherwise known as "the height of the market". As a result, I owe$440,000 on a townhouse that is worth about $350,000 (I'm being aggressive with that estimate)
Due to the rapid decline in home prices in our community, many homeowners have been unable to take advantage of today's low interest rate. That has changed if your current mortgage is owned by either Fannie Mae or Freddie Mac. Under the HARP program, you … (0 comments)

fha loan: Be a good American: Buy a home and get free money while supplies last! - 05/01/09 04:58 AM
"I'm a first time home buyer, I'm trying to buy a home soon to take advantage of the first time home buyer $8,000 tax credit" That statement ranks in the top 3 things I hear everyday. 
#1 is "I'm upside down on my mortgage, HELP!"
#2 is "I'm not your maid, put your clothes in the hamper" (I did not say that my top 3 are all business related)
So I digress back to the point of this post. Now is a great time for a first time home owner to buy a home. Prices are low, rates are lower, sellers are paying … (0 comments)

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