high balance fha streamline: Don't be stupid! 4% fixed rates are not happening. 4.5% Fixed is a different story - 11/16/09 02:52 AM
"If you have been waiting for 4% fixed rate to become available, you need a reality check. Betting on something happening that has never happened before is never a good bet."
To quote Yogi Berra "It's like Déjà vu all over again". We are once again experiencing the BEST MORTGAGE RATES that we have ever seen. That phrase has been thrown around so much that it is starting to sound like "The biggest sale of the year" or "The most dramatic rose ceremony ever" The big difference is that we know that a sale will return in a larger form and that … (0 comments)

high balance fha streamline: **URGENT** Lock your FHA streamline TODAY or else you may never be able to! - 11/13/09 03:10 AM
As mentioned in prior post, FHA is changing the guidelines to streamline your FHA mortgage. The changes will take affect on all FHA case #'s issued on or after 11/18. However, many lenders are instituting these new guidelines on Monday 11/16. This means that you MUST start the mortgage process TODAY.
Want some good news? Rates are near the lowest points that we have EVER Seen:
These rates are available RIGHT NOW:
30 yr fixed
4.75% NO POINTS (loan amounts 300k-417k)
4.875% NO POINTS (loan amounts 417k-729k)
With rates this low, NOW is the time to streamline your FHA loan. Call me today!

high balance fha streamline: What you need to know to streamline your FHA loan - 11/05/09 08:32 AM
       If you have an FHA mortgage and you are considering streamlining, Here is what you need to know
1. You ALWAYS want to close at the end of the month! When you payoff an traditional loan, you will only pay interest for the amount of days that you actually have the loan.  Example: Your loan funds on 11/2 , you would pay 2 days of interest to your old lender and 28 days interest to your new lender for a total of 30 days interest. On an FHA loan, you have to pay a full 30 days interest to your old … (0 comments)

high balance fha streamline: Today's mortgage rates Maryland, Virginia, Washington DC - 10/29/09 03:29 AM
TODAY'S MORTGAGE RATES : Maryland, Virginia & Washington D.C.Updated 11:15 am 10/29/09All rates listed below are BASE rates on a 30 day lock. Factors such as credit score, loan to value, occupancy, cash out, loan purpose, property state and lock period can change these rates for better or for worse. Please contact me today for a custom rate quote.Please call for 10,15,20,25 and 40 year quotes. We also offer ARMS, Interest Only and Super Jumbo mortgages up to $2 millionAdjustable Rate Mortgage (ARM) Rates from 3.5% CALL OR EMAIL FOR A QUOTE30 yr fixed rate mortgage below $417,0004.375% 2.625 points4.5% 2 … (0 comments)

high balance fha streamline: FHA streamlines: time is running out! MUST READ - 10/27/09 03:20 AM
As I mentioned in a prior post, the guidelines for FHA streamline refinances without an appraisal are going to drastically change on 11/18/09. If you currently have and FHA mortgage in Maryland, Virginia or Washington D.C., please call me today for a free streamline mortgage estimate.Why the rush?1. On November 18th, the maximum loan amount for FHA streamlines will change. As of today, you can obtain a loan amount equal to your old loan amount. This typically allows you to roll most or all closing cost into your new loan. The result is a NO COST streamline.If your FHA case number … (0 comments)

high balance fha streamline: Attention: All FHA homeowners, FHA streamline refinance guidelines are changing. - 10/06/09 02:01 AM
If you currently have an FHA loan, please read the following.
On September 18th 2009, HUD issued new guidelines for FHA streamline refinances. While I agree with the spirit of the new guidelines, the result will be that FHA streamline refinances without appraisals will be more costly. The new guideline will apply to all transaction with an FHA case number issued on or after 11/18/2009.
Why will the new guidelines make an FHA streamline more expensive?
Under the new FHA streamline guidelines, the maximum loan amount will be your outstanding principal balance MINUS your upfront mortgage insurance premium refund. Under the old guidelines, … (1 comments)

high balance fha streamline: Today's rates from 4.375% Maryland, Virginia, DC - 10/01/09 03:19 AM
4.5% mortgages today Maryland, Virginia, DCUpdated 10:45 am 10/1/09Work with a local mortgage lender that you can trust. Choice Finance has been serving the DC metro area for 14 years. Stop by our local Rockville, Md office today to visit us!Please call for 10,15,20,25 and 40 year quotes. We also offer ARMS, Interest Only and Super Jumbo mortgages up to $2 millionAdjustable Rate Mortgage (ARM) Rates5 yr FHA ARM from 3.5%5 yr Conforming ARM from 3.5%5 yr Jumbo ARM from 3.5%30 yr fixed rate mortgage below $417,0004.375% 1.875 points
4.5% 1.5 points
4.625% 1 point
4.75% .5 points
4.875% … (0 comments)

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