postaprop: Quiz Landing Page For Real Estate - 08/10/18 11:36 AM
Here are 2 of the most important keys to success in real estate:
Lead Generation Lead Follow up  
Many agents drop the ball on point 2, but lead follow up is just as important as lead generation.  However, lead follow up can dominate a schedule so were always looking for ways to make it easier ("time friendly").
The "Quiz Landing Page For Real Estate" can help on both fronts.  They help with lead generation and they help with automated lead follow up and qualifying.
What is a "Quiz Landing Page"?  Here is an example:  Quiz Landing Page By postAprop
The quiz opens with a series … (3 comments)

postaprop: Just Listed Facebook Ad - Just Sold Facebook Ad - 01/28/18 02:35 PM
One of the best ways to utilize your current listings and just sold properties is to create a Facebook ad campaign like you see in this image above.
What can this type of campaign do for you? 
As a Realtor, it should be in your blood to let everybody in the local market know about your listing and just sold properties.  Facebook makes it easy for you to do it and in the process you'll realize these benefits:
1. Instant Lead Generation
2. Brand Building - More locals see your work
3. Increase Your CRM Database  
You don't have to pay anybody to manage your ads for you.  … (8 comments)

postaprop: 2 Steps To An Effective Real Estate Landing Page - 05/23/17 09:53 PM
Did you know... a real estate landing page can be a powerful marketing tool for agents?
A landing page that offers quality content in exchange for contact information is a proven marketing tactic.  It works across any niche or business, and it is especially effective in real estate.  
Attention Realtors: Don't you have access to important real estate information that offers value to both buyers and sellers?   So why not use it in a manner that is proven to produce leads?
One of the best lead generation methods available to you is to offer this information and content in an appealing manner on … (3 comments)

postaprop: 4 Tips To Convert Content Marketing Into Leads - 02/16/17 12:54 PM
"Local and targeted content should be your foundation to online real estate marketing success"  -
Realtors have access to important information that can educate interested buyers and sellers.  Posting this information online in an interesting and easy-to-consume format can intrigue potential clients while positioning the agent's business in a very favorable light. 
This is the essence of "Content Marketing" and it can deliver outstanding results for Realtors.  For example, content marketing in real estate is fantastic for trust building, brand building, SEO benefits, and traffic to your website from protential clients.
In 2017, content marketing should be a key element of your overall marketing plan.  The trend … (24 comments)

postaprop: The 3 Real Estate Landing Pages Every Agent Needs - 05/11/16 03:17 AM
You may think your agent website is optimized for lead generation.  But, most likely, it's missing some key elements.   A quick fix for this issue is to setup a few real estate squeeze pages (aka landing pages).
Once you set up the pages, you can link them to your core site.  The benefit to doing this is you'll see a jump in converting website visitors into leads.
What is a "real estate squeeze page"?   It's a one page website with one single objective: To convert online interest into a new lead.  The pages should promote one clear message while offering … (5 comments)

postaprop: Expired Listing Landing Pages: A Live Example - 02/23/16 06:54 AM
Here is a quick "how to video" with some screenshots on how to setup a highly effective "Expired Listing Landing Page".  
The page can be used for any type of lead purpose.  However, the landing page service at has pages in place for specific lead types. This page was designed specifically for expired listing leads.
This landing page setup has content in place such as the "Free Report" in a 3D flip format:
An effective lead-generating landing page has to have a "value proposition".   What is this? It should be some type of offer of value on your page.  Something you give to … (2 comments)

postaprop: Adwerx Review: Does It Work For Agents? - 11/20/15 09:54 AM
Looking to build your brand in your local market?
Adwerx says they can help you do it. Launched in 2014, Adwerx provides agents with an inexpensive platform to use "remarketing ads" to boost brand awareness.   
Feedback From Agents
Reviews and feedback I have seen from Agents is mixed.  I have talked with a number of agents about the service.  My first question is always "where are you sending the traffic?".
Why is that important? 
Because too many agents are using the platform to send traffic to the home page of their website.  This is a HUGE mistake.  In this article you'll find the easy fix … (26 comments)

postaprop: Home Value Landing Pages: How They Produce Seller Leads - 08/17/15 02:58 PM
Want More Listings? Get Them Here.
Just one new listing can propel your business to new heights.  It can showcase your skills as an agent. Market your brand to a wider audience. Place your face in front of more buyers and sellers. Bring new clients and referrals.  And....of course....produce more income.  This is why it's important for any agent to consider and explore any marketing method that provides new listings.  The "HOME VALUE LANDING PAGE" is an effective tool for generating your own seller leads.  More and more agents are using this type of lead-generating page to develop new relationships with homeowners and land new listings. Example: The Home … (6 comments)

postaprop: FREE Real Estate Website Review From Leading Expert - 04/21/15 04:46 AM
Here is an online marketing fact every Realtor, Agent, & Broker should know:
Over 90%! read that correctly.
You work hard to build your brand and send traffic to your website but you are losing over 9 out of 10 visitors forever!
How about an easy fix this problem?
Here is a FREE SERVICE that will review your real estate website and present an easy-to-follow blueprint to make some corrections to reduce all of these lost opportunities.
Go Here To See It:
What Do You Get?
Online marketing expert reviews your site Checks on basic lead generating tools Offers easy-to-follow blueprint to fix it What … (1 comments)

postaprop: Who Created The Real Estate Squeeze Pages Group? - 04/09/15 02:46 PM
This group was founded by Chris Locke, creator of postAprop. -  I founded this group as a place for Realtors to learn how to generate more leads and sales with the use of real estate squeeze pages (aka landing pages).
I will post tips, advice, and examples of successful real estate pages and would like any one else to do the same.  
Using squeeze pages is easy to do once you understand a few basics. It's also one of the most cost-effective ways to generate real estate leads.
My experience? In 2010, I created which is an online squeeze page service that … (0 comments)




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