real estate leads: 2 Steps To An Effective Real Estate Landing Page - 05/23/17 09:53 PM
Did you know... a real estate landing page can be a powerful marketing tool for agents?
A landing page that offers quality content in exchange for contact information is a proven marketing tactic.  It works across any niche or business, and it is especially effective in real estate.  
Attention Realtors: Don't you have access to important real estate information that offers value to both buyers and sellers?   So why not use it in a manner that is proven to produce leads?
One of the best lead generation methods available to you is to offer this information and content in an appealing manner on … (3 comments)

real estate leads: The 3 Real Estate Landing Pages Every Agent Needs - 05/11/16 03:17 AM
You may think your agent website is optimized for lead generation.  But, most likely, it's missing some key elements.   A quick fix for this issue is to setup a few real estate squeeze pages (aka landing pages).
Once you set up the pages, you can link them to your core site.  The benefit to doing this is you'll see a jump in converting website visitors into leads.
What is a "real estate squeeze page"?   It's a one page website with one single objective: To convert online interest into a new lead.  The pages should promote one clear message while offering … (5 comments)

real estate leads: Adwerx Review: Does It Work For Agents? - 11/20/15 09:54 AM
Looking to build your brand in your local market?
Adwerx says they can help you do it. Launched in 2014, Adwerx provides agents with an inexpensive platform to use "remarketing ads" to boost brand awareness.   
Feedback From Agents
Reviews and feedback I have seen from Agents is mixed.  I have talked with a number of agents about the service.  My first question is always "where are you sending the traffic?".
Why is that important? 
Because too many agents are using the platform to send traffic to the home page of their website.  This is a HUGE mistake.  In this article you'll find the easy fix … (26 comments)

real estate leads: Real Estate Leads: See More Leads From Your Real Estate Website - 04/19/15 04:55 AM
Do you want more buyer and seller leads flowing into your business? 
Of course you do, right?
How about an easy way to produce more leads coming into your business?  Interested? it is... important marketing fact you should know:
Over 90%! Think about that number.  I have a solution that will help that number.
My solution is an easy tweak to your current real estate website and blog that will result in more leads.   It's something that won't take a lot of time or money to do but I know it will result in more buyer and seller leads into your business.
How do … (6 comments)

real estate leads: How To Find The Right Agent: A Squeeze Page For Leads - 04/13/15 03:23 AM
Quick Marketing Lesson: The Real Estate Squeeze Page
Squeeze pages are one page websites designed to generate leads. has "real estate specific" squeeze pages that are 100% complete.  What this means is all of the graphics, content, video, and reports are in place already.  It also comes with hosting and email marketing built in.
The results? You can INSTANTLY setup a page like the image below in one click:
This page is setup to generate leads from buyers and sellers looking for an agent. It has an excellent "Explainer Video" in place, graphics, and report. In other words, nothing needs to be done … (2 comments)

real estate leads: Real Estate Squeeze Pages: Cost Effective Lead Generation - 04/09/15 05:14 AM
Isn't this one of the most important aspects of running a successful real estate business?
Any Realtor who can get a good grasp on generating a steady flow of leads AND knows how to do it at a reasonable cost has a competitive advantage over those who struggle with these important tasks.
THE SQUEEZE PAGE - Your competitive advantage
One of the best ways to generate leads (at a fantastic cost) is through the use of buyer & seller "REAL ESTATE SQUEEZE PAGES".
Let's define the term "squeeze page"
What is a real estate squeeze page?
Well...a squeeze page is a one page website with only … (4 comments)




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