real estate squeeze page: Home Value Landing Pages: How They Produce Seller Leads - 08/17/15 02:58 PM
Want More Listings? Get Them Here.
Just one new listing can propel your business to new heights.  It can showcase your skills as an agent. Market your brand to a wider audience. Place your face in front of more buyers and sellers. Bring new clients and referrals.  And....of course....produce more income.  This is why it's important for any agent to consider and explore any marketing method that provides new listings.  The "HOME VALUE LANDING PAGE" is an effective tool for generating your own seller leads.  More and more agents are using this type of lead-generating page to develop new relationships with homeowners and land new listings. Example: The Home … (6 comments)

real estate squeeze page: Direct Mail Example From Top Los Angeles Realtor - 06/29/15 11:04 AM
Direct mail can be an excellent marketing method for agents. 
Here is a list of 4 bullet points to follow when crafting a direct mail campaign:
> Target a specific niche and target a specific audience> Make an impact with images & large headline or question> Simple & concise – One simple message and one clear offer> Have A clear "CALL TO ACTION" with an "OFFER"
The last point may be the most important.  A direct mailer (or any marketing) that fails with this last point can drastically reduce the effectiveness of the campaign.
Example of weak call-to-action?
Nothing but a "CALL ME" message on the mailer.
Example … (38 comments)

real estate squeeze page: Real Estate Landing Pages: A Quick How To Guide - 05/27/15 02:07 AM
What are you doing RIGHT NOW to promote your real estate business?
Blogging Referrals Door Knocking Online Marketing Social Media Print Ads Mail/Postcards Email Marketing Open Houses Other…  
Whatever it is….you can make all of your marketing methods much more effective by integrating it with highly targeted real estate landing pages.  It’s an easy-to-do adjustment to your marketing plan and it’s proven to work. 
All you have to do is "create and integrate".
Create the page. Integrate it into your marketing.   It's that easy. Let me show you the way with this detailed post.  ***SCROLL TO BOTTOM FOR 2018 UPDATE
Let's start … (26 comments)

real estate squeeze page: How To Find The Right Agent: A Squeeze Page For Leads - 04/13/15 03:23 AM
Quick Marketing Lesson: The Real Estate Squeeze Page
Squeeze pages are one page websites designed to generate leads. has "real estate specific" squeeze pages that are 100% complete.  What this means is all of the graphics, content, video, and reports are in place already.  It also comes with hosting and email marketing built in.
The results? You can INSTANTLY setup a page like the image below in one click:
This page is setup to generate leads from buyers and sellers looking for an agent. It has an excellent "Explainer Video" in place, graphics, and report. In other words, nothing needs to be done … (2 comments)

real estate squeeze page: Who Created The Real Estate Squeeze Pages Group? - 04/09/15 02:46 PM
This group was founded by Chris Locke, creator of postAprop. -  I founded this group as a place for Realtors to learn how to generate more leads and sales with the use of real estate squeeze pages (aka landing pages).
I will post tips, advice, and examples of successful real estate pages and would like any one else to do the same.  
Using squeeze pages is easy to do once you understand a few basics. It's also one of the most cost-effective ways to generate real estate leads.
My experience? In 2010, I created which is an online squeeze page service that … (0 comments)

real estate squeeze page: Real Estate Squeeze Pages: Cost Effective Lead Generation - 04/09/15 05:14 AM
Isn't this one of the most important aspects of running a successful real estate business?
Any Realtor who can get a good grasp on generating a steady flow of leads AND knows how to do it at a reasonable cost has a competitive advantage over those who struggle with these important tasks.
THE SQUEEZE PAGE - Your competitive advantage
One of the best ways to generate leads (at a fantastic cost) is through the use of buyer & seller "REAL ESTATE SQUEEZE PAGES".
Let's define the term "squeeze page"
What is a real estate squeeze page?
Well...a squeeze page is a one page website with only … (4 comments)




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