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Well, here I am at the end of my first week on AR, and I have to tell you this place rocks. I'm on Facebook, and I have mentioned AR about four times this week.  I love the wealth of information, the kinship, the efforts to help that you find here. I think blogging on AR should be mandatory for a...
As I get ready to close this latest deal, I am reminded that I should give my sellers a gift for letting me represent them.  I have listened to them, and have a gift picked out, but once again I find myself wondering what amount I should spend.  How much is too much? Is it based on the amount of ...
For those of you that visited Tyler once many, many, moons again, I just thought I would let you know things have changed.  I have lived here for about 12 years, and let me tell you we have some growth going on here! I learned yesterday of a new hotel going in by the toll road. I think this makes...
Does anybody know if there is some good information out there on walking through the VA paperwork on a loan? I feel like I don't understand enough about the process. I am in the middle of a VA guaranteed loan now, and it looked like it wasn't going to be too difficult a process.  Today, I had no ...
I was just remembering something my RE instructor told me in one of the many classes I took with him so I thought I would share it.  He said something to the effect of: " Real estate is not about the money. Never look at it as about making money. Do the best you can to help people, be honest, be ...
So the big weekend is coming up. Fourth of July, Independence day, a day off from work,  another day the banks are closed, and the mail doesn't run. However you choose to look at it, take a second this week to reflect on our freedom. Yes, you typically remember Veterans during Memorial Day, but w...
I find myself wondering today why I seem to be the only one that answers my phone. Isn't that like 75% of our job: talking on the phone? I spend more time talking on the blue tooth or cell than I do actually face to face it seems many times.  So, why is it that every agent I call refuses to answe...
okay, here i go again. two blogs in one day. am i nuts? what could i possibly talk about? do i sound nuts? why would anyone care what i have to say? all good questions with any number of possible answers.  let's start with this whole blogging thing. am i nuts to type words on a screen that total ...
Tyler, Texas is not like the rest of the nation.  Our market is strong. Yes, things have slowed down, but that does not mean we have to head for the hills.  If you have any questions about real estate, let me find help you find the answers.  There are no "stupid" questions, and you should never b...

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