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If you have a minute or two and can share anything about mortgage work outs or loan modifications, I would appreciate it.  Do you know a living, breathing person that negotiated a successful mortgage workout?  I invite you to write a post about a mortgage work out and earn 200 points....  Tips, h...
More Things to Do in Bonita Springs Someone found this Bonita Springs real estate blog looking for "things to do First Date Bonita Springs, Fl". I don't think I've ever really written specifically about dating. I think I did do a Valentine day post once. It got me thinking that maybe I should wr...
This is an excerpt of an email I sent to comcast last night.  An email that followed some twitter tweets. I was not able to get my email issues resolved with "real life" people in bricks and mortar Comcast locations so I went all high tech.  Missy Caulk told me to twitter @ComcastCares my problem...
  This is Sonny. His real name was Charles but people called him Sonny. Like Sonny Bono that guy that was married to Cher. I tried to find a picture of my father and me and this is all I came up with. He died fairly young and I don't have a lot of memories of him. What's strange is I dug into an ...
Barefoot Beach ducks are just a little antisocial at first. They were playing in standing water until the crazy urban bush woman of Bonita Springs started infringing upon their personal space. I slowly squatted down and waited. The mommy was giving me the stink eye but eventutally it dawned on h...
Why do bloggers and Active Rainer’s biotch about no good news being reported? It ticks me off that any blogger that doesn’t realize that they ARE the news isn’t getting it.  Brinkley is dead so quit waiting for old school news to bail you out. Get it. If you don’t like the news that is being repo...
Warning, this is not at all real estate related or even related to Bonita Springs, for that matter. There is nothing more frustrating in life than being held at the mercy of big business, operated by computers, outsourced to Bangalore, press 2 for Spanish - hold the line for English, utility com...
Let someone else pick up after your pet.  This little card came to my office. The other side of it reads Eliminating the ugly yellow spots, disgusting brown mounds, gross smells and obvious health risks for over 50,000 happy poop-free residents has made them #1 in the buisness of #2.  LOL  Activ...
Help me out with basic question, because I have apparently missed something, somewhere along the line. More than a few of the "commenters" on a column I write in the local paper keep referring to themselves as bloggers. My opinion is that they are COMMENTING on the online version of the paper. Th...

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