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My bride and I were discussing the changes in our town, in our neighborhood, and in the way kids grow up these days over our coffee this morning as she bemoaned the fact that Bonanza Books is going out of business.  Bonanza-- long the independent new and used book store in downtown Walnut Creek--...
Do you really know what your customers think of you or do you only think you know?  Are you confident enough to bet a significant stake in your company's future based upon your appraisal of how customers perceive your products and services, your pricing and policies, your value to them?  How tune...
My wife and I are in that age bracket where the thought of scaling down in size to have less to clean and less to maintain is a good thing:  we might actually do it one of these days when and if we give up on the dream that our kids will be able to afford to move within a couple of miles of our n...
There I was reading the San Francisco Chronicle online when the headline grabbed me: "Gulp, The Pythons Are Coming" and I clicked in.  Seems there are pet pythons abandoned to the wild in Florida and they've proved highly adaptable and somewhat mobile-- they can, apparently, travel up to 20 miles...
What is with this new rash of computer-generated and pre-recorded messages trying to sell me stuff lately?I thought somewhere along the way there was a law passed that made it illegal for marketing companies to solicit using a computer as the initial interaction with a prospect.  I thought the in...
I read today that the President and Congress are considering a bigger, better, bolder, brighter redux of the strategy that kept our micro-mini recession in 2001 under control-- rebates!  The President's theory (and, of course, he's not thinking this stuff up on his own) is that by infusing cash i...
Sometimes you need to step back, force yourself to take a thorough mental timeout, and pause to re-evaluate things in your life and how they're working out for you.  I've just completed one of those timeouts related to my blogging-- my last post having been written October 30th, the same day I wa...
I was speaking with a REALTOR® friend the other day and she mentioned that the average DOM had risen substantially in her county-- as it has in most counties.  With fewer buyers out there ready and able to transact and with sellers not yet reacting quickly enough to the new pricing realities of a...
I admit, one should never blog in anger.  That's why I've invoked my traditional 24-hour rule started years ago with the "send button" to allow cooler heads to prevail and to avoid that seasick feeling that overtakes you moments after hitting it on a message you realize you're probably going to r...
People and dogs are different in "oh so many ways" but there are still things we can learn from the so-called lesser creatures.  I really started to think about this after listening to Steve Morris talk about the rationale for creating Exit Realty.  Mr. Morris positioned that people inevitably ne...

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