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The deal that would not close has finally... yep, you guessed it... 'come together' and closed [well, it closed in late May but was in stealth mode pending a press release and announcement by NAR, which finally came together today].  This deal is probably different than the average deal we all do...
CHICAGO (July 26, 2007) - The National Association of Realtors® today announced a strategic alliance that will enhance Realtors'® marketing efforts and improve their bottom lines, with the addition of PsPrint, LLC to NAR's roster of Realtor Benefits® partners.  PsPrint is a leading provider of pr...
There are 5 new postcard designs now available on our website for mortgage professionals to use to market themselves to prospective clients-- courtesy of Wells Fargo's Business and Real Estate Financing Group.  These designs can be customized to include your contact information in the text box ar...
PsPrint, LLC has announced that it will assist Wells Fargo's Business and Real Estate Financing Group (BREF) in creating and fulfilling direct marketing tools and resources for BREF's independent brokerage network.  PsPrint LLC is a leading provider of printing, mailing and design services for sm...
My 50th birthday was Monday and I spent it and the handful of days immediately adjacent to it doing something I'd always meant to do but somehow never 'got around to' before:  I visited Chicago with no business agenda whatsoever-- just to experience the city!  Maybe it was reading Geno Petro's bl...
Calendars and the real estate industry seem to go together like cookies and milk and every year REALTORS® and mortgage professionals dutifully set aside a handful of important marketing dollars to produce them to send to their client and prospect lists.  But are these calendars doing any good in ...
The San Francisco Chronicle and other local media are reporting huge disparities between richer and poorer neighborhoods as a local garbage lockout continues through it's 11th day here.  Charges of redlining neighborhoods for pickups and service have been circulating for a few days now as it beca...
There's a house down the hill from where I live that sold recently... for about $300K less than the average home sells for in the area.  Locals all know about the house-- it had long been less than pristinely maintained as the original owners grew elderly and invalid.  Folks assumed it would need...
My colleagues and I recently attended the a la mode Annual Convention in Las Vegas-- a show heavily attended by a la mode's appraisal software customers (perhaps more so than their real estate, mortgage origination, and home inspection clients).  Me, I was fascinated by the keynote speaker, Georg...
We're entering a second wave of environmental consciousness in America and companies are jumping on the "green" bandwagon fast.  There's good reason to do so:  it makes good marketing sense to be "green" when consumers indicate they by and large prefer "green" behavior and are willing to seek it ...

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