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As Realtors we are tied by our profession to one of the most important aspects of the Founding of this nation and that is the land and the principle of private property. This is what Jefferson was really referring to when he spoke of the "pursuit of happiness" in the Declaration of Independence. ...

What do you think about those employees at AIG? Were you surprised to learn that our government officials. apparently from Obama on down, knew about the bonuses that were paid out? Do you object to that? I don't for the simple reason this money was due according to contracts engaged in by the own...
Normally I prefer to keep politics off of this blog and concentrate on real estate. However, when we have a government that is moving us closer and closer to a socialist nation I simply have to make a few points. It's the history and government teacher in me that causes this to happen. President ...
It has been a fun week or so. Almost like a year or two ago except things appear to be a lot saner. I have one of my listings under agreement with good buyers and a nice agent named Al to work with. I have two offers on my restaurant and am presenting them today. I am working with a friend also a...
I have a client who has also become a good friend. He is representative of what made this country great. He did not, by any stretch of the imagination, come from the well to do class. In fact he did not come from the middle class. He has, as many Americas have, pulled himself up by his bootstraps...
Have you been keeping an eye on the stimulus package? I have and I think it stinks. I say this both as a realtor and a retired history teacher who spent 32 years in that profession. Let me note that I still read constantly and have a history and political blog with my local newspaper. It will pro...
 Woke up to a snow covered landscape around 7AM. Went downstairs with my old Gordon Setter and took her out to her walk area. Much to my surprise it was sleeting or freezing rain by the time I got outside. While the dog circled her pen, I went for the two papers. Naturally neither were there. Wen...
She's under 5 feet tall and weighs about 83 pounds. She's 84 years old and has spent the better part of a year, May 19,2008 to the present, either in the hospital or in rehabilitation. I call her a lot of different names, Gloria, Pain in the posterior, and Mom. She fell in her front yard on May 1...
Has anyone noticed that we are no longer worrying about the liquidity of the banks and are now concentrating on "shovel ready jobs"? In all honesty I do not understand why this stimulus package of $825 billion has become a massive pork barrel, or if you prefer, massive ear mark project. The folks...
In today's Wall Street Journal, one of the few papers that might remain in existence, Nick Gillespie takes President Bush to task for our $8 trillion debt. Bush deserves this criticism because he failed to keep a close eye on domestic spending. I honestly believe the man was willing to let the sp...


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