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I was enjoying a most enlightening, as usual, conversation with my friend & mentor, DebbieStevens, today, and we got to talking about how the greatest place in life might just be when your business is such that you can choose the times that you go play IN it. Deb was talking about how her life is...
Sometimes, I just want to scream that question from the rooftops. You see, in talking with so many newer agents, it seems like they did not understand what being a real estate agent is really all about. Or, if they did, they forgot mighty fast. I see so many new agents who don’t like to do the mo...
About 5 years ago, I created a test project, to find out how local agents were doing in terms of responding to email requests from, the national real estate site. I created an email account that couldn’t be traced to me, and requested further information from 130 agents about properties th...

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