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Rachel Wolfinbarger knows it's just a myth that you need a 20% down payment to buy a home today. How does she know? Because the California blogger bought a $255,000 Rancho Cucamonga home last year, and she put down just 3.5% to get a mortgage backed by the Federal Housing Administration. Even swe...
One of the after-effects of the recent financial crisis is the passage of the Dodd-Frank Mortgage Reform. Once the changes come into effect in January of 2014, it might be harder for you to qualify for a mortgage. What's the reason for the reform, you wonder? Well, some financial services compan...
A low credit score doesn’t necessarily result in an automatic turn down for a mortgage loan. Mortgage lenders are looking for borrowers who are good risks, even though they may have little or no credit history. Lenders are now looking at additional criteria, some that they may not have considere...
  A house is the biggest asset that the majority of Americans will ever own. But while most of us delude ourselves into thinking that we actually know something about real estate, the truth is that few of us have any idea what we're talking about.    It's for this reason that I solicited the adv...
You can spend less without cutting the cord entirely.   Haven't cut the cable cord yet in favor of free or low-cost Internet TV options? You're not alone. The majority of Americans still watch TV through traditional paid cable services, according to media market research company Nielsen. 1. Trim ...
  In order to prevent the United States from slipping into a recession, the Federal Reserve has kept mortgage rates low for several years. Earlier this year, the Federal Reserve chairman suggested that the Fed may begin backing off this measure (known as quantitative easing), which led to increas...
Most of us consider Thanksgiving as an opportunity to stuff ourselves with delicious food, but for many families, this is also a day of time-honored traditions. Here are just a few ways you can add to this special holiday: Travel. Thanksgiving is one of the most travel-heavy days of the year. Ni...
Confidence doesn't come naturally to everyone. Even some of the most successful people have struggled with it during their careers. The good news is that you can develop confidence, just like any muscle or character trait, if you're willing to work hard. These tips can help you strengthen your co...

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