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 February is famous for being the month for romantic love. There's nothing wrong with roses, chocolates and love notes, but take a moment to evaluate the health of other relationships: your friendships.Whether you are single or half of a couple, take time to say "I love you" to some of your non-r...
 Home inspections are a must. Whether the house is decades old or newly built, an inspector can notify buyers of problems or potential problems with the interior and exterior of the house that, if ignored, could result in big expenses sooner rather than later.It's recommended that buyers be prese...
Media is everywhere. Right now, podcasts are one of our favorite ways to consume it. Audio-based content means we can plug-in in the car, at work or on a jog - something you can't do as easily with the 6 o'clock news or your favorite magazine.Some podcasts are good for the mind, others for the so...
 Buying and selling homes is difficult. Trying to navigate the process alone is risky. Too often, people try to act as their own real estate professional, but in the end, find it was not worth the risk.  Here's why:For BuyersRealtors® can provide pricing information that is otherwise difficult an...
 Over the last several years, DocuSign has exploded in popularity within the real estate industry. The company has taken stacks of paper contracts and made them digital - requiring homeowners to sign on the dotted line with an e-signature rather than ink.It's easy to be skeptical of electronic co...
   Unless you're a cat owner, chances are you don't keep kitty litter around your home. But, if you think outside the box, litter has a number of surprising uses around your house and garden. Read why you may want to grab a bag of unscented, non-clumping litter from the pet store: Road de-icer. K...
While the idea of budgeting may seem like a simple task, sitting down to write out a budget can leave even the most frugal among us scratching their heads. Thanks to the age of the smartphone, we have more options than scribbling out a budget on notebook paper.Not all financial apps are created e...
  The $5 RuleFor the next year, commit to saving every $5 bill you come across. If you save one $5 bill every week for one year, you will end up with $260. Reward YourselfEvery time you do a good deed, give yourself $1. Save these dollars together and after they add up, you'll have a fund for tre...
 Good news for business and vacation travelers alike: Travel costs in the United States are expected to fall this year, according to a study by American Express.In spite of the competition between low-cost carriers and traditional airlines, shorter flight economy fares could decrease by 3 percent...
 For a large portion of the country, winter means the real estate market tends to slow down. Families with children, who don't want to move during the school term, and cooler temperatures can send potential home buyers into hibernation.Just because the market slows down, does not mean it comes to...

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