selling your delaware home: What Should You Do If You Don't Have Money for Repairs? - 04/10/24 04:27 AM
Your house has to be different from the others when it is for sale. Additionally, some features, like immaculate hardwood floors or exquisitely designed open kitchens, are excellent at attracting attention to listings. However, what happens if you are unable to finance renovations, even though some items are in grave disrepair?
In order to attract buyers, some sellers might decide to give their house an allowance, or discount. In this case, the seller would consent to bear the cost of fixing anything the buyer deems to be defective. The allowance could be included in the buyer's offer or an request for repairs … (4 comments)

selling your delaware home: Selling Success: The Key Week to List Your Home and Attract Buyers - 04/02/24 02:45 AM
Are you considering selling your home this year? If so, this could be the ideal moment to take action. Experts predict that the ideal week to list your home is quickly approaching.
The best week to list your home this year is April 14–20, according to a recent study that examined housing market trends over the previous few years (2020 was an anomaly).
“Every year, one week stands out from the rest as that perfect stretch of time when it’s great to be a home seller. This year, the week of April 14–20 is the best time to sell—that is, if sellers … (2 comments)

selling your delaware home: Why Sellers Hold the Power in Todays Housing Supply Landscape - 03/26/24 02:42 AM
Are you unsure if selling your house now is still the right decision? Well, to put it briefly, yes. You can see two reasons for this if you look at the quantity of houses that are currently for sale.
According to a Calculated Risk article, the number of properties for sale has increased by 15.6% since the same week last year. That indicates a rise in inventory. However, compared to 2019, the last year the housing market was normal, there are currently about 40% fewer homes available for sale:
Here's a summary of how this helps you in the event that you sell.
1. … (2 comments)

selling your delaware home: Safeguarding Your Equity: 7 Factors that Can Lower Property Value - 03/19/24 03:08 AM
Numerous factors can cause property values to fluctuate, so it's critical for homeowners to be aware of those that could lower their home's value. While some of these factors—like interest rates, the state of the economy, and market conditions—are beyond your control, others are largely under your control. A home's property value can be adversely affected by certain projects, or lack thereof, ranging from ugly renovations to careless home maintenance. Knowing what depresses property value will help you safeguard your house and maximize your return on investment when the time comes to sell. 
1) Not Using Professionals for Home Projects
In addition to … (4 comments)

selling your delaware home: Selling Your Home This Spring? Here are Six Must Fixes Before Listing - 02/27/24 04:16 AM
When touring a home that is listed for sale, buyers and their agents tend to be attracted to things that show need of obvious repair or deferred maintenance. While not addressing these issues may not remove interest in your home, it will give a skilled negotiator additional leverage in the home purchase strategy.  To avoid having equity removed from your pocket, is an important to address these issues.  Whether you’re currently aware of any of the following issues or they’re discovered during a pre-listing inspection, it is usually much more financially wise to remove these items prior to listing. 
1. Roof  issues
Missing … (5 comments)

selling your delaware home: It’s Time To Prepare Your House for a Spring Listing - 02/20/24 04:19 AM
Now is the ideal time to begin preparing your home if you plan to sell it this spring. As the market prepares for its busiest season, it will be crucial to ensure that your home stands out from the competition.
Here are some helpful pointers to help you prepare your home for the market.
Declutter and Organize
Buyers are influenced by first impressions, and a messy home can quickly turn them off. Spend some time organizing and decluttering each room before listing. More than just organizing your belongings, decluttering aims to make your house feel open and spacious so that prospective buyers can picture … (6 comments)

selling your delaware home: The Early Bird Advantage: Selling Your Home Now for Optimal Results - 02/13/24 03:05 AM
Moving might be one of your main objectives for the upcoming year. However, how can you decide when to take action? Although spring is typically the busiest time of year for home buyers, you don't have to wait until then to sell. Here are some reasons why not to wait.
1. Take Advantage of Lower Mortgage RatesThe 30-year fixed mortgage rate peaked in October of last year at 7.79%. They reached their lowest point since May in January. This implies that you might not feel as committed to your existing mortgage rate at this time. Moving is now more affordable than it … (1 comments)

selling your delaware home: Uncovering the Secrets of House Prices in a Competitive Market - 01/02/24 03:33 AM
Home sales are dependent on a number of variables, even in seller's markets, so you may need to be adaptable.
It's possible that you're selling a house in a market that is competitive, with little supply and a lot of demand. And you're probably thinking "Whew," if not "Yay!" You are aware that compared to otherwise, you're probably going to have better offers, more interested buyers, and a quicker contract signing process. The good news does, however, come with a warning: you must control your expectations by learning what influences home sales and prices. The right real estate agent, market circumstances, buyer … (2 comments)

selling your delaware home: Reconsidering Your Options: The Unexpected Perks of Selling Your House - 10/16/23 03:08 AM
Even though you might be hesitant to sell your home because you don't want to commit to a mortgage rate that is higher than the one you currently have, there are other factors to take into account. Your personal needs might actually be more important than your financial situation. As stated in a Bankrate article: 
“Deciding whether it’s the right time to sell your home is a very personal decision. There are numerous important questions to consider, both financial and lifestyle-based, before putting your home on the market.”
In light of this, consider the following: Why did I want to move in the … (2 comments)

selling your delaware home: Unveiling the Surprising Factors Behind the Ongoing Sellers Market - 10/16/23 03:04 AM
Because there are so few homes for sale, the housing market is still a seller's market even though it has slowed from the frenzied "unicorn" years. What does that actually imply for you, though? And why are the market conditions for selling a home so favorable right now? 
Housing supply is still incredibly low, according to the National Association of Realtors' (NAR) most recent Existing Home Sales Report. The quantity of available homes on the market is used to calculate housing inventory. The amount of time it would take to sell all those available homes based on current demand is also measured … (0 comments)

selling your delaware home: Unlocking Your Home Equity: A Tool for a Smooth Retirement Transition - 10/16/23 03:02 AM
A big life milestone that comes with a lot of change and new opportunities is reaching retirement. One thing you might be thinking about is selling your house and finding a new one that better fits your changing needs as the door to this exciting chapter opens. 
Thankfully, you might be in a better position than you think to take action. These are some of the causes.
Consider How Long You’ve Been in Your Home
The average homeowner stayed in their house for approximately six years between 1985 and 2009. However, that figure is higher now, according to the National Association of Realtors (NAR). … (2 comments)

selling your delaware home: The Resilience of the Sellers Market: What Is Driving It? - 09/07/23 05:43 AM
Because there are so few homes for sale, the housing market is still a seller's market even though it has slowed from the frenzied "unicorn" years. What does that actually imply for you, though? And why are the market conditions for selling a home so favorable right now? 
Housing supply is still incredibly low, according to the National Association of Realtors' (NAR) most recent Existing Home Sales Report. The quantity of available homes on the market is used to calculate housing inventory. The amount of time it would take to sell all those available homes based on current demand is also measured … (2 comments)

selling your delaware home: Equity: The Ultimate Secret Weapon for Homeowners Ready to Sell - 09/03/23 09:41 AM
If you own a home, you might be unsure of whether or not to sell it at this time. That might be the case because you don't want to purchase your next home at a higher mortgage rate. Understanding your equity may be just what you need to feel more at ease making your move if that is your biggest obstacle. 
Equity Decoded: An In-depth Analysis of its Concept and Functionality
Your home's equity is its current value less any loan balance. And more recently than you might anticipate, that equity has been increasing significantly.
The sharp increase in home prices over the past … (2 comments)

selling your delaware home: Sellers Become Empowered: Breaking Free from Limiting Beliefs - 08/01/23 07:39 AM
Two major factors prevent many homeowners from selling their homes. The higher mortgage rates of today make people feel trapped and worry that they won't be able to find anything to buy because supply is so scarce. Let's examine each difficulty and offer you some sound guidance on how to get past these barriers.
The first difficulty is the reluctance to accept a higher mortgage rate.
The average interest rate for current homeowners who have mortgages is less than 4%, according to the Federal Housing Finance Agency (FHFA) (see graph below):
The 30-year fixed mortgage rate that buyers typically receive today, however, is closer … (3 comments)

selling your delaware home: Unveiling the Hidden Expenses: A Closer Look at Selling Your House DIY - 06/26/23 06:13 AM
Why Selling Your House with a Real Estate Agent is a Smart Move

Selling your house is like solving a big puzzle. Some people try to sell their homes on their own, but it's not as easy as it sounds! Without a real estate agent, you might face all sorts of problems. So, if you're thinking about selling your house by yourself, here's some important stuff you need to know.
The Challenges of Selling on Your Own
The most recent Profile of Home Buyers and Sellers from the National Association of Realtors (NAR) surveyed homeowners who had recently sold their own homes. They found … (4 comments)

selling your delaware home: Empowering Yourself: Putting Your Needs Before Todays Mortgage Rates - 06/13/23 06:31 AM
You may be considering selling your house due to a change in your life. While mortgage rates are important, remember the reason you want to make a change.
Affordability has been impacted by the fact that mortgage rates have increased from the recent record lows. Because of the current rates, some homeowners have decided to put off selling their homes because they don't want to relocate and end up with a higher mortgage rate on their new residence. 
If a homeowner has a 30-year fixed rate in the 2-3% range, they may not want to give that up for a rate in the … (8 comments)

selling your delaware home: Signs of Life: The Housing Market Shows Improvement - 05/22/23 06:33 AM
If you are keeping up with current events, you may be feeling uncertain about the state of home prices and whether or not we are headed towards a housing crisis. Unfortunately, many news headlines are painting a bleak and inaccurate picture. The truth is, home prices are not plummeting uncontrollably. In fact, the most recent data reveals a much more optimistic outlook. Delaware prices are slightly up month over month.
When reviewing home prices from a year-over-year perspective, we notice that they remained positive, albeit with a slower rate of appreciation compared to the peak of the pandemic. However, to gain a … (1 comments)

selling your delaware home: Timing is Everything: Tips for Selling Your Home at the Right Time - 05/11/23 03:19 PM
Exciting news for all you potential home sellers out there! The current housing market is experiencing a low number of homes for sale. Why, you ask? Well, it's because this season, there are fewer sellers listing their houses for sale than usual. So, if you're considering selling your house, now is the perfect time to take advantage of this unique opportunity. Don't miss out on the chance to sell your home in less time with a higher price potential. Get ready to say goodbye to your old home and hello to a new adventure!
CLICK BELOW to find out for yourself
So, if … (6 comments)

selling your delaware home: Key Tips for Selling Your Delaware Home in Today’s Market - 04/25/23 08:58 AM
When you sell your home, you want to sell it as quickly and profitably as possible. But in today’s market and economic climate, how, exactly, do you do that?
A recent video from outlined some steps you can take to increase the chances that your home will stand out and sell quickly in today’s market, including:
Work on your curb appeal. You only get to make a first impression once, and for potential buyers their first impression of your home takes place before they ever step foot inside. As such, if you want to sell your home quickly and profitably, make sure … (0 comments)

selling your delaware home: Sellers, Spring Brings Increased Homebuyer Activity in Delaware - 04/12/23 05:56 AM
The Northern Delaware housing market is showing signs of warming up this spring, with an increasing number of buyers entering the market. This is a positive development for sellers, especially after the rising mortgage rates had sidelined many buyers last year. 
It is evident that buyer activity is on the rise, as indicated by the increase In mortgage purchase applications. Essentially, the number of mortgage applications serves as a reliable indicator of the number of buyers seeking to obtain a mortgage. In simpler terms, an upsurge in mortgage applications translates to an increase in buyer demand. This trend has been observed since … (2 comments)

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