san diego: Uptown Condos, Hillcrest, San Diego, CA - 11/22/13 02:00 AM
Uptown Condos, Hillcrest, San Diego, CA Find similar condos for sale to the Uptown Condos, Hillcrest, San Diego, CA 
Other than the Hillcrest sign above 5th and University, the Uptown Condos are the landmark of Hillcrest.  This complex, on the site of the old Montgomery Wards, is home to a sprawling community where almost everyone knows your name.  Residents can take advantage of the secure building, large swimming pool, spa and newly remodeled gym.  You can walk to Trader Joe's, Ralphs, get your hair and nails done, drop off your dry cleaning and get a bagel. With a walk score of … (0 comments)

san diego: Wells Fargo Short Sales expected to rise - 10/31/13 03:21 AM
Even though it seems short sales are drying up, the word has come down and Wells Fargo Short Sales are expected to rise.  
Why?  Well, Wells says that's because all those folks who got a Home Equity Line of Credit (HELOC) in 2003 on up, well, those notes are now going to be amortized and borrowers may get a shock on their payment. 
Typically a HELOC is a loan that you can draw off of over a ten year period.  It's an interest only loan, making it manageable for most people.  Now that the notes are coming due, Wells will be … (2 comments)

san diego: 2714 4th Avenue, San Diego, CA 92103 - 10/28/13 08:45 AM
2714 4th Avenue, San Diego, CA 92103 is one of those rare opportunites not to be missed.  This spacious 1376 square foot condo comes with two bedrooms and two baths.  It's highly desirable location, on the corner of 4th and Nutmeg means it's close to everything. 
Walk to Balboa Park, all the restaurants, coffee shops and bars in Hillcrest.  2714 4th Avenue, San Diego CA 92103 MLS #130052633 is offered at $538,000.  The suite offers an open concept floor plan, a chefs kitchen with a 5 burner stove, two parkings spaces and so much more.  Built in 2004, it is one … (1 comments)

san diego: How to Start My San Diego Home Search - 10/01/13 09:22 AM
How to Start My San Diego Home Search
Getting started on your San Diego Home Search is a lot easier than you think.  What I have found in the last seven years of doing real estate is that people like to browse a bit before they start opening some doors.  There are also some easy steps to follow to get the search going.
First, identify a neighborhood for your home search.  In this case, we are in San Diego.  We have a number of communities that you can call home.  Some questions to ask yourself, where do you want to live? … (0 comments)

san diego: The Downtown San Diego Condo for Sale - 09/05/12 09:15 AM
Downtown San Diego Condo for Sale
Can you believe it, not one but two hot swanky condos his the Downtown Market in less than a week.  This latest Downtown San Diego Condo for Sale is Downtown living at it's finest. 
Located at 800 The Mark #2505, San Diego, CA 92101, it's right in the middle of it all. 
This 25th floor Southeast corner unit has views of the mountains, Coronado, Point Loma and Downtown.  The 500  square foot deck wraps around the unit with another balcony off the master bedroom.  The ceilings in this Downtown San Diego Condo for Sale are 10 … (0 comments)

san diego: Downtown San Diego Condo for Sale - 09/04/12 10:28 AM
Downtown San Diego Condo for Sale 

Chic and spohisticated.  That's the only way you can describe this Downtown San Diego Condo for Sale. The townhome, located at 645 Front Street Unit 311, Downtown San Diego is quite stunning. 
This southeast corner unit, features two bedrooms and 3 full baths.  Once inside you walk past the fully remodeled kitchen into this dramatic two story living room with a custom 13-foot Italian blown glass chandelier.  That's not all, this Downtown Condo for Sale has numberous upgrades that include, remodeled baths, remote controlled solar shades throughout, extensive high end LED recessed and track … (0 comments)

san diego: Hillcrest Foreclosures - 02/22/12 02:37 AM
Hillcrest ForeclosuresAre you looking for a deal in Hillcrest?  Well, now's your opportunity.  Hillcrest Foreclosures are about to be on the rise. Right now on the market there are 4 bank owned and 9 short sale properties in Hillcrest.  Doesn't sound like much, right?  Well, the number you don't know is what could amaze you.Right now, off market Hillcrest Foreclosures are staggering.  As of today, there are 55 Hillcrest Foreclosures that aren't even on the market.  Yeah, re-read that last sentence... There are also 34 pre-foreclosure proerpties that haven't been listed.  That means more people will be either listing their home or unfortunately losing … (1 comments)

san diego: 5 things you can expect when working with me as your agent - 10/20/11 07:35 AM
5 things you can expect when working with me as your agent. 
When I meat new buyers they always ask the same question.  What can I expect as I go through the home buying process? I tell them the exact same thing, so here they are... the 5 things you can expect when working with me as your agent: 
Number Five--We'll sit down for a formal chat and outline your needs vs. wants.  There are differences between needs and wants.  For example, when I say, "How many bedrooms do you need?"  If you tell me three, I say, "why? "You tell … (0 comments)

san diego: San Diego Loan Modification - 09/23/11 06:56 AM
San Diego Loan Modification
OK, so I've been getting a ton of questions from homeowners in my neighborhood interested in a San Diego Loan Modification.  I don't process loan modifications, however, I tell people who are interested in doing a loan modification the same thing, do it yourself.  That's right you can process your own loan modification.  What ever you do..DON'T PAY SOMEONE TO DO IT FOR YOU!!!!
That may seem like a shock to some but the truth is you don't have to pay someone to do your loan modification.  In fact, you'll get better results doing your own.  Now, I'm … (0 comments)

san diego: Normal Heights Craftsman for Sale - 04/11/11 05:32 AM

Normal Heights Craftsman for sale
What was once an eyesore on the community is now the jewel of the neighborhood.  This Normal Heights Craftsman for Sale has all the bells and whistles anyone could ask for.  
The seller of the Normal Heights Craftsman for sale has done a bang up job on the remodel.  When you walk up to the house you'll be impressed by the amazing curb appeal this property has.  Not only will you notice the curb appeal but every little attention to detail.  
Once inside the Normal Heights Craftsman for sale you'll see how the … (0 comments)

san diego: El Cajon Home for Sale - 03/15/11 09:47 AM

El Cajon Home for Sale
Just listed 12 days ago.  This home won't last long.  This recently remodeled home located at 334 Patricia Lane in El Cajon, California has all the bells and whistles.  The seller, with an eye for detail, has made some major improvements to this classic starter home. 
Are you one of these people who has all kinds of cool "toys?" Well if you are this could be what your looking for. This El Cajon Home for Sale features an extra large lot to store a boat or cars.  It even has an RV pad with all … (0 comments)

san diego: Sweat Equity - 03/14/11 11:38 AM

Sweat Equity
I'm the first one to admit I'm not the most handy person. When I was in junior high school, I got a "D" in wood shop class, A few years later my dad made me help him build a two story garage from foundation to roof.  For years, I scratched my head trying to figure out why he would want me helping him, knowing power tools weren't my thing.  Besides, I'm not one who really likes to get dirty. Let me tell you, building a garage, gets you a little dirty. 
It wasn't unitl after I got into … (0 comments)

san diego: Expired Listings - 03/07/11 05:25 AM

Expired Listings
OK, from time to time we see expired listings on our MLS.  Actually, I'm not going to lie it happens quite often and sometimes people wonder why.  Well, In my opinion, there are three reasons houses don't sell the first time around. 
The first?  PRICE.  Price has a lot to do with why homes don't sell the first time.  What you, the seller, think the home is worth verses what the house is actually worth are two different things.  You see, a home is only worth what a buyer is willing to pay and with all the access … (0 comments)

san diego: Tourist in my Own Backyard - 02/14/11 06:17 AM
Over the last few weeks I've become a tourist in my own backyard. I've been taking mini-vacations right in my own city. 
Yesterday, a good friend of mine had this crazy idea of going hiking in Mission Trails Park at 7:00 in the morning.  My first thought was, who gets up that early on a Sunday to go hiking?  Though I'm a morning person, I do enjoy sleeping in on Sunday.  Well the answer to my own question was, we do.  I'm glad I did.  
When we arrived to the park, only a few other parked cars were there.  I … (2 comments)

san diego: The cost for the government bailout - 10/25/10 09:41 AM
On Thursday, the Associated Press reported the cost to bail out Fannie and Freddie could top nearly $363 Billion dollars.  That's right! Billion with a capital B! 
You see, Fannie and Freddie were beaten up after loans they backed went south.  Loans from Fannie and Freddie look attractive to investors because the organizations bundle mortgages, package them into bonds and sell them with a no default guarantee.  Well, we all know what happened after that.  The bubble didn't only burst, it exploded!  
The news isn't as grim as it seems.  Locally our market is doing well, at least for now. … (1 comments)

san diego: Hillcrest Cable Lofts - 09/30/10 06:08 AM

Hillcrest Cable Lofts
The first time I went to New York City, I fell in love.  No, I didn't fall in love with anyone, I fell in love with the city.  It's magical, it's crazy busy and the people are so intense. There is never a dull moment in NYC.  When I arrived at my friend's loft I didn't quite know what to expect, however when I walked in the door I was in awe!
My friend's studio had hardwood floors, high ceilings and blasted brick walls.  It was incredible.  It was one of many experiences when I … (0 comments)

san diego: San Diego Short Sale - 09/07/10 06:59 AM
I see the frustration on everyone's face.  Day after day, I get calls from people about doing a short sale on their homes.  It seems as though, for the time, San Diego Short Sales will be a part of the housing market for quite some time.
When I have a consultation with a client I make sure they understand the whole process when it comes to doing a short sale.  I also want them to understand the market and be armed with information before they decide to roll forward with a San Diego Short Sale.
You see, there is more … (2 comments)

san diego: North Park Home Values - 08/30/10 02:35 PM
North Park Home Values North Park Homes for Sale Get this widget … (0 comments)

san diego: Strategic Default - 08/27/10 10:10 AM
For the past two years, I've done my fair share of short sales.  Not hundreds, because they are so time consuming, but a few dozen.  In every case, all of my clients had a serious hardship.  Several of my clients lost their jobs, one lost their job and got pregnant, another couple was going through a divorce. They all had some sort of unfortunate hardship.  Fortunately for them we were able to get their home sold and onto the next chapter of their lives.
Recently, I've been getting phone calls from people telling me they want to short sale their home.  … (5 comments)

san diego: San Diego Housing Bubble - 08/24/10 03:41 AM
The worst is over!  At least that's the message from Lawrence Yun, PhD., chief economist of the National Association of Realtors. 
Dr. Yun spoke to members of the San Diego Association of Realtors on Friday.  According to Dr. Yun the San Diego Housing Bubble has burst.  That's right!  It popped and we're out of air.
So, why does it feel like real estate isn't moving?  Well, that's simple.  Dr. Yun says we are in what he calls a "pause period."  That means buyers were rushing in to buy property when they knew the federal tax credit was available to them. Now, that … (1 comments)

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