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Need a Quick Reference Guide for VA Loans?  Here you go.   Down Payment and Seller Concessions No down payment required - 100% financing No limit on seller-paid closing costs Pre-paids (insurance, taxes, permanent buydown points, etc.) are limited to 4% of purchase price Declining Market Restrict...
Last month, Fannie Mae announced that they were lowering their down payment requirement to 3% for one-unit primary residence purchase transactions.  However, at the time of the Fannie Mae announcement, the mortgage insurance companies required 5% down, so the Fannie Mae announcement did not reall...
Need a Quick Reference Guide for FHA Loans?  Here you go. Down Payment and Seller Concessions 3.5% down A relative can either GIVE the money to the borrower or LEND the money to the borrower 6% seller concessions are allowed Declining Market Restrictions FHA does NOT have declining market restric...
Here are the current waiting periods before someone who has had a bankruptcy, foreclosure, or a short sale can qualify for a mortgage:   Chapter 7 Bankruptcies: Conventional (non-government) loans: 4 years from the discharge date FHA loans: 2 years from the discharge date VA loans: 2 years from t...
A number of years ago, I had the good fortune to work for my former college roommate.  John owned a small long distance telephone company at the time.  He had purchased it a few years earlier and turned it into a $60 million business.  Although I didn't realize it at the time, the most valuable p...
By now, everyone knows that you can get ripped-off when you get a mortgage, but most people are a little fuzzy on exactly how those rip-offs occur.  Want to know how it's done?  Attend our "How Not to Get Ripped-Off When Buying a House" class at Colorado Free University on Wednesday, October 20, ...
We get calls every day from real estate agents, people interested in buying a house, and people interested in refinancing their current loan.  Just about every conversation includes the question, "What's the interest rate?"   We never know the answer.  Not because we're out of touch, but because ...

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