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Did you know that we never charge an origination fee when we sell a loan?  Our only lender fee is a $500 processing fee.  No origination fee, no underwriting fee, no admin fee - just a $500 processing fee.    Imagine if there was a lender who closed 100% of the loans that they pre-approved, and a...
As you probably know by now, mortgage insurance never goes away with FHA loans, unless you put 10% or more down.  Even with 10% or more down, it still lasts for 11 years.  This rule went into effect in June, and it really makes FHA loans pretty unattractive for a lot of people.     The one real b...
Here is the latest information about how the government shutdown is affecting loan closings.   The IRS is not processing requests for tax transcripts, which are normally required to be in the loan file before the loan can be underwritten.  However, lenders are temporarily underwriting loans witho...
How will the government shutdown affect mortgages?  Will closings be delayed?   Here's what we know at the moment:   All of the online systems for Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, FHA, and VA are operating normally.     USDA rural loans, which are very uncommon in the Metro-Denver area, will be delayed b...
Now that we're almost into the fourth quarter of the year, it's a good time to remember that the property tax credit the seller gives to the buyer will affect the amount of money the buyer needs for closing costs.    At the closing, the seller will credit the buyer one day of taxes from January 1...
Did you know that we sell jumbo loans (loans for more than $417,000) and we only require 10% down?  Did you know that we have some of the lowest closing costs around for jumbo loans?   Need a jumbo loan for a client or for yourself?  Give us a call.   Getting a loan approved is easy - if you know...
You may have heard that 3% down conventional loans are going away on November 16.  That's true, except when it's not.  Here's when it's not true:   The Colorado Housing and Finance Authority (CHFA) has a conventional loan program that only requires 3% down.  It will NOT go away on November 16.   ...
Want to know more about how FHA approves a condominium? Sign up for this webinar being presented by HUD.   Webinar Course Title:  FHA Condominium Approval Process                   Date/Time:  September 18, 2013 1:30 pm – 3:00 pm Eastern   Location:  On-line Webinar – No Fee   Event Pre-registrat...
Did you know that we attend 100% of our closings?  We're always there to answer anyone's questions.   Like the idea of having the lender at the closing?  Then give us a call and see how smooth lending can be when it's done right.   We sell all kinds of loans: conventional, FHA, VA, CHFA, and we e...
Have you seen the reference sheets we have on Seller-Paid Closing Costs, Down Payments, Debt-to-Income Ratios, and FHA Loans?   They're all on our web site (the links are near the bottom of the home page), and they will make your job easier.   Here's the link to our web site: www.mtgsupportservic...

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