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On Considering Rental Home Alternative before Listing Once you’ve made the decision to move—whether headed across the country or across town—you might think the automatic next step is to prepare to sell your current house. True, that has to get underway without delay… but there should be one int...
Can a Wellington Real Estate Agent Serve Two Masters? When you set about buying a home for the first time, the lay of the land can be a little tricky. It’s worth recalling some familiar sayings, like All that glitters is not gold; andDon’t judge a book by its cover; andAppearances can be deceivi...
Mortgage Market Guide: Mixed Housing News Caps Volatile Week   In This Issue...         Last Week in Review: The Fed met, plus key housing and inflation reports were released. Forecast for the Week: The first half of the week features important housing reports, while the second half includes key...
Continuing Low Mortgage Rates May Tempt Jupiter Homebuyers Local homeowners are among the keenest observers of Jupiter mortgage rates because they are such a large factor in the long-term investment that is their house. It’s the factor that determines if and when refinancing makes sense; the fac...
Selling a Home Strategic Tips: Updating an Old Family Home Selling an elderly or deceased relative’s Palm Beach County home can be one of the most selfless tasks anyone is ever called upon to do—and not just because it’s hard to let go of a place that has so many loved ones’ memories. What frequ...
Federal Reserve Press Release | September 17, 2014 Federal Funds | Federal Funds Rate | Inflation | Labor Market Press Release Release Date: September 17, 2014 For immediate release Now Information received since the Federal Open Market Committee met in July suggests that economic activity is ex...
The FHA 203k Mortgage Facts - Turn an Old House Into a New Modern Home There are some people who feel that a brand new home is their best option. They want to have a home with freshly applied paint, the flooring that was chosen by the new owners, a modern kitchen and luxurious bedrooms. While a ...
A Wellington Property Inspection Shows What You’re Getting Into You’ve successfully located the home that fits your wish list! The listing agent says the home is in “great condition!” Financing is pretty much a done deal! Time to relax! Er—maybe not just yet. When you are buying a home, among th...
An Open House in Jupiter Deserves Maximum Prep Once your property appears in the Jupiter listings it’s time to prepare for the all-important initial open house. Whether it’s really “all-important” (or just very important) is a matter for debate—you can’t really pin down exactly how important the...
Send to a Friend Follow Me On: Mortgage Marketing Guide: Markets Not a Fan of Uncertainty   In This Issue...         Last Week in Review: Despite some positive economic reports late in the week, the markets grew volatile ahead of the upcoming Fed meeting. Forecast for the Week: The Fed meets, pl...

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